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The Renovation of the Body Soul & Spirit Website
Posted by on 22 August, 2010

Website is undergoing renovations, upgrades and improvements will better represent the growth of our Expos, Magazine and Online Community and Social Network . The New site will provide tools and resources that will support those who are a part of the Body Soul & Spirit, at the expos, and throughout the year!

Do You Remember When It All Started?

We just renewed our domain for 100 years, how is that for positive intention in action? While we´ve now been online for fifteen years, I believe that this is just the start of our journey! Relatively speaking, fifteen years is a LONG TIME relative to the history of the internet!

19 years ago this month, Tim Berners-Lee publicly released his WWW project, making August 6, 1991 the offical birthday of the internet!

According to Wikipedia:

"On August 6, 1991, he [TBL] posted a short summary of the World Wide Web project on the alt.hypertext newsgroup. This date also marked the debut of the Web as a publicly available service on the Internet."

How we became one of the Original First 3%

For us, it all started about three years after the launch of the internet with the persuasion of a close friend that worked at one of the original Bulletin Board System, or BBS - the early predecessor of the commercial internet!

Although the internet had not been hear of by the majority of the public, her boss was about to launch one of the first independent IP’s in Canada, and was also offering web hosting! With some assistance, the Body Soul & Spirit became of the first sites on the internet, and is now older than 97% of all website on the internet!

For us, it all started about three years after the launch of the internet with the persuasion of a close friend that worked at one of the original Bulletin Board System, or BBS - the early predecessor of the commercial internet! Although the internet had not been hear of by the majority of the public, her boss was about to launch one of the first independent IP’s in Canada, and was also offering web hosting! With some assistance, the Body Soul & Spirit became of the first sites on the internet, and is now older than 97% of all website on the internet!

This early start was tremendously fortuitous! Seniority is, as one of the key algorithms search engines look for when rating a website, in fact it is often the most trusted one when search engine spiders gather information about a site as it’s the one constant that cannot be “spoofed”!

Keyword density, number of reciprocal links, citations by credible websites such as Wikipedia, or other official sites such as governmental agencies also has considerable bearing on who high a site is placed on the top link of search engines – but the registration year, once all other factors are considered, is the winning factor that will assure top organic position - a position which our site has obtained in many of our search categories!

Our Incredible Traffic Statistics

Since our first site, the Body Soul & Spirit has continued to grow and dominate as in web presence! Over the past 15 years, our website has accumulated as many as 14,000 reciprocal links, citations from major sites and page rankings as high a 2, 3, and 4 with Google! With as many as 80,000 unique visitors in a given month, and an average of 24 page views per visitor, our page views have almost reached 20 Million!

Rebuilding Our Site Better Serve Our Community

Since our first Things have certainly changed since we first launched our site, and since our first major over-haul and upgrade almost a decade ago, the ever expanding horizon of internet technologies have expanded to include social networking, real time content management systems, and online collaboration tools that have to potential to change how we work together!

We’ve known for several years that we have only been harnessing the minimum potential the tremendous amount of traffic our site has to offer our community! The possible benefit to bring our community together in the act of co-creation and mutual support by building an online portal has become more than just a goal… it’s become a quest!

The Right Team

One of the most common stories we hear in dealing with 1000’s of the independent holistic businesses, healing arts practitioners, spas, and many other clients has been their website woes! We share their pain, as we to have gone through several stops and starts. We’ve shopped the executive summary and proposal to dozens for development firms and received a lot of offers!

In most cases those who seemed qualified would come back with astronomical quotes, and those who seemed to fall within our price range seldom inspired the confidence in their ability to deliver what we were asking for!

This was until the spring of this year! At the time we had been considering a proposal from another web development firm, when we first connected with Brendon and Christine!

After just a few brief encounters, it became clear that not only did they had the skill set needed, but also share our vision and commitment of providing the tools, resources and service to foster the growth and foster the success of community which our expos, magazine and website serve!

What We Want to Create

Our vision is to create an NEW and IMPROVED online portal where you can share what you offer, interact and connect with 1000´s of people and create as much success and growth for EVERYTONE who would like to join us!

While the Body Soul & Spirit Expo is part of "What We do" it only represents one of the more tangible expressions of our primary purpose - to bring our community together to share and support each other’s journey towards, wholeness and self-understanding! We are confident that while the improvement and expansion of our online offerings will also improve the quality of our events, it will also provide a new level of opportunity for the many people we’ve connected with over the years.

Over the next several months, we plan to begin work on creating the needed is the tools as well as the programs by which we can ALL collaborate and create all various aspects of our event in each person’s OWN TIME and in REAL TIME!

We plan to introduce a system the “facilitates” by allow each of those involved to FREELY create THEIR “part” of OUR expo, online community and magazine – while also building our community and supporting the effort of all who are involved!

Our goal is to provide EVERYONE - whether you attend, exhibit, present, post articles, events, or just want to connect with our community - with the best possible online experience, tools and resources!
We look forward to share our adventure and journey with you as we work together to co-create something wonderful!

A Taste of Things to Come

We´ve put a lot of thought into creating the ideal online home and have thought of how we can best provide an online environment for EVERYONE that is a part of our events, magazine and community!

Our NEW & IMPROVED website will feature the integration of the many social networking tools and feature that have become popular over the past few years! This will allow us to create both a much more social experience online, as well provide a more efficient and effective way for members to interact collaborate and work with us.

Although the application are to numerous to outline here, we are excited to share some of the possibilities with you.

"We learned years ago that the more we gather to share as a community - the more growth and success we all experience. These new online tools are going bring about more positive growth than anything we´ve ever offered before." - Chandler Stephon Armstrong

Connect Before During & After Our Events
Exhibitor Lists, Lecture Schedules and Workshop Listings will include a social networking component that will allow our FREE MEMBERS and those visiting our events to "RSVP" and interact with those who are exhibiting, or presenting. This will allow visitors to asked questions, invite friends, connect with others that are attending, and much more.

Share and Connect with Other Members
Some of the other great tools will allow members to post events and invite other members to attend; tag members on articles they post; comment on other members content; upload videos, audio clips and pictures: start and moderate discussions and forums; schedule web and attend conferences sessions; and much more.

Integration with facebook, twitter, YouTube, Personal Blogs and more. If you are already steeped in social networking you´re going to love how easy you can automate the integration of our site into your other sites. Your content can automatically be posted to many other social networks, blogs, icalendar and more.


As always we are grateful and for the opportunity to share our adventure with the many people who have been a part of our growth and continue to support our vision! Your continued support and participation in our events, magazines and online community is the fuel that propels our collective dreams to fruition.

Chandler Stephon Armstrong

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Return to Health with Taoist Tai Chi
Posted by on 28 October, 2005

Learn about the Physical Science of the ancient Taoist Art of Tai Chi: Join one of the Beginner classes in Taoist Tai Chi starting soon in Calgary:
Monday evening class 7- 9 pm starts November 7th
Thursday evening class 7- 9 pm starts November 10th

The most powerful benefit of Taoist Tai Chi is that, with practice, it helps people regain a sense of control over their health. Our health can decline quickly through acute illness, or slowly as we get older. Disability and discomfort can gradually erode our ease of movement. It is a great irony that until our health is lost, we hardly notice it at all.

Movement is essential to maintaining good health. This involves not only the movement of muscles and bones, but also the coursing of blood to and from the heart, the flow of air in and out of the lungs, the transmission of electrical impulses along nerves, the propulsion of food through the intestines, and the ebb and flow that occur within each of the bodyís organs. The word circulation describes this omnipresent ebb and flow. Circulation refers to more than just the movement of blood through the arteries and veins. According to traditional Chinese medicine, ìchiî (intrinsic energy in the body) is the source of all movement in the body and accompanies all movement. Impaired of blocked movement of chi leads to disharmony among various parts of the body and therefore to illness. Taoist Tai Chi was developed as part of the Taoist Chinese system of health maintenance, along with techniques like chi kung, meditation, acupuncture and herbal remedies. Improving movement and circulation through the practice of Taoist Tai Chi can improve health and slow down aging.

Those who have experienced prolonged of severe illness may find it difficult to recover fully. Illness is usually accompanied by a reduction in physical activity and results in weak of stiff muscles, tendons and ligaments. Even the supposedly normal process of aging can slowly erode strength and mobility. It is challenging to return to a previous level of activity when your joints are stiff and your strength decreased. You may be in pain or perpetually exhausted. Further, anxiety and depression are frequent companions to illness to the aging process. Not believing in the possibility of recovery can be as disabling as the disease itself and may lead to feelings of despair and helplessness.

Taoist Tai Chi can give back hope and health by providing a gentle by powerful therapeutic tool, which works by restoring strength, flexibility and balance, thus improving movement and circulation throughout the body.

The body and mind are intertwined in many ways affecting health. To work on one without the other is to solve only part of the problem. Taoist Tai Chi is different from other disciplines because it begins with on premise that

the most effective therapy is one that will improve the functioning of the entire system of body and mind. The quiet practice of Taoist Tai Chi is an efficient and enjoyable way to work on the entire body and to calm the mindís turbulence as well. Practising the art develops our awareness of the immense and subtle powers that reside within us, and this awareness is essential to developing a belief in our own healing powers.

Beginning with modest effort, the student of Taoist Tai Chi will see steady improvement in strength, balance and flexibility. It is essential that these movements be practised daily. The greater the daily effort of the student, the more profound will be the improvements. In time, and with hard work, the student may regain control over illness and aging. Students of Taoist Tai Chi usually find that the practice of this ancient art is more interesting than other forms of repetitive exercise, and they are more inclined to keep practising it faithfully.

Taoist Tai Chi emphasises balanced stretching and turning. Is it is a form of exercise that helps to relax and strengthen the body and mind. It is gentle and anybody can practise it, regardless of age or physical condition. Even seated practitioners can receive great benefit from daily training. With practice, the body the body will change gradually. Tendons and ligaments that have tightened and contracted through disuse will become more elastic; muscles will become fuller and more able to bear body weight. As strength increases, it will be possible to stretch further, and this will lead to increased flexibility. With improvement in strength and flexibility, balance and walking skills will improve.

Rhythmic turning and stretching, which is common to all Taoist Tai Chi movements, encourages the spine to loosen and move more freely. For those who are able to do the exercises standing up, the legs will strengthen to support the spine. As the student learns to control his or her body weight, turning it slowly and smoothly from one foot to anther, a sense of balance will develop and the joints of the arms and legs will stretch out and move more fully. Regardless of whether they are able to do the movements standing or sitting, most students will become aware of the subtle changes created by the practice of Taoist Tai Chi, such as warmer hands, stronger legs of greater endurance. The gentle turning and stretching use in Taoist Tai Chi differ form traditional Western forms of exercise, increasing circulation and mobility more effectively and with less stress on the body than Western exercises.

The Taoist Tai Chi Society

The Calgary Taoist Tai Chi Society is located at 2310 24th Steet S.W. You can reach them by phone at (403) 240-4566.

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