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Astro-Weather Overview for 2006
Posted by on 13 January, 2006

Guy SpiroKnow when international tensions will rise and fall. The price of energy, the business climate, the economy and mass consciousness are all impacted. On the personal level, the most troublesome and some of the most positive days are highlighted. Mercury retrogrades as well as the longest Moon Void of Course times are listed for your planning purposes.

Guy Spiro´s Astro-Weather Overview for 2006

Any overview of any year since the mid 1940s into the mid 2030s does well to start with a mention of the Neptune sextile Pluto that runs through the ninety year period. This is the saving grace aspect that has seen us through the Cold War, the amazing advances in science and technology, and the ongoing social/religious and philosophical changes going on in the world. This aspect, never separating by more than ten degrees, has signified a period when things have not gotten as bad as they could have and indeed many very significant gains have been made.

Certainly there have been problems. People have been hurt and unfortunate things have occurred all over the world. But the worst potentials of these many things have not happened. Sure, there was Cambodia, Rawanda, the tsunami, the GWB administration and other calamities. But none of them, as bad as they were or are, have come close to being as bad as they could have been. At the same time, positive advances too numerous to begin to list have also manifested.

Pluto and Neptune are our two outermost planets. Due to Pluto´s unusually elliptical orbit, it periodically dips inside the orbit of Neptune and they dance together in the positive sixty degree aspect of sextile. Very simply, Neptune rules, among other things, religion and philosophy while Pluto rules deep transformation. The sextile aspect is a positive angle that is of a very harmonious nature. While you deal with what to do about global warming, be thankful that you´re not living through a nuclear winter.

The Neptune sextile Pluto aspect periodically separates and then comes closer together. On the 28th of January, the planets form a parallel which serves to fire off the aspect as if it is again at the exact degree. While all else is going on in the world, our saving grace energy is at a peak. Whatever happens through this period, know that it will be much better than it could be.


As January opens, Jupiter separates from the positive trine to Uranus that we´ve enjoyed over the past couple months and moves into a square to Neptune. This aspect is exact on the 27th and will remain with us through mid to late April. This will tend to bring about higher levels of rhetoric and conflict involving religion and philosophy. Tensions will escalate. Saturn formed an exact sesqiquadrate Pluto at the end of last month and will be in orb through much of this month. This is a minor aspect, but involves the two major energies driving the conflict. Saturn will also retro back into a quincunx to Uranus which will be exact on the 19th and will stay with us through much of next month. This signals a period of greater difficulty. If Iraq continues going badly, we will see much more civil unrest as the U.S. public increasingly turns against it.

On the more personal level, January starts out with new Moon energy and you will want to be good on the 1st. The full Moon period centered on the 14th is very high energy and it will be a good idea to plan in advance for dealing with it. Venus will be retrograde throughout the month, so be careful in relationships. Don´t compare old flames with current partners. People from the past can reappear and it may or may not be a good idea to reestablish old ties. Go slowly. There is a great deal of relationship energy this month and you will want to deal carefully with it.
There are major energies running through most days so this will be a very intense month. Things can go very well or not, depending on the wisdom of your choices. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 7th, 9th, 14th, 24th, 26th, 28th and the 30th.


The Jupiter square Neptune that came into focus last month remains very tight through February. This will make for a great deal of threatening rhetoric, but it will mostly be confined to noise. It would not be surprising if some spectacular attack is thwarted or only marginally successful. When Jupiter is involved, things happen in a big way, but almost always turn out to be positive. Things are likely to seem much worse than they actually are. As the month opens, Saturn is in quincunx to Uranus, but this fades and by the last week the aspect will be much less potent. Anything major is likely to happen earlier in the month rather than later. While the dark clouds swirl, it remains vitally important that we participate in whatever peace meditation and prayer events get organized.
The month starts out with a flurry of major energies running strongly through the first week. You will want to be especially careful on the 9th. There is high energy throughout the month, both positive and cautionary. Venus turns direct on the 3rd and those who reestablished old relationships will be finding out if it was a good idea or not. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 1st, 3rd, 10th and the longest one on the 20th.


March will be much like February in terms of the ongoing international conflict. The Jupiter square Saturn that dominated last month will remain in tight orb throughout this month. You can expect the same high level of rhetoric, but it should still mainly be confined to noise. The Mercury retrograde that covers most of the month should serve to blunt the effectiveness of any large scale attacks, but you can never be sure and vigilance remains a high priority. Watch the media for a great deal of finger pointing, attempts to evade and reassign blame. Interesting times.

On the more personal level, you will want to be aware of the Mercury retrograde running from the 2nd to the 25th. Aside from the retro, this is another month filled with high energy days. There is the usual amount of salt and pepper, but there are some standouts. Watch the period of Friday the 10th through the following weekend for a variety of cautionary energies. This includes the full Moon eclipse on the 14th. Make good use of the Vernal Equinox to start your major project for the coming year. Also make plans to get a good start at the new Moon on the 28th-29th. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods are on the 7th, 12th, 17th, 23-24th, 26th, 28th and the 30th.


As April begins, Jupiter is still well within orb of the square to Neptune that has been with us for the past couple of months. Jupiter is retrograde, however, and it will back off in intensity throughout the month. As Jupiter moves away from the square to Neptune, it moves back toward a trine to Uranus which will remain with us through much of May. There will be some glimmers of the possibility of the end of this period of crisis that became so very public on 9/11 of 2001. But as May draws to a close, Jupiter will back all the way to a square to Saturn and we will see a backlash to progress by reactionary hardliners of all varieties. It will be autumn before we see the possibility of real peace, and that will only be the beginning of the end of this round of nonsense.
April will be an improvement on March if for no other reason than that March is dominated by the Mercury retrograde. Be glad that at least that is behind us. The weekend of the 7th bears special watching as there will be a Mars opposed Pluto. This is among the most dangerous of energies and should be handled very carefully. Do not indulge in hostilities of any kind. There is troubling relationship energy as well, and this is a bad combination. It will be a good idea to keep an eye on the 17th and 18th also as there is a difficult complex of aspects that can snag the unwary. There are the usual salt and pepper energies throughout the month. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 1st, 5th-6th, 11th, 15th and the 20th.


There is very positive energy on the 4th for breakthroughs in the international conflict. This is the Sun´s involvement with the Jupiter trine Uranus mentioned last month. The trine came into focus through the last half of April and will remain with us through most of May. This is not the end, but it can provide some vision for how things will shake out and peace may be arrived at. Jupiter will continue to retrograde, however, and following the trine it will move to square Saturn as next month wears on. This will energize the hardliners and there may well be negative reactions to any perceived progress towards peace. There is a Jupiter semisquare Pluto on the 31st and you may see a seeming downturn for a few days on either side of that.
Watch the 16th through 18th. There is some tricky energy that you will want to deal with carefully. The 22nd through 24th has some potentially troubling relationship energy and issues may arise. There is also some troubling energy starting on the 27th and vigilance is recommended from then through the end of the month. Aside from these periods, there are the usual positive energies to make use of and cautionary energies to minimize through the month. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods are on the 13th and 26th. There are a few half day voids to be aware of.


May´s very positive Jupiter trine Uranus gives way this month to Jupiter squaring Saturn. This will energize hardline forces not in favor of any peace that is not completely on their terms and tensions will rise. This will intensify through the month and peak towards the end. It will be important to focus on gains made last month as that is the real direction of things. This will be an intense summer as those bent on force use whatever means are at hand to impose their will. Remember that light obliterates dark and it will be very important that we all do our part to minimize the destructive urge that some will indulge. Meditate and pray for peace.
Aside from the above, June will be a very intense month on the personal level as well. High energy from the end of May will run strongly through the first few days. Be very careful in relationships, especially involving sexuality, from the 12th through the 14th or so. It will be a good idea to extend the caution through the 20th making for a more dangerous than usual period. There is more than the usual amount of cautionary energy this month involving this and other secret and coercive activity. Vigilance. There are, of course, some very positive energies as well. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 2nd, 7th, 9th, 13th, 18th and 29th.

The Jupiter square Saturn that came into focus and peaked late last month will remain strong as July begins. It will weaken somewhat as the month progresses, but this is misleading. Jupiter turns direct and will stay at station point through the month as Saturn moves at normal speed. This will decrease the intensity for a few weeks, but as Jupiter picks up speed, it will chase Saturn over the next few months and peak again in October. All of this serves to extend the effect of this aspect and will energize hardliners who will use this time to make whatever trouble they are able.

As Saturn moves on through the month, it will move back into the quincunx to Uranus that was with us through January and February. It will peak at the end of the month and will run through much of August, escalating tensions. Watch for attacks and rising unrest. On the surface, things will seem to get worse over the summer, but undercurrents are leading to the inevitable end of the worst of this period of history. We need to generate as much light as we can through the dark period.

July may be difficult at the personal level as well. Mercury turns retrograde on the 4th and backs up all through the month until the 28th. There are some cautionary periods to be especially aware of. Be vigilant on the 4th and 5th as there is a highly cautionary aspect. This can be some unfortunate timing. The weekend of the 14th, beginning with Thursday the 13th, may prove to be the relationship weekend from hell for some people. These aspects can be used positively, but only by approaching them carefully. There are also the garden variety positive and cautionary energies to plan for and this is definitely a month to be prepared. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 13th, 24th and 29th.


Things will continue to heat up through August. As the month opens, the Jupiter square Saturn remains weakened but still with us as Jupiter picks up speed in its pursuit of the slower Saturn. This hangs around and intensifies as it builds to its peak in October. It will continue to sustain hardliners who will be attempting to keep the conflict going. The Saturn quincunx Uranus that built up last month is peaking as this month begins, and it is likely that attacks have been escalating. These events will tend to involve technology and may especially target power plants. This energy will fade later in the month, but Saturn will be moving on to oppose Neptune. This will energize Jihadis and others who believe that God is on their side. The only answer to this kind of nonsense is the generation of more light. This aspect will remain with us through much of next month and it will be very important to lend support to any global meditation and prayer for peace events that have been organized.

The good news is that as Jupiter chases the square to Saturn, it moves into a trine to Uranus. This peaks at the end of the month and greatly enhances the energy for generating light. Later in the year, we get the first taste of Saturn trine Pluto, which is the beginning of the end of this conflict. Take heart during the darkness that light is on the rise. Do whatever you can to generate more of it.

On the personal level, August will be better than July if for no other reason than just to be past the Mercury retrograde that dominated last month. There is the usual mix of positive and cautionary energies to read ahead and plan for. The 20th and the 29th have especially cautionary energies, but you will want to be careful in relationships, matters involving secrecy, and dealings with authority throughout the month. At the end of the month, we have extremely contradictory long-range outer planet aspects that will have their effects on the personal level as well. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 3rd, 18th, 20th, 23rd and 28th.


As September opens, tensions are likely to be very high. The Saturn opposed Neptune that came into focus last month is peaking as the month begins. This will further entrench conservative forces that believe God is on their side and positions will harden. Attacks of various kinds should not be surprising. This energy will fade as the month wears on, but the effects will remain. The propaganda aspect of the conflict will be cranked high. The good news energy from last month, the Jupiter trine Uranus, is still very much with us at the beginning of the month, and the positive use of technology will give some advantage, but this will fade by the end of the month as well. Who will have made the best use of the media?

The Jupiter square Saturn that has lurked in the background all summer remains as Jupiter continues to pursue its final exact angle in this cycle. This will become more intense as this month progresses and will peak next month. Rhetoric and violence will remain intense as hardliners on all sides continue the folly of believing that force can bring their desired ends. The most important new energy is Saturn moving toward its first trine to Pluto. This is the energy that signals the end of most of this nonsense, but it will be over the course of the next couple of years that it all shakes out. The extent of the remaining darkness will be in direct proportion to the amount of light that is generated. It is vitally important that we all participate in any and all global meditation and prayer for peace events.

This will be a high energy month on the personal level as well. There are many positive energies, but there are many seriously cautionary aspects, too. The full Moon on the 7th and the new Moon on the 22nd are both eclipses and so will be more intense than usual. There is a very high energy cautionary period running from around the 12th or 13th through the 17th that may well produce some spectacular headlines. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods are the 14th, 19th and 24th.


As October begins, the Jupiter trine Saturn that was a help over the past two months will have faded out. The Saturn opposed Neptune that drove much of the trouble during the period will also be well on its way and will be gone by the middle of the month. The fallout will remain, however, and any mischief that was put into the pipeline will still threaten.

Jupiter will also finally catch up to the square to Saturn late this month. This energy has been in the background for the past few months, keeping tensions high and hardliners emboldened. It will peak late this month. Fortunately, this will be offset by Jupiter semi-sextiling Pluto at the same time. Some attacks will be thwarted and surprise problems will plague perpetrators. We may or may not be made aware of these occurrences.

By the end of the month, Saturn will have moved to within a degree of its first exact trine to Pluto. This is the energy to focus on. Over the next two years as this energy comes to dominate, the forces of light will overcome the darkness and this conflict will see the end of the worst. Of course, there will be the die hard conservatives that will seek to keep the conflict going for their own purposes, but the people on all sides will have had enough. You will start to see more movement from mainstream Islam and the developed world´s citizenry. There has been more than enough of this lunacy, and tolerance of violence will wane. Join in the efforts at generating light and participate in the meditations and prayers for peace. A critical mass of light will make for a sooner end of the overt hostilities.

On the personal level, October will be less intense than September was. There is the usual scattering of positive and cautionary energies that are more of the garden variety than last month. You will want to watch for relationship issues through the first week or so, but the thing to be most aware of is the Mercury retrograde beginning on the 28th and running through the 17th of November. This particular Mercury retro stands out and will be one to remember. As Mercury comes to station point, slowing down for several days prior to turning retro, it will be in square to Saturn. This square will be in effect from about the 19th or 20th through the 7th or so next month. If you haven´t liked previous retros, you´re really not going to love this one. All of the normal snafus of a Mercury retro will be compounded and frustration levels will be multiplied exponentially; be much more wary of it than usual. There are no all day Moon void of course periods this month.


As November begins, we still have the contradictory Jupiter square Saturn and Jupiter semisextile Pluto very much with us. This should result in high tension, but fewer actual attacks being successful. The threat level will remain high, but it should amount to more noise than real activity. Vigilance should be maintained as the intention to cause harm will continue to burn.

There should be a decrease in tension as the month progresses. Saturn spends the month within a degree of its first exact trine to Pluto this cycle. Now is when we get our first taste of the end of this conflict, but it will be over the next two years that all of this will shake out. By now, moderate Islam as well as the citizenry of the developed world will be standing up and demanding an end. This, of course, will be met with a hard line response, but the writing will begin to appear on the wall. Enjoy the indications of the end that will appear this month, but don´t fall into complacency. By the end of next month, tensions will again be on the rise. There is much work yet to do and it remains imperative that we all participate in the global meditation and prayer for peace events.

On the personal level, you will want to remember that the mother of all Mercury retrogrades that started last month on the 28th remains with us through the 17th. The really difficult square to Saturn period will run through the 7th or so and frustration levels will be very high. Apply the usual cautions to a much higher degree. The full Moon on the 5th is, by itself, relatively positive, but the two days following are especially cautionary. There are no all day Moon void of course periods this month.


Most of December will remain in the glow of the first taste of the Saturn trine Pluto. This is the energy that signals the end of the current international conflict, but it will be the next two years or so for it all to play out. What you will see this month is a continuation of the uprising of the common people on all sides against the ongoing lunacy of this war. We will also see hard line reaction, however, and those who see a continuation of the war as in their interest will begin to beat the drums harder and tension will rise as the month wears on.
Saturn turns retrograde early in the month and slowly begins to back away from the trine. This will energize pro-war forces and tend to deflate the opposition. Be assured that this conflict will fade away but we are not out of the woods. By the end of the month, Jupiter will be moving within orb of a square to Uranus and that will give the trouble makers the energy to stage more attacks. Some of these may be of some magnitude and initially be seen as successful, but this will only rebound as the masses grow ever more sickened by violence. This energy will peak next month and will definitely bear watching. Participate in the global meditations and prayers for peace. The amount of light we generate will counterbalance in direct proportion the darkness of those bent on war.

On the personal level, this will be a somewhat more normal month. There is the usual scattering of positive and cautionary energies. As always, it pays to read ahead and make plans to maximize the positives and minimize the cautionary. Do watch for a bit more relationship energy this month, especially a cautionary period around the 31st. The most significant daytime Moon void of course periods include the 6th-8th, 15th, 21st-22nd and 24th.

About Guy Shipro´s Astro-Weather Report

This brief overview is adapted from Guy Spiro´s Original Astro-Weather 2006. To order the complete version of Astro-Weather 2006 with precise daily aspects for your time zone, call Lightworks at 847-966-1110 or visit where you can also access the full daily version of Astro-Weather on line. Guy Spiro has been a professional astrologer for over 25 years, publishing Astro-Weather continuously in The Monthly Aspectarian magazine since 1979.

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