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From Vision to Reality – the Art of Building Community!
Posted by on 22 September, 2013

Chandler ArmstrongJoining us in our vision of creating a three-faceted synergistic offering of Events, Publications and Online Community and Network Portal that will both create a better online component for our events, but support our community throughout the year.

Our imagination is one of the greatest gifts we have!  18th Century essayist Joseph Joubert once said "Imagination is the Eye of the Soul”, Albert Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.  Without imagination, we can only see what is, not what is possible or what we can create.  We cease to expand our possibilities, and get caught up in trying to maintain what is, which often results in the dwindling of the flame of passion that fuels our creativity!

In community leadership, those with that can inspire people with collective visions, and fire up their imagination with what is possible!  I fondly recall the incredible passion years ago when we first set out to create the Body Soul & Spirit Expos!  Since then, this same passion has lead us to create even more opportunity for our community of difference makers,  on the cutting edge of exploring new and expanded ways of living and being to come together in the co-creation of our expos, events, magazines and online community. 

Over the past four years, we’ve explored, researched and gather the information needed to fuel an entire new cycle of imagining to create a new expanded vision which we new plan on launching in 2014!  We’ve dreamt up some wonderful possibilities for an expanded concept for the Body Soul & Spirit: Expo, Magazine and Network, which we are confident, will be of tremendous benefit to our community.

 The most wonderful thing about this process, is that by sharing and creating our vision, we plan on bring you along, allow you - along with the rest of our community  - to work together to share what we have to offer the world!  Our new vision is build on providing our community with the tools that will allow everyone to share your vision as well, help many of you to imagine, share and create your vision and what you have to offer as part of our community!

Our next challenge is our raising the almost $45,000 for the first phase of implementing our plans! We plan to kick off with a pre-launch social funding campaign which will offer sponsorship opportunities (i.e. your logo on the footer of all our website pages), two years of professional listings in our directory for the price of one, as well as several others incentives! 

In addition, those who join us in the pre-launch phase will be offered the opportunity to get in on the ground floor of our affiliate program, which will allow them to share in the financial rewards (a percentage of ticket sales, ad sales, exhibitor sales, workshops registrations) once we launch!

We’ve partnered with a fully bonded financial institution which will hold all funds in escrow for this project, allow us to provide all those who join us a risk free opportunity to join us

As always, YOU are what make our expos, events, magazine, and online network possible, your participation if the fuel that propels our mutual adventure forward!  We heart-fully invite all who share our vision of creating something wonderful to join us!  Don’t hesitate to call us if you are called to be part of our vision!

Gratefully Yours,
The Body Soul & Spirit:
Expo, Magazine, Network,

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By Lauren on 31 December, 1969:
I am trying to get some information to see if I want to be part of your Expanded vision and to bring it to reality. May I please suggest that you make some information available to people who are investigating you. I have been almost begging for information on the Expos and this magazine. I have had trouble accessing anything due to the web site kicking me to Vancouver when I want Calgary. Also nowhere do you have it published what your numbers are as to how many come to your Expos or how many people exhibit at your Expos or how many get your mag. I am very frustrated. Is your industry growing or shrinking??? I have a advertisers membership and I dont see my business anywhere. I have been bothering so it would seem a fellow named Chandler. I dont know if maybe you could help me.

Thank you
Lauren GoldmoonGuidance

By Lauren on 31 December, 1969:
LOL I just put my comments it. Todays date is May 18 2014 NOT December 31 1969. You need major help in this area. I am going to ask for a refund of my $80.00 as this group dosnt seem to know that we all dont live in the ether all of the time..

By Anonymous on 31 December, 1969:
My congratulations for your site! It helped me a lot and enjoyed, especially that all your shares are interesting. Long life to your site. Above all, never give up; your blog is really great!

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