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News & Article Archives > Community News Articles > Why should you exhibit at the Fall 2006 Body Soul & Spirit Expos

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Why should you exhibit at the Fall 2006 Body Soul & Spirit Expos
Posted by on 23 May, 2006

Over the past 10 years the Body Soul & Spirit Expo has continued to offer a great opportunity gather as community and share with the public the many option available in creating a more holistic and conscious lifestyle. This year´s spring shows have already surpassed all other years both in support from our many sponsors, and exhibitors (with all three shows reaching 1/3 full in just the first month of offer exhibitor & presentation space. This year promises to be one of the best show seasons to date. Here some more information about all the new promotion, projects and features planned for 2006!

Canada´s Largest & Longest Running Holistic,
Spiritual, Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle Expo

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo is a holistic lifestyle event that takes place in several cities across Canada, and provide an opportunity for the general public to explore all the options available in the creation of a healthier and more conscious lifestyle.

It also offers a unique opportunity for a diverse array of businesses, individuals and organizations that offer products, service and resources that facilitate this quest to meet face to face with the a highly targeted and motivated audience and share their offerings, services and knowledge. Over all its one of the best opportunities to develop relationships, reach new clients and gain exposure and recognition for your business or organization.

Three events are now being organized for Fall 2006.

Show: Winnipeg, Sept. 8-10, 2006
Location: The Ramada Conference & Entertainment Centre (Portage & Main).
Exhibitor Registration:

Show: Calgary, Sept. 22-24, 2006
Location: Big Four Building, Stampede Park.
Exhibitor Registration:

Show: Regina, Oct. 13-15, 2006 - Regina Exhibition Park
Location:Agribition Building,
Exhibitor Registration:


In creating a diverse event such as The Body Soul & Spirit Expo, we seek to bring together individuals, businesses and organizations that offer the public a chance to explore, experience and interact with the many options available in creating a healthier, happier and more conscious lifestyle. Here are just a few of the categories...

  • Alternative Therapies,
  • Alternative Therapy Devices & Equipment,
  • Healing Arts Practitioners
  • Yoga Studios, Props, Products, Training,
  • Fitness Centers,
  • Exercise & Fitness Equipment
  • "Taste of Health" Cooking Stage & Food Fair Vendors & Participants.
  • Healthy Food & Beverage Choices,
  • Wellness Products,

  • Health Food & Beverage Choices,
  • Environmentally Friendly Products,
  • Safe Household Cleaning Products,

  • Spas & Wellness Centers
  • Meditation & Spiritual Growth
  • Psychics & Astrologers,
  • Spiritual Teachers / Advisers
  • Feng Shui Consultants
  • Chinese Medicine Practitioners
  • Meditation Classes
  • Spiritual Organizations, New Thought Churches
  • Healing Arts & Holistic Schools & Organization
  • Personal Development Programs
  • Motivational Speakers & Coaching Programs
  • Success Consultants & Coaching
  • Membership in our Online Holistic Resource Directory Listings with 1000´s of links, Articles, Course & Workshop Listings and much more...


      The Body Soul & Spirit Expo features a highly motivated and professional audience of individuals, organizations, businesses and community leaders interested in cultivating a happier, healthier and more conscious lifestyle.
      Over the years the event has demonstrated a strong showing of serious potential clients, customers and business professionals that are willing to invest in the various products, services and programs offered at the event. This has resulted an a great opportunity for exhibitors looking build their practice and generate leads for their businesses. Here are some of the results from our front door surveys!

      - 76% of those who attend the show are Women between the ages of 25-54
      - 26% work in the spa, health, wellness, fitness industry - own a clinic, wellness center, spa, wholesale or other related business
      - 32% of those who attend state that the Body Soul & Spirit Expo is the only public / consumer show that they attend
      - 12% have a household income of under $60,000
      - 30% have a household income of $60,000+
      - 32% have a household income of $80,000+
      - 22% have a household income of $100,000+
      - 72% have visited a spa, wellness center, or healing arts practitioner in the last year.
      - 41% have attended a fitness, yoga or exercise facility in the past year.
      - 32% See a Massage Therapist or Chiropractor
      - 68% use natural supplements, herbal products, and spa products.
      - 35% have attended a personal growth or self-improvement workshop or course in the past year.
      Note: Average House Hold Income in Canada in 2005 was $63,636 according to Statistic Canada.

      In addition to the show, several other additional resources are offered..


      In addition to our events, we produce a glossy full color show guide and resource directory for the event that offer both exhibitors and non-exhibitor an opportunity to advertise their wellness related products and services at a very reasonable price. It´s a great way of getting more exposure during and after our events, as they are often kept and referred to long after our show! If you would like to be listed, you can download the ad rate sheets and forms from


      Our online community offers a comprehensive directory, event calendars, articles and forms that also help to get you exposure throughout the year!

      If you would like to be part of our online directory, or would like to discuss how we can work with you to create a custom promotional campaign including exhibiting at our event, online directory listings and out show guide and directory you can contact us at 1-877-560-6830 or download the online membership form


      After over a decade of hosting our events in Canada, we have establish relationships with many key media representative. Many support us through sponsorship and added value promotions! This has allowed us to offer great promotion for our events, making your dollar investment in our show work even harder

      Major Print Media ....
      - The Calgary Herald (Calgary)
      - The Winnipeg Free Press (Winnipeg)
      - The Winnipeg Women Magazine (Winnipeg)
      - The Leader-Post, (Regina)
      - Neighbours Weekly (249,000 copies delivered to the door of Calgarian every week) (Calgary)
      - The Alberta Newspaper Group (110 community papers in Alberta with over 2 million readers) (Calgary & Edmonton)
      - The Saskatchewan Newspaper Group (97 community papers in Saskatchewan) (Regina)
      - The Winnipeg Newspaper Group (112 community papers in Manitoba) (Winnipeg)

      Magazines and Periodicals..
      - Alive Magazine (Canada´s Largest Health Magazine) (All Shows)
      - SWERVE Magazine (Calgary)
      - Synchronicity Magazine (Calgary & Edmonton)
      - Wholife Journal (Saskatoon)
      - Rising Woman Magazine (Calgary)
      - Mosaic Magazine (Edmonton)
      - Prairie Dog (Entertainment Weekly) (Regina)

      Major Television Networks...
      - Global Television (Calgary, Winnipeg & Regina)
      - CTV (Regina)
      - City TV (Winnipeg Calgary & Edmonton)

      The Top (most listened to) Radio Stations...
      - Z99 FM (Regina)
      - CJOB (Talk & News Radio) (Winnipeg)
      - JACK FM (Calgary´s Most Listened to Station) (Calgary)
      - LIGHT 96 (Calgary´s #2 station, High Female Demographic, listen at work station) (Calgary)
      - COUNTRY 105 (Calgary´s #3 station, high female 25-55 listenership) (Calgary)
      - BOB FM (Winnipeg)
      - QX 104.1 FM country (Winnipeg)
      - Q94 94FM Todays Hits (Winnipeg)
      - CAFE 100.7FM Soft Hits (Winnipeg)

      Other Important Promotions....
      - Professional Poster and Event Card Distribution (Calgary, Edmonton & Saskatoon)
      (over 10,000 large format post card with 2 for 1 admission coupons)
      - Banner Campaigns on major website. Our sites banners have received 1,091,861 impressions on sites such as..
      Google, AOL, EarthLink, Home & Garden Television, the Food Network, Ask Jeeves, the Weather Network, Yoga Journal, Canadian Living, and many many more targeted sites! (Calgary, Edmonton & Saskatoon)
      - Ads and Event Listings on several health and wellness cites, online newspapers, radio websites etc.
      - We have cultivated many supports from past and present exhibitors, holistic organizations, directories, and other highly targeted websites and to date have 14,649 links to our sites. MSN 2381 links, Yahoo 4080, All the Web 4020 , AltaVista 4040, Hot Bot 64, Google 64
      - Promotion through several women´s groups, organizations, employee assoc. etc. (Calgary, Edmonton & Saskatoon)
      - Promotion through our email notification list, now over 30,000 past attendees and opt-in subscribers that are interested in attending our events.


      We are pleased to introduce an new facet to this year´s event with the "Taste of Health" Cooking Stage & Food Fair! Join us as we present local and international food experts, and Chefs introducing sessions included "oil-free cooking", "Vegatarian Cooking" and learn how about healthier choices, new products and new ingredients in cooking your way to a healthier lifestyle.

      Becoming a Concession Vendor, or Participate in the Cooking Shows!
      If you have a passion sharing healthy food options, or providing nourishing, healthy food, come help us feed our health conscious show participants! Contact us if you would like to be a Concession Vendor or participate in the Cooking shows... We are also looking for a sponsor for the cooking stage (Maytag´s Cooking Stage and our Cookware Supplier has not finalized for all shows) if you are an appliance provider, or kitchen wares provider - and have a mobile kitchen set-up, or know of someone that does, this may be a great way to get exposure as a sponsor, and be featured throughout the show!

      *Not Available at all events


      The Body Soul & Spirit Expos have introduced a new partnership program, which offers you an opportunity to host a premium (paid) workshop as part of our event. The new program includes several benefit and tools to give your workshops additional exposure - including...

      - Inclusion of a full page in the Program Guide (value $375.00)
      - Prime Promotion on the shows front page as a show featured event, as well as on the workshop page. (Value $149.00)
      - Inclusion in email notifications, member news and show news. (Value - $25.00 per month max. 3 months)
      - Ticket Printing at a "cost" rate. (Optional)
      Total Value: $599.00
      Package Cost: $275.00
      (additional material design costs may apply)

      The objective of this new program is to create additional events for the public that attends our events, as well as provides an opportunity for those wishing to a more in-depth coverage of the many subjects presented at the expo to learn more than the introductions given in the 30 min. to 1 hour presentation in the main lecture theatre.

      Your Requirments.

      • All ticket sales are direct by you, or at your exhibitor booth, we will include instructions, booth number and additional information on how to register or purchase your tickets at the show, or provide contact information on how to contact you prior to the event.
      • All artwork, ad copy, and information needed to promote your workshop needs to be provided by our printing deadlines for the show guide and online promotions.
      • We will provide you with printed tickets for your event, and you may sell them.

      The Workshop Application,
      We hope you will consider working with us, and are confident that this program will add another valuable facet to the events we hold this year. We look forward to discussing working with you about presenting your workshop(s)at our events.


      If you would like more information, or would like to exhibit or present at our events, we invite you to contact us to discuss how we can work with you to create a custom promotional campaign including exhibiting, lecturing and workshops at our event, online directory listings and out show guide and directory! We currently offering some limited time discount and added value packages that I would like to discuss with you!

      I look forward to speaking to you further about both our event in Edmonton, Calgary and Saskatoon this spring, as well as our publication, and hope to establish a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship. If you have any further questions, please do no hesitate in calling.

      Chandler Armstrong
      The Body Soul & Spirit Expo
      (403) 246-0668

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Grounding Strategies for Overwhelmed Systems
Posted by on 05 November, 2004

14 Ways to have one’s feet on the ground and remain centered and connected to the physical world.

Grounding Strategies for Overwhelmed Systems

By Ingrid Cryns

Ways to have one’s feet on the ground and remain centered and connected to the physical world.

1. Focus on body awareness. Learn how to feel your body;
• Take body awareness classes such as Bioenergetics , Pilates, Yoga, and/or Focusing
• Explore body therapies such as massage, Feldenkrais, Alexander technique.
• Do regular physical exercise at least 3x/week. Walking, running, biking, swimming, team sports - anything that gets you moving.
• Rub or massage your legs, feet, hands, arms. Use a loofa sponge or a natural brush and scrub your body vigorously. Use a brisk towel over your body after you bathe.
2. Learn mindful awareness and live in the present moment. Read less - reading keeps you in your head. Become more body aware and focused by being attentive to learning how to listen to your bodies’ messages by tracking your body sensations. Try to establish a consistent daily routine. Structure and weekly rhythms really help when you feel periods of chaos or formlessness. Don’t be hard on yourself for not being able to keep it all together. Be gentle with yourself.
3. Eat regular, healthy, well-balanced meals. Stop all junk foods, caffeine, sugar, smoking, drugs and alcohol. Increase your vegetable & protein intake (the most grounding being red meat). Eat as much organic as possible. Avoid the top 12 non-organic commercial fruits & vegetables highest in pesticides - Apples, Bell Peppers, Celery, Cherries, Grapes, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Potatoes, Raspberries, Spinach, and Strawberries. Detoxify yourself. Avoid the top allergic foods as much as possible - milk, eggs, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, cashews, fish, shellfish, wheat, as well as GMO products & commercial meats.
4. Increase your sleep, rest, and relaxation time. Consciously create space in your life to do quite, peaceful, restful activities. Listen to calming music. Take baths. Nurture yourself.
5. Spend time with yourself. Become self-reflective and aware. Understand your patterns. Do therapy to learn how to make friends with your shadow side (the negative and/or unconscious parts of you). Try to let your emotions be expressed rather than avoiding, resisting or struggling against them.
6. Get away from the over-stimulation & electromagnetic energy congestion of the city. Expose yourself to natural light as much as possible. Find ways to connect with nature. Hug or lean against a tree (it really does help!). Take the time to deeply breathe in purer air; soak your eyes in large expanses of greenery, blue sky’s; listen to the forest sound of birds, animals, wind; explore the smells of pine, fall leaves, etc. Expand your senses.
7. Don’t watch or try to limit TV news (especially before going to sleep) or read newspapers, newsmagazines. Ask yourself; how is this information helping me on a daily basis in my local environment or personal life?
8. Concentrate on mundane (of this world) matters, the ‘details’ of life;
• Cooking, cleaning your home - vacuuming, dishes, laundry, re-organizing..
• Gardening - put your hands in the soil..
• Chores, errands, grocery shopping, bookkeeping, bills….
• Returning and/or making phone calls….
9. Connect with someone, or a pet, whom you care deeply about. Spend quality time with them, touch them, hug them. Learn how to keep on reaching regardless of how unconnected or groundless you might feel. Sometimes you can ground through others, or your connections with others. Touching (heart and body) and being touched is very, very helpful and important.
10. Meditate and/or pray daily. Some people meditate in ways that are about not being connected with the body. Focus only on meditations that connect you with your breath and body awareness such as in many Buddhist meditations.
11. Try aromatherapy oils such as sandalwood, pine, etc. - anything that has grounding elements such as in tree’s. Or try lavender to help you calm down and relax. Put some in a bath. Add Epsom salts, baking soda to release negative toxins from the body.
12. Find a creative and expressive outlet for your energy and your emotions, such as dance, art, music, etc.
13. Slow down and simplify your life. Plan to do only half the things on your list. Walk to the store instead of driving.
14. Practice being rather than doing. Learn from children how to live and be in the present moment.

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