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Michelle Whitedove: America’s Top Psychic coming to Calgary & Edmonton
Posted by on 28 July, 2008

America´s #1 Psychic as named by Lifetime Television, and seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS-TV and NPR is coming to Canada, and will be in Calgary & Edmonton on August 9 & 10.

Who is Michelle Whitedove?

BIO: Named “America’s #1 Psychic” by Lifetime Television, Michelle Whitedove is a world-class Psychic Medium who actively works as a Medical Intuitive, Spirit Communicator, Psychic Investigator, and Futurist. Her mission is to empower humanity as a teacher and visionary.

Whitedove shares unprecedented knowledge of the soul’s journey and the unseen spirit world that surrounds us. At 18 she had a Near Death Experience during a fatal car crash, when she lost family and a friend. She teaches that we each come to Earth with an unseen support team of Guardian Angels. As a expert, she educates us on the after-life from a place of non-judgment or religion. She answers the previously unknown about our departed loved ones, where they reside and how they look in on us. She also explains the phenomena of ghosts clarifying WHY some souls stay earth bound for a short period. Whitedove gives us the complete picture of the soul’s journey.

Recently Lifetime Television named her America’s #1 Psychic and awarded her $100,000 for winning “America’s Psychic Challenge” a TV program that show cased her super natural gifts. She’s also been featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS-TV and NPR.

What REALLY Happens when we Die?
Calgary & Edmonton, Canada Aug 9&10

Through direct communication with the spirit world Michelle Whitedove reveals the true journey of the soul.

-Why did you come to Earth?
-What REALLY happens at the time of Death?
-Where do you go when you die?
-What will you do in the after-life?

Michelle discusses her Near Death Experience and gives audience messages. Come prepared with a personal question.


Calgary ~ Sat Aug 9th, 2008 Call PremaSai (403) 243-4040
Edmonton ~ Sun Aug 10th, 2008 for tickets (780) 467-4764

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