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Allied Psychics Network Allied Psychics Network 1-877-664-0467
Location: Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Members retain full control over their careers and receive additional marketing, online services including a customer feedback system, free web page, publishing opportunities, mentoring opportunities, psychic certification, and more!
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 11 August, 2004
Category: Psychics


At Sharyn Rose, Psychic Life Coach and Medium At Sharyn Rose, Psychic Life Coach and Medium 403-343-6679
Location: Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Psychic Life Coaching and Medium sessions by appointment.
 I can work with you in person here at the Studio, by phone; or we can work with a mix of the two.  For example, Psychic Life Coaching Clients are coming to me from all over the world and they cannot always be in attendance here in the Studio Holistic Health Centre.
To accommodate distance and provide my service, we will take the ten pre-arranged one hour coaching sessions and schedule them completely by phone.  It is effective and convenient for all parties as I can then schedule evening sessions when I would not normally be available to clients.
Clients who are willing to travel inside of three hours for their appointments often wish to have a two hour in-studio session, then six one hour phone sessions; ending the whole coaching process with another personal in-studio two hour session.  It works perfectly and is win win for everyone. 
I provide a variety of services and all of them can be found on the website at  
You can also join me on Face Book at:
Sharyn Rose Psychic Coach and Medium
I look forward to seeing you soon.  Namaste from Sharyn 

Member Type: Professional Member and Member Web Page (1 year)
Member Since: 09 September, 2006
Category: Psychics

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Clairvoyantmedium Clairvoyantmedium 07931449687
Location: Royston, United Kingdom
I am a Clairvoyant Medium I link to the other side of life to pass on messages to loved ones on this side of life..
I also give 1-2-1 Readings - and Group Bookings - Demonstrations - Teaching - Workshops - and also Past Life Regression Therapy..    

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 21 June, 2012
Category: Psychics


Crystalis Callings Crystalis Callings (403) 243-0782
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Dawn McIntyre; Intuitive, Mystic and Spiritual Teacher Dawn McIntyre is a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Six Sensory® Intuitive and Medium. She specializes in Angel Readings, Tarot Readings, and Mediumship. From health and wealth to relationships and life, Dawn lights the way to discovering your soul’s destiny and purpose. This is a call to all Divine beings who wish to infuse their soul’s journey with mystery, magic and manifestation. Dawn is a claircognizant of those people that just know when things will happen and what they mean. Her intuition is highly developed and it helps her to have a deep sense of knowing and understanding about events and people. This is a gift that she has had since childhood. Although there were not any opportunities to allow her gifts to develop as a child, she has since embraced her sensitivity and further evolved it, thanks to her studies under Doreen Virtue and Sonia Choquette. Now she is using her psychic gifts to help guide people toward a better spiritual understanding of where they fit into the Universe. Dawn is passionate about inspiring others to be the best that they can be and to reach for the stars in all areas of their lives. She has been on a metaphysical journey for the past two decades and now can offer her clients the benefits of what she has learned through study and experience. “So many people stumble through life with confusion and anxiety about their destiny. Many carry burdens by wrong perceptions that slow them down or put them on unhealthy paths. Let me help you move forward to a better understanding of your life and soul’s purpose. Let me show you how to lighten your load and feel complete within yourself...the Universe hears your whispers and my purpose is to tell you its response. Call me ...let’s talk ...I’m listening.”
Member Type: Professional Member and Member Web Page (1 year)
Member Since: 19 February, 2007
Category: Psychics

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From The Wings of Angels From The Wings of Angels (250) 202- WING (9464)
Location: , British Columbia, Canada
Carole is an Internationally known, fourth generation psychic with over 28 years experience, who works with Angels, Ascended Masters and Loved Ones to provide Spiritual Counseling, Healing and Teaching. Carole is a Reiki Master/Teacher (Certified by the International Center for Reiki Training), Certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® & Medium , trained in California with Doreen Virtue Ph.D. Carole is also the author of the forthcoming books:"Angel Number Oracle" and "Divine Creations" From early childhood Carole has had a loving and compassionate outlook for all life and a strong interest in many forms of spirituality. She is committed to living in integrity with her spiritual life path; her passion is in teaching through example and sharing her knowledge to help others find their spirituality.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 18 August, 2007
Category: Psychics


Graceful Awakenings Graceful Awakenings 303 206 2554
Location: Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A.
Graceful Awakenings is a spiritual oasis where a soul can discover itself and its truth. GA is dedicated to spiritual awakening, communication. healing and freedom. We offer spiritual counseling, healings, classes and workshops, to facilitate your growth healing and insight. There are three major arenas here: “Waters of Knowledge”, Raphael’s Healing Water’s” and “Ground Waters”. Waters of Knowledge “To know thyself is the only true Knowledge” In the waters of knowledge you may discover tools and concepts to unlock your own wisdom allowing you to look to yourself for the answers you desire for fulfillment- In short, to know yourself. Meditation is the basic tool that allows one to look within one’s self to discover their personal treasures. It is the foundation of all activities and teachings here. There are many topics covered to include; basic meditation, astral travel, creating abundance, spiritual anatomy, kundalini, self-healing, karmic relief, charkas, dream work, spirit guides, past lives, spiritual abilities, and more. Raphael’s Healing Waters “May all who enter be Healed” When you bask in these waters, you will discover nourishment, spiritual communication and relief. Raphael is the Guardian Angel here, looking over us all. The different healings offered are distance or in person except for the hands on healings. They need to be in person. Psychic readings/healings- house healings, relationship, personal, etc., Original essence, Christ force, Golden ray, Channeled, are some of healing types offered. Ground Waters The physical reality is addresses here. Services offered to provide physical support include: personal companionship, house sitting, pet sitting, chores done, other odds and ends. Psychic Light Party Entertainment lives here too. Psychics come to entertain your guests for almost any occasion. Just ask for us.
Member Type:
Member Since: 17 October, 2006
Category: Psychics


Intuitive Readings and Mediumship Intuitive Readings and Mediumship 250-316-2773
Location: Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada
Stacey Hanrahan-Denis is a wife, mother, doula, and gifted intuitive. She has always worked in the field of healing, from supporting individuals with developmental delays to her current role in birthing support. She encourages one to embrace the importance of birth and death, as both life events have marked similarities.

Stacey learned Native Spirituality from her mother and grandmother, both of whom are First Nations. "When I had dreams that came true, or spirit would come to me in my dreams with messages for someone, I wasn't afraid. Hearing my Grandmother's stories gave me a sense of normalcy with this connection."

It has only been in the past five years that Stacey has fully acknowledged her own intuitive and medium abilities and realized that this was her path to healing. "I do believe that connecting to spirit has helped many heal from the loss of loved ones. However, I cannot overestimate the importance of the natural greiving proccess one must go through. Greiving allows one to start their own path of healing. I'm only an accessory."

Stacey is always honoured to be part of anyone's life path and finds her own personal growth increases with each unique experience.

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 03 September, 2014
Category: Psychics


Natasha Psychic Natasha Psychic 604-886-5718
Location: Gibsons, British Columbia, Canada
After surviving life in a large, chaotic family in Oxfordshire, England, Natasha, a reincarnation of a Gypsy, found her niche as a flight attendant and apprentice palmist and traveled extensively. She lived in Switzerland, Norway, Germany and Libya, studying the languages of those countries and picking up a few additional languages before immigrating to British Columbia, Canada. Since 1995, when she finally surrendered to her fate as a full-time psychic, Natasha evolved from palm reader to psychic coach, facilitating spiritual healing and psychic development through corporate and private workshops, writing books and columns, and offering private and phone consultations to people around the world. Her mission is to make her work as a psychic coach redundant by training others to listen 
to, and trust, their own intuition

Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 18 August, 2011
Category: Psychics


New Vision Psychics New Vision Psychics 1-403-244-5554
Location: Airdie, Alberta, Canada
Known as Canada's Top Clairvoyant Kjarlune Rae tested by police departments, parapsychologists and the public. With an extremely busy personal consultation schedule those who wish to consult with her often book weeks and even months in advance.

She is also available for Live Audience Psychic Studio Readings and her presentations are always thought provoking as well as entertaining, and the highlight of many events, women's groups, parties and club events.

Whether you book a private or phone consultation, or book her at your next event - she alway guarentees that you will find the information she provides useful and intereting.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 08 February, 2005
Category: Psychics


Psychic Crystal Rose Psychic Crystal Rose 18003209665 or 4035203227
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
My unique clarvoyant ability as well as my compassionate regard and warmth towards all living things became quite apparant to my family at a very early age.

My Scottish decendants considered this gift to be perfectly natural calling it the "second Sight" My grandmother encouraged me to use my gift and taught me how to tap into my clarvoyance through the tarot cards giving me insight into the problems and future of others.

I absorbed myself in spiritual and metaphysical studies throughout my teens and into my adult years and in 1989 had a near death experience that had a profound spiritual impact on my life further enhancing my abilities.

I have worked professionally as a psychic reader for 38 years and through the years have appeared on TV and radio as well as writing a psychic advice column briefly but successfully for a major BC newspaper in 1996.I provide accurate readings that can help resolve problems and hopefully present a better path towards the future for my clients.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 13 March, 2012
Category: Psychics


Psychic Marishka Psychic Marishka 9058479890
Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Marishka is an intutive consultant who uses hand reading, numerology and psychic to guide her clients to achieve the objectives they desire. She has attained Masters status in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time line Therapy. She is co-author of books with Deepak Chopra and Stephen Covey, and has written two other books. She also make presentations to groups and corporations.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 28 March, 2012
Category: Psychics


Rainbowskywalker Rainbowskywalker 253,846.0132
Location: Spanaway, Washington, U.S.A.
I am a professional Counselor and Psychic with twenty years of experience. I can help you overcome obstacles to your happiness in this life. You can find peace and joy and develop your true potential. I frequently connect with past life and spirit information and am certified in the Taroscopic system of Tarot. I appear regularily in person at the Psychic Showcase in the Greater Seattle area. You can meet me in person at the Boeing Parapsychology Expo in the Spring and Fall. I display my hand crafted jewelry and am available for readings. I also have a website where readings can be purchased and given through email, phone or by appointment in person.
Member Type: Free Member
Member Since: 02 August, 2004
Category: Psychics


Silverstar Metaphysics Silverstar Metaphysics 780 604-6520
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
World Renowned Psychic Ana Fassmann has inspired many. With over 38 years of experience, her information is kept simple no matter how complex it may be. If you have any questions about your life or past lives. 
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 11 April, 2012
Category: Psychics

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Soul Spectrum Soul Spectrum 604-947-2732
Location: Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada
Psychic/Medium located on Bowen Island. How I work: I don't ask for information and I can't predict who or what will come through during a reading session. I will sometimes be coming out with a lot of information. Please try not to talk during the session. I might ask you for a yes or no answer as confirmation only to see if you know what I'm talking about. Please take note of everything I say. When I'm finished we can discuss the information. Please be reminded that during our session it's not always the people you wish or thought you would be hearing from or the information you were looking for that end's up being the focus of our session. I do not charge if nothing comes through, meaning that if I feel that it will not work out, you will know within the first few minutes and the session will end there. Thank you for taking the time to visit my site!
Member Type: Directory Member (1 year)
Member Since: 28 July, 2004
Category: Psychics


Tamara Hawk Tamara Hawk 604-847-9094
Location: Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada

I am very fortunate to be born into a psychic family who nurtured and encouraged my gifts as a Psychic Medium and Lightworker from childhood.

With Love, Energy and Light I continue to help people communicate with their guides and loved ones, so that they may make informed decisions about their life path, better understand the past, navigate the present and be mindful of future influences.

To help others with a clarifying perspective on their path I use my gifts and skills of:

·      Medium, Psychic, Empath, Spirit Guide Messages

·      Clairvoyant, Claircognizant, Clairaudient,

·      Clairsentient, Clairgustant, Akashic Records, Numerology

Member Type:
Member Since: 16 August, 2004
Category: Psychics

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The Alternative Universe Ltd The Alternative Universe Ltd 780-481-7238
Location: Tofield, Alberta, Canada
Viki is a well known psychic who resides in Edmonton Albert. She is the daughter of Geof Gray Cobb [deceased May 12th 2009] who was well known for his psychic work on Beyond Reason [CBC] and author of his 9 books on alternative areas. She has worked in the same industry since the age of 14. Sit with Viki and allow her to tell you what the upcoming months will bring from your tarot card shuffle. Have a Numerology chart done and be advised as to where the best time lines sit for future ventures. Have her look at both your palms and see what your map [the left side] says, and what your actual life [right said] tells her.
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 11 August, 2009
Category: Psychics


The Blue Orchid Re-Newal Centre The Blue Orchid Re-Newal Centre 306 746-4462
Location: Raymore, Saskatchewan, Canada

Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 17 August, 2014
Category: Psychics


The Firefly Mystic The Firefly Mystic 306-283-4472
Location: Langham, Saskatchewan, Canada

Kathleen is a Psychic Medium. The guidance she receives helps people make better decisions in their lives. Kathleen has always been fascinated with fireflies. As a child, she would see them dance around the yard on summer evenings. As an adult, the energy they created woke her in the middle of the night and she was privileged to see an entire field of fireflies. There were hundreds and hundreds of fireflies dancing and flitting across the grass. Seeing them was magical. ​As a Psychic Medium, Kathleen imparts the hope, guidance, awakening, and illumination of the firefly in her readings.

Kathleen is a Certified Angel Card Reader, certified by Doreen Virtue. She connects to the guidance, love and support of the Angels to relay information that your Angels want you to know. The Angels can give you comforting guidance when you need it most. Messages from the Angels are insightful and filled with kindness and hope.

As a certified Soul Realignment™ Practitioner, Kathleen works with clients who feel there is something more to life than what they are currently experiencing, who want to clear old patterns and beliefs, discover their innate abilities, and take control of their lives to live a happy, fulfilled and abundant life.

Kathleen is a Reiki Master & Teacher and an Animal Reiki Master & Teacher.  Her clients want physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health for themselves and their pets. They also want a holistic healing method that is gentle, painless, non-invasive, and stress free to heal at all levels, and one that can ease the transition between life and death. Kathleen offers distance Reiki to people and pets, she teaches and gives attunements for Levels 1, 2 and 3 (RMT) Usui Reiki and Usui Animal Reiki.

Kathleen facilitates Home, Business & Property Clearing. Are negative energies keeping you from selling your home, business or property? Are you uncomfortable in your own home? Have you recently moved and want to clear the energies of the previous residents? Kathleen can help. She will facilitate clearing the residual energy to shift negative and heavy energy to light and pleasant energy, clearing and harmonizing the environment. 
Member Type: Exhibitor Member
Member Since: 30 August, 2016
Category: Psychics


The Moodmender The Moodmender
Location: , Oregon, U.S.A.
ASTORIA is a 3rd generation natural intuitive psychic. Her gifts & experience have brought her much trusted recognition in the field of SPIRITUAL ADVICE. She makes use of many tools available such as...Water Bowl Scying,Egyptian Cartouch Readings,Contacting with your Spirit Guides for more detailed information,Reiki Distance Healing,Crystal Ball Scrying, & Clairvoyant Readings.

ASTORIA is a Certified Minister through The Universal Life Church. Contact ASTORIA for a reading that is HONEST & ACCURATE...

With 35 Years of professional experience, ASTORIA will give you readings and counsel that will help you with all of your questions.She also has TWIN DAUGHTERS "RAVEN STAR & AVALON STAR"-4th generation psychics-that are also available for readings on our websites at and Mountain Sage,Mystic Suzi,Feral Angie,Miss Peg,& Lady Hildegarde are available also to provide readings. We feature Shamans,Clairvoyants,Clairaudients,Empathics,Mediums,Channelers,etc. Visit our websites and join in on our journey....Online Phone Psychic Readings.
Member Type:
Member Since: 17 June, 2006
Category: Psychics

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True Psychics Network LLC True Psychics Network LLC 877-415-4518
Location: Garrett, Indiana, U.S.A.
True Psychics Network offers these services:
International Psychic Mediums
Tarot and Oracle Card Readings
Spirit Artists
Shamanic Messages and Healings
Reiki Master Teachers
Holistic Practitioners
Holistic Nutrition Consultant
Metaphysical Ministers
Spiritual Teachers
Blog Talk Radio Shows
Livestream Video Shows
Advertising and Promotion Services

Member Type: Advertiser Member
Member Since: 24 March, 2012
Category: Psychics


  Katrina, 780-970-0408
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
Member Since: 15 December, 2011
Category: Psychics

  Prism Psychics (905)642-8828
Location: Stouffville, Ontario, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
Member Since: 01 September, 2004
Category: Psychics

  psychic readings by michelle 905-607-8335
Location: mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Member Type: Exhibitor Membership
Member Since: 27 August, 2004
Category: Psychics

  Wishing Moon 01617661813
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Member Type: Free Membership
Member Since: 08 March, 2012
Category: Psychics

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