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What does Holistic Mean to You?
Posted by on 19 August, 2007

Patrons & Exhibitors of the Body Soul & Spirit ExpWe asked some of the people that are part of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo to introduce themselves and tell us what "holistic means to them?" on our facebook group here´s what some of them said

Andrea Leake (Vancouver, BC)

My name is Andrea. I am the designer/owner of Salt Spring Island Bandana Co. I produce a wellness cool product that you can check out on my web site, It´s great being a part of such a great group! Have a wonderful weekend.
Andrea "The Kool Lady"Reply to Andrea

Hollister Hyatt (Calgary AB)

Hello Everyone, I thiink this is a fantastic Idea for introductins. I have been studying Metaphysics for the past 35 years.

My definition of ´Holistic´ would be faith healing, unorthodox medicine, folk medicine, holistic medicine, natural medicine, unconventional medicine to name a few however we are always develping our energies to aid others in the quest for knowledge, wisdon, healing and humanitarian efforts...

Lori Smith (Calgary, AB)

After being a vendor at the Spring BSS Expo 2007, I developed a whole new inspiration for my coaching. It was the most amazing enlightening experience for me.

For a long time I searched for what my true passion was... I now know! The BSS Expo and you were part of that inspiration! You are truely passionate about opening opportunties for the Holistic community.

The BSS Expo is an excellent example of how a Holistic practitioner or small business should be reaching out into the community to create valuable relationships with their prospective clients. This is the number 1 step to growing your practice/business.

Victoria Latham (Plymouth)

Holistic to me means every aspect,embracing all consciously- the good and the bad.
i offer spiritual healing and holistic massage.
im passionate about living ones life to the full,relationships between men and women ( how to make then fulfilling).opening my heart to love as fully as i can,being completely present in the moment,the beautiful earth.

Cass Hepburn (Vancouver, BC

I am Cass Hepburn of Dragonfly Bodyworks.
In the past I was one of the organizers of the Goddesses and Beltane faires in Fort Langley.

To me Holistic means bringing the body, mind, spirit and emotions to a place of wholeness and balance. Whatever that looks like for the individual.

As a Sekhem, Seichim, Reiki Teacher and practitioner my work is to hold a clear space for the individual to remember their strength and wholeness, regardless what outside circumstances look like. To hold the energy so their own inner voice and inner healer can step forward.

In my work ( really play*S*) I use sound, crystals, energy and symbols and sometimes essential oils or essences.
I work intuitively.

I feel so blessed to work in this growing expanding field.

Be Blessed,
Cassie Hepburn

Gwen Wiberg Eldowy (Calgary, AB)

Hey Chandler - this is GREAT NEWS - congrats to you for your sincere efforts to strengthen the "connection" with all of those within your parameters. I am so very grateful that you have given me the chance to be part of your "community".

Lorena B. (Edmonton, AB)

I am just out there trying to find a better me, a healthier me.
I really believe that best way to a good life is through good health -- body, mind, and spirit.

I am a Body Soul Spirit "newbie" and if you were at the last Edmonton show you may have sampled some of our yummy Healthy Coffee.

Here is my site:

Lots of info on what makes our coffee so healthy and enough to make you ponder the question: Why are you still drinking regular coffee?

Oh yeah, we also have fabulous hot chocolate, rooibos tea, mocha, cereal, reishi capsules/supplements, and a personal care line. Thank you for the opportunity to share with all of you! Namaste.

If you want to see more answer, and interact all the great people that have posted a reply (there are many more) join the Body Soul & Spirit Expo on Facebook and join in on the fun. If you have a profile go to if not, set up your profile at and then visit this link. It´s FREE!

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