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Featured Tarot Card - Death XIII
Posted by on 13 January, 2006

Norma CowieThis Month, Norma Cowie focus on "The Death Card"! Although this card often evokes fear in a reading, it´s meaning really centers around transformation, or the end of old patterns! Learn more and feel free to ad your comments or insights!

Death XIII align=left>

The White Horse brings the skeleton, dressed in his iron, forward beyond the battlefield. The king lies dead, his materialistic crown lying on the ground beside him. The priest acknowledges him while a woman and child bow down recognizing his journey. In front of him is the river of life, and beyond the river on top of the cliffs are the two towers with the sun in the distance. He is on his journey.

He carries the white rose on his flag representing his purity of desire for this journey. He is being transformed into a whole new vibration. He is leaving the known and stepping into the unknown. Life so often brings us to these ´death´ points of our life. And as we grow beyond them the life we knew before is no more. We are transported into our inner depths.

This change is not like the Wheel of Fortune, the law of change when our life is changing. This is the end result of all the previous three symbols, Wheel of Fortune, Justice and Hanged Man. In each step of the way the learning has been relentless. You come to understand that which you need to understand, or you do not. If you do not you will repeat the lessons for sure. When you come to understand you are transported and this is what the Death symbol signifies the transformation from the old to the new.

Of course we all know that Death means the end, signifying the end of the physical life, but here it signifies the end of the old pattern, the old thinking, the old way of responding. This is the symbol that shows we do grow, we do progress in our life. We can be thankful for this symbol representing that we do come to understand life in a new way. We do progress and we do move forward, as the saying goes ´onward and upward´.

About Norma Cowie align=left>

Norma Cowie is a spontaneous, fun-loving person who believes that life is here to be lived to the fullest. She enjoys teaching what she has learned through her years of being a student on the journey of life. She is a well-known radio and T.V. personality and her books have been well received by people who want to learn the many different techniques she has personally learned and adapted to support their spiritual, metaphysical journey.

Norma has been studying metaphysics since 1964, when she learned how to read Tarot Cards. She learned a philosophical approach and a very different technique to reading the symbols, which created a spiritual understanding. This understanding is the base from which she has continued her personal journey / studies.

Norma has studied most aspects of metaphysics, and she is a true teacher of personal transformation. She brings light to the world. She understands how light and love work, and is a respected teacher and counsellor. For more information, see Norma´s Website at">

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By Anonymous on 31 December, 1969:
SUGGEST A TOPIC - of course relating to the Tarot, it´s interpretation, symbolism, or share your insights or comments on this articles. Use your member login to post a comment!

By lefevre on 31 December, 1969:
Mort, in Tarot de Marseille is the symbol that shows that we are growing , we are progressing in our lives, in a tarot arcane draw this is always auspicious big change. To make you draw cards for free, you can consult a psychic in France by phone with immediately.

By Anonymous on 31 December, 1969:
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