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Dr., Ledwith presents "The Orb Phenomena" at Body Soul & Spirit Expo
Posted by on 08 February, 2008


What really happens after death, or what were we like before we were conceived in our mother’s womb, or what meaning should we give to cherished terms such as
"soul," "spirit," or the preternatural, or whether we will see our loved ones who have passed on again?

Bases on his extensive study of both orbs and the roots of our quest for meaning, Dr. Ledwith draws some thought-provoking conclusions on what the orb phenomena suggests about the nature of the universe and our place in it.

The Orb Phenomena brings us a message of hope, comfort and inspiration for all those who cherish the divine within.

MICEAL LEDWITH, PH.D., is a delightful and fascinating speaker who introduced Orbs to the world as co-author of “The Orbs Project” release in November of 2007, and producer of the movie “Orbs: Clues to a more Amazing Universe". With his latest book projected to sell over 22 million, he has come to be recognized as someone who perhaps has done more work on the orb phenomenon than anyone else. He has the largest and most significant collection of orb pictures – more than 100,000 images as of now, from the past five years, and some forms of them like the ones of the torsion vortices, have not been seen elsewhere.

Combining the Spiritual with the Scientific, this research is waking up the general population to the realization that the spiritual world, although previously unseen by most of us, is truly all around us!  It has been found that once the years of being condition to ignore this part of our reality is met with the amazing presentation of this reality, that our perception begins to open, and many begin to see this world for themselves! 

Dr. Ledwith was Professor of Systematic Theology for sixteen years, was the president of Maynooth College in Ireland for ten years, served as Chairman of the Committee of Heads of the Irish Universities; and is a member of the Governing Bureau of the Conference of European University Presidents(CRE). His "Hamburger Universe" analogy and the Diseases of the Mind ´template´ help us observe and gauge our common thoughts. Dr. Ledwith was featured in the film "What the Bleep Do We Know?"

You are also invited to join Dr. Ledwith as he unveils more surprises as he keynotes a stunning group of today’s leading researchers of the Orb phenomenon, at what he calls “this ground breaking point in history” the is changing the very definition of what life is, and the taking place at the
Body Soul & Spirit Expos in Calgary and Edmonton.

This is your opportunity to see Dr. Ledwith LIVE at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, however, seating is LIMITED, so register now.  For your convenience you can fill out the secure online registration below.



Or visit our featured event registration page

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