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Expanding Possibilities for Fall 2007 Body Soul & Spirit Expos
Posted by on 21 May, 2007

Chandler ArmstrongLearn what we are up to at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo for the Fall 2007 Events.

It´s been a whirlwind of activity around here! With the Success of the spring 2007 Body Soul & Spirit Expos, and a tremendous amount of opportunities to expand the Fall Shows, we’ve dedicated a lot of time to moving ahead with the next phase of expanding the events into both a national event, as well as working on expanding the online community.

I´ve been adding a lot of new features, as well as working on ways of making the event´s management more efficient and effective. We´ve started several initiatives, and added several promotional partners, join with additional development partner, and started several projects to expand the exposure of the events as well as all the great participants’ exhibitors, presenters, as well as the 1000´s of people that regularly attend the events and participate in the online community!


You may notice that we have added another city to the fall 2007 show tour! In addition to our Fall Events in Calgary (September 21-23, 2007) and Regina (October 12-14, 2007), Grande Prairie will take place Sept. 28-30, 2007 at the Crystal Centre. This event is quickly becoming one of our most exciting events!

In our research, we´ve discovered that Grande Prairie, and the Crystal Centre (where the event is being held) is the primary entertainment, tradeshow and event destination for not only Grande Prairie, but all of Northern Alberta - from just North of Edmonton, to Fort McMurray and High Level. It also is a destination (for events) from many communities in North East British Columbia such as Dawson Creek and St. Fort John.

In light of this we´ve put together a promotion campaign that will reach this entire region! This includes over 200 TV commercials, dozens of weekly and daily newspapers both in Grande Prairie and the surrounding cities and towns, a very aggressive Radio Promotion and Publicity campaign. We´ve even Highway Billboards (two of them) on primary routes coming into and out of Grande Prairie.

With the recent economic prosperity in the Northern Alberta Region, and the public out-cry for more events, this is shaping up to be one of the most exciting event of the season. If you want to exhibit or present, be sure to contact us at 1-877-560-6839 or see the The Body Soul & Spirit Expos for exhibitor / presenter information!


In the past few years we’ve come to realize that the current direction and growth of our events requires additional support in order to fully realize the events potential. To better explain the new directions we are taking with the event and online community, it might be useful to share a bit our events vision and mission with all of you!

Many of you may already know that our vision has always been to create a different or unique event, which would encourage the development of a culture of mutual support and community between all the various great organizations.

To accomplish this, we implemented three unique, but complementary facets to our events.

  1. The Expo itself, which would be the “tangible” part of the Body Soul & Spirit Organization. Our vision was to create several events across Canada (and eventually beyond Canada), that would allow us not only bring our community together in the various regions, but create additional opportunities for the various regions and communities across Canada, as well as Internationally to create a nexus where all could come together.
  2. To create an online community portal for our event, which would allow both the many individuals, organization, businesses, spas, wellness centers, and other business and the 1000’s of people that attend our events to continue to interact in several ways throughout the year!
  3. To create a Show Guide and Annual / Bi-Annual Directory, which would include both exhibitors, as well as the many other members of our community to gain additional exposure throughout the year, and provide a more tangible reference and “year book” for each event.

Initially, we had planned the implementation of all these features in our first 5 year plan, however, the gap between concept and realization, as well as several challenges in implementing this plan has meant that it’s taken over 10 years to get part way to our goal.

We’ve never been the type to give up on our dreams; we’ve revisited our strategies for the full realization of our vision. This strategy includes working with several new partners in taking the events to the next level.

We’ve realized that although we’ve created a successful event, there are several components of the show that would be vastly improved by bringing in additional support from those who are much more experienced and adept in their respective fields. Some of these partnerships are now in place, and some are still finalizing how they will be part of our organization - here are some of the details.

Synchronicity Magazine,

Although Synchronicity Magazine (Canada’s Magazine for Body, Mind, Spirit & Earth), was planning on joining as a partner in our event until fall of 2007, our plans were expedited this year, and we brought them into our organization as a partner in producing the NEW version of the Spring 2007 Calgary Body Soul & Spirit Show Guide and Bi-Annual Directory. As a result, we worked with them to publish a full gloss magazine quality publication for our event, which was a great success. The publication was met with rave reviews, and appreciated by all those who exhibited and attended the event.

As one of Canada’s most successful publication for the Body, Mind, Spirit and Earth community, we feel that their participation as the show guide producer will bring an addition valuable asset to our events.
If you would like to advertise in the Fall Calgary, Grande Prairie or Regina publication (space if available for exhibitors as well as non-exhibitor sponsor ads), you may contact them at (403) 270-9544. To learn more about Synchronicity Magazine, see Synchroncity Magazine´s Website

Marketing and Communications Firm (undisclosed)

Note: We are finalizing our relationship with a new Marketing and Communications Company, but as they have not yet started working with us, we have mutually decided to withhold their identity at this time, but will announce their involvement, credentials, and details of their relationship at a later time! As this partnership is vital to the expansion of the event, we’ve include some preliminary information only.

When people learn that the Body Soul & Spirit Expo has been organized by just two individuals (myself and Brad Simpson the Show Manager), they’ve often expressed their amazement!

Part of the reason we’ve been able to manage such an undertaking as the Body Soul & Spirit Expos is due to our tremendous fortune of working with several other organizations in the event management and production industry over the years.

In working is several different areas of the Industry, from show management, marketing, project management, and also participating in several tradeshows and events as exhibitors over the years, we’ve been able to develop the skills to be a sort of “one-man-band” , and fill several positions that would be overseen by several individual’s in other organizations.

Over the years the number of clients, organizations and businesses we work with have grown beyond our capacity to effective manage. To better improve our communications and marketing we have decided to bring a Marketing and Communications firm to carry out the day to day tasks such as registering exhibitors, contacting new prospects, and acting in a supportive position in providing better customer service for our event.

Our new marketing and communications firm has a sterling reputation, and will be actively contacting thousands of new potential exhibitors. As a result we expect to increase the size and diversity of our future events.

Our chosen marketing and commutations firm was selected from dozens of potential partners based on the results they have achieved with several other events, organizations and companies across North America.

Web Development Firm (undisclosed)

We first introduced the New Body Soul & Spirit Expo’s Online community in 2004. Although the site has had a professional directory (see>The Body Soul & Spirit Directory) since we first launched in 1998, it quickly grew to more than just an exhibit directory to a much visited portal for many site visitors that continue to find our website, and connect with our many directory members throughout the year.

With the site now attracting more upwards of 60,000 to 80,000 visitors a month from all over the world, and with each visitor viewing an average of 33 pages per month, we are now generating up to and over 1.9 million page views per month! In addition, other traffic indicators (such as our Google Ranking of 4-6), have positioned our site near the top of our industry. We’ve seen the opportunity to further develop the site to a more global portal, and bring even more benefits to all how participate.

We have interviewed many website development firms that specialize in creating dynamic online communities, and are ready to go ahead with the development of an even more dynamic and interactive website.

Over the next year, we plan to implement several new features that we are confident will further support our community, and help our many exhibitors and online members interact like never before.


Well as many of my friend and colleagues often tell me, it seems it’s hard from me to keep things short and sweet. If you have taken the time to read through this entire overview of what we are up to here at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, I must thank you for your attention and interest! I hope our enthusiasm and determination in creating an even more dynamic opportunity for all our existing, and new exhibitors has come through, and invite you to contact us about joining us in co-creating something wonderful with us this year.

Chandler Armstrong

Business Development
Marketing Directory
Exhibitor and Client Sales and Services
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo
And Online Community.

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