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Listening to Spirit
Posted by on 17 July, 2012

With the shifting energies many people are feeling urged to move forward on their path, despite their fears. Jennifer Lyall shares her experience of what´s opened up for her in her life since she´s connected with her soul and started listening more to her intuition.

Do you feel Spirit urging you to move forward, but you´re not sure what to do?  Do you know that you´re being called to do something big, but you don´t have a clear picture on what exactly your next steps are?  Do you feel like you know what to do, but things just are moving fast enough?

I know exactly how you feel.  When I began to focus on my spiritual journey, I looked at different courses to help me move forward, including a 4 year Priestess program.  Something in my soul told me it was too long, and that I needed to move faster.  So many other people tell me that they are feeling the same urge to move forward quickly. 

Last year I dove in and began listening to my soul with my whole heart and I haven´t looked back.The things I´ve been guided to do I would never have imagined tackling just a few years ago.  While this is all new and exciting, it can be perceived as a little scary too, but when you let go of that, incredible things begin to happen.

I had some pretty profound experiences in March of 2011, just after I discovered automatic writing.  I began to receive clear insight and when I patiently listened and acted on the guidance, I was amazed with what happened. 

In this experience, what I now refer to as my Soul Connection,

I was given instructions on a new modality that is suited to the amazing energies in this golden time.  After conducting an in-depth case study, getting accustomed to working with the energy and fine tuning the process, I began offering personal Your Soul Connection sessions in July 2011.  

With the new energies surrounding us, many people feel like they are on a fast-track so to speak.  Their soul is urging them to move forward, but the options they see require a lot of time invested.  The Your Soul Connection process is a short 1-2 hour session that can be experienced through audio guided meditations or in a personal session with a certified Your Soul Connection practitioner.

Once you experience Your Soul Connection, the "work" is not over, it´s just beginning.  You still need to invest the time to honour yourself with practices like prayer, affirmations, meditation, eating well and being in nature.  All of these activities feed your soul.

My goal is to reach 1 million Your Soul Connections to do my part in shifting humanity.  Your Soul Connection connects one’s soul with their heart and their mind and invites the ego to take a break.  With the soul having greater control, an individual can move forward on their path more quickly, and tune in to the inner guidance.  This truly is to support Mother Earth and humanity in their transitions, because if more people are tuned in to their soul, they can more easily do the work their soul came here to do, and help raise the vibration on Earth.


An in-person session includes auric Karma clearing energy work, the Your Soul Connection guided meditation, a Spiritual Prescription to support the individual in moving forward powerfully and a Your Soul Connection Journal to track how they are feeling physically, spiritually, emotionally and overall for 4 weeks after their session.  In-person sessions also include a 15 minute follow-up call 1 month after their session to help the individual along their path, although individuals can also request additional spiritual coaching.  The audio and soon to be released video versions of the Your Soul Connection include a comprehensive Guidebook and a Karma Clearing and Your Soul Connection meditations.

Your Soul Connections fuel the shift in humanity in another manner as well. I am donating 50% of the revenue from Your Soul Connection to charities around the world that support the environment and the shift of humanity, like the David Suzuki Foundation and IONS- the Institute of Noetic Science.

Miracles can happen when you listen to spirit and let your soul guide you.

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