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How the Expo offers Workshops for as little as 1/3 of the Price
Posted by on 07 September, 2008

Chandler ArmstrongThe Body Soul & Spirit Expo offers Premiem Workshops by some of the Worlds most Inspiring and Life Changing Speakers, Authors and Teachers at as much as a third of the price offered at "one-night-only" events.

In the Spring of 2008 we shared with you our vision of bringing MORE amazing featured workshops as part of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo! It´s been an incredible journey! As we have been sharing with you through our newsletter, our intention has been to bring some of the most Inspiring, Life-Changing and Motivational Speakers, Teachers and Authors to our events - at a fraction of the price that you would pay at a "one-night-only" event.

It seems that everyone - those who attend, as well as the many presenters - love the concept! As a result, we are already in the process of confirming several new presentations for the Spring Shows.


Firstly, the Body Soul & Spirit Expo already pays for the promotion, the venue that hosts our event, and most of the "set up" costs needed to host such events! The only costs we have to cover is our speakers travel, accommodation and honorariums.

Secondly, we´ve added these featured workshops and seminars as an "added bonus" to those who attend our events, and there is no need to "profit" form ticket sales, we are more than happy to cover the costs. This allows us to pass on the savings to you!

We based the ticket prices on the estimated number of registrations (based on past events). Any ticket sales BEYOND 50 (Most of our Venue Workshop Rooms hold 50 to 80) will be applied to future presentations, which will lower the cost even more! This means that you are getting the VERY BEST PRICE POSSIBLE!


We get to offer an amazing opportunity for YOU to see some AMAZING people at our events, and hope that you will show your appreciation by spreading the word and inviting your friends, acquaintances, colleagues to come out to the Body Soul & Spirit Expo...


Since we already are bringing these incredible speakers to our events, we have negotiated special FREE keynote presentation at our events. This means you also get the opportunity to see many of these speakers (space permitting) in the main lecture hall as a free bonus (included with admission).


Eventually we will be introducing several ways in which YOU can work with us, including affiliate positions, online eticket sales opportunities and more. Untile then your support by registering in advance is paramount to the success of this part of our events. Please consider ordering your tickets by going to our secure online registration at and selection the event you wish to attend.

Gratitefully Yours,
Chandler Stephon Armstrong
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo

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