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Perfection of What IS
Posted by on 24 October, 2012

Pure witnessing without conceptualization is the way to realize the perfection of what IS.

 There is nothing you need to do. There is nowhere you need to go. Yes, you will do things and go places, but that will all flow naturally from attention to the present, to your immediate experience. Everything within your sensory range is everything you need attend to. If something or someone enters this “event horizon” of your experience, then be aware of it or them. All you need is that which you have. All you want is that which you try to get. Do you see the difference? One requires only awareness; simply being. The other requires effort; doing doing doing. Is there an end to want?

There is a higher order taking place; an intelligence beyond the egoic thinking mind. Your higher self knows what you need – you need only your own existence.

There are countless beings experiencing countless heavens and hells and everything in between. Where to begin? You must begin with the most immediate. You must begin with yourself.

In the infinite expanse of pure potential, everything that is possible must manifest. That everything is exactly what is. What could possibly be lacking in what is?

There is no escaping the perfection of what is. Now. Here. All of it. What movement of body or mind can possibly make the perfection of the All more or less perfect? Please ponder this, for this Realization is a step onto the path.

When you notice confusion, doubt, choice, desire, resistance – arise, notice that none of these states exist apart from the thought of them. Be aware of the arising and passing of thoughts and the feelings (pushing/pulling, repulsion/attraction) that accompany them. The awareness IS YOUR TRUE SELF. It is that from which All arises and passes. It is that which does not pass/change/move. It is that which is always here.

The measurement is the movement.

Do you see?

This is why, when you let go, your perfection is realized and nothing is wanted. How can you want when you are the pure potential from which everything arises? Every label, classification, judgement, like/dislike, is a measurement.

The measurement is the imperfection.

Do you see?

Again, what you are letting go of is the subjective interpretation, the measurement, of the All.
You are letting go of your thoughts.

What could possibly be lacking in what is?

The measurement is the lacking.
Do you see?

Complete surrender is now the only option.

It is okay. You have suffered enough. No more effort is required.

You can let go.

Let go and experience the perfection that is your true self.

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