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When Times Change: Evolving How Community Co-Creates Events
Posted by on 24 August, 2010

Have you noticed a lot of changes with the Body Soul & Spirit Expos? If you haven´t, you certainly will over the next 18 months as we begin to introduce new programs, pricing and tools that better serve our communities in changing times.


The past year has certainly been a time of shifts and changes for so many … people, organizations, businesses, climates, and economies! Like so many people, we have experienced and witnessed change occurring in the world around us. Even those who have been less than open minded about the talk of a “shift” or “awakening” have had second thoughts as they have seen both our economy and our world shaken up in the recent past!

I admit that outwardly this certainly seems like a challenging time filled with uncertainly, and insecurity that for many creates a great deal of fear and stress! I, however, a constant optimist, see this is a tremendous time for positive growth! Every difficulty - if we just change our perspective – is also an opportunity.

“Your living is determined not so much by what life brings to you as by the attitude you bring to life; not so much by what happens to you as by the way your mind looks at what happens.
- Kahlil Gibran

So what can you find to be positive about when you’re having a hard time meeting their payments, dealing with rising costs of food and gas? How can deal with these real life strains?

While on an individual level these challenges can be a tremendous impetus or opening to awakening, when it happens on a much larger scale – in our communities, cities, countries and event the world – it is a pointer for the need for change on a more collective level.

Just like a major trauma, crisis or distress can bring about some of the most profound transformations in an individual´s life – so does a collective crisis of consciousness!

As more and more people stop clinging to the old ways - which aren´t working anyways - we all will start inventing, cognizing and creating new ways.

“I can´t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.” -Jimmy Dean

Now before we go too far let me clarify a couple of things! I don´t propose that I have a "the answer" or believe that there is "one". As the great teacher Krishnamurti said throughout his life “Truth is a Pathless Land”, and I believe finding the “truth” or “answers” will only come as each of us learns to listen first to the heart and trust where this journey takes us.

I do, however, have some unique insights; now having devoted the majority of my life to creating events that bring our community together.

I’ve been talking to everyone who would listen in the past few years about how new way of creating amazing events was emerging... with horizons and possibilities beyond anything that has been created in the past! Sound like a lot of hype? I don’t think so!

The stage has been set, and all the pieces have been ready to fall into place… the only thing that has been missing until this point is the impetus that has been brought about by the current state of affairs in our world.

I believe we are FINALLY READY and the fear of doing things in a different way, or a fear of change has finally meet its match – the growing necessity to finally BREAK FREE!

Imagining a New Way?

What is an event? An Idea?  A gathering?  However you define it?  It’s temporary, impermanent!  We gather together as a community, share what we have with those whom are looking for what we “offer”, then it’s OVER!   Gone, never to be again!

The event itself, in my option, is an illusion!  It’s the connections we make, relationships that are formed where the true value is seen in the impact we’ve had on changing people’s lives – this is what is real and lasting!  

This has been borne out over the past fifteen years by the continuous and countless heart-warming calls, emails and letters from people that attend our events! 

Nothing makes us feel better, or provide more joy and fuel to continue in this work then when we hear from people whose lives have been profoundly and positively affected through their interaction with something or someone that they discovered at our event!

Despite this, so much seriousness, anticipation and expectations are brought into our events!   When did this happen? The purpose of these events is to create more joy, celebration, bring our community together in mutual support! 

Times are changing!  People have had enough “structure” imposed on them!  In today’s world there is so much happening, so quickly, it’s becoming virtually impossible to “organize” events in the same way!  Something NEW is needed!

"The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence; it is to act with yesterday’s logic. “ — Peter Drucker

A New Paradigm

The dictionary defines paradigm as “A set of assumptions, concepts, values, and practices that constitutes a way of viewing reality for the community that shares them.” Or “a philosophical or theoretical framework”

I pointed out years ago in that in organizing events for our community that our intention was to be “facilitators” and not “show organizers” or “show producers” - and in order to accomplish this – a paradigm shift was needed! I’ve since learned that a paradigm shift take much more than a declaration - it must also be meet with a substantial collective consensus to occur!

The “organizer” perception results in the perpetuation of the concept that those who were participating were “buying a product”. Similarity the assumed role of “producer” creates the impression that we are producing something to entertain people, an inviting the public as if “taking in” the show where the exhibitors and presenters are seen as one of the “acts” of a larger production.

Why does this perception persist? Why hasn’t the collective consensus needed to shift how we create our event occurred? Simply put it makes it is much easier to put the onus of success on someone that is “above” or “responsible” rather than accepting individual responsibility and participating in the co-creation of a positive outcome for all.

It’s time to drop these old notions and replace the old paradigm of the “organizer” a perception that is part of the “hierarchical model”, and replace it with a new paradigm of the “facilitator” or one who allow, and provides the “space” in which an event can take place!

A New Way – Creating a New Foundation for Working Together!

Things have changes; in the past it was possible to “organize” events! One simply sent out a request for registrations, lecture, workshop and other material many months in advance, and it those who wished to participate would comply! NOT ANYMORE!

At one time I use to joking tells people, “If all of you could just move beyond our individual subtle fears, mistrust and inhibitions, and simply decide if you wanted to join us or not… these events would only take a month to organize, not six”. Ironically I now see this is potentially what we need to create!

Rather than resist change, I believe we need to accept and move with it! We need a new way of working together that engenders trust, security and benefit for the individual, yet also create a culture of mutual support that builds the whole!

What is needed is the tools as well as the programs by which we can ALL collaborate and create all various aspects of our event in each person’s OWN TIME and in REAL TIME! A system the “facilitates” by allow each of those involved to FREELY create THEIR “part” of OUR expo, online community and magazine – while also building our community and supporting the effort of all who are involved!

All for One, and One for All

Imagine being a partner in event, magazine and online community that we ALL benefited and shared in the rewards – financially and otherwise – simply by JOINING! Could this work?

By joining, then simply inviting others to join for FREE, you will earn rewards each time someone you sponsored purchases an e-ticket, books exhibit space, advertises, or uses one of the premium services offered in our online community.

There would NEVER any need to do more than simply join then invite others - as all who sign up will be assigned to an experience representative who can help with all their needs and answer any questions. It´s really that simple!

What I am proposing isn’t new! When we first envisioned the Body Soul & Spirit a decade and a half ago, our concept included three synergistic facets - an (1) event; a (2) magazine; and an (3) online community directory and social network!

After several years we started to explore the introduction of the opportunity to give back to the community that created our events through our (4) Partnership Program - where YOU were financially rewarded for your part in co-create our events, magazine and community!

By provide these four resources our intention was (and still is) to move beyond a once-a-year event, and continue to service our community by providing the tools to share and grow together throughout the year, as well as the programs that allow all who wish to join us in this adventure to co-create as well as share in the rewards.

We believe that the movement from "Marketing" to "Networking" honors the next step in our collective growth. This step will be pivotal in providing a new way of creating an event that creates abundance and growth for ALL!

Getting Started: If Not Now, When?

´Start by doing what is necessary; then do what is possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.´ — St. Francis of Assisi

Any journey starts with a step, and continues one step at time!

We’ve already started, with….

• Re-Budgeting to provide New Lower Prices for all our events in 2011

• The re-launch of our newsletter, see

• The Renovate our old website, clearing out old records, and preparing for the launch of several new and improved features See

Don’t look for any great fan fare or a complete transition over night… but rather simply small changes, one at a time, as we enjoy each moment of the journey as it unfolds!


I see a see a bright new world of new hopes and new beginnings as we create the events, tools and means to support and bring our community together to celebrate life and both our individual and collective journeys towards wholeness!


As I have concluded so many of letters and emails to you over the years - we are appreciative and grateful. You are a big part of what makes the Body Soul & Spirit Expo possible.

Your support, feedback, and participation are the fuels that feed and propel this wonderful adventure we share together.

Have any feedback, suggestions or advise? Feel you might be part like to be part of this journey? You are more than welcome to contact me.

Chandler Stephon Armstrong
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo

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The Power of Thought
Posted by on 04 October, 2005

The world today is in the state it is in as a result of mankind´s thinking

The Power of Thought
by: DivineDove of Sacred Connections

The power of thought is the greatest power that man has to use. The world today is in the state it is in as a result of mankind´s thinking; each nation is in it´s present state of either peace and prosperity or poverty, murder and anarchy as a result of its thinking as a group or nation; and each person is what he is, with his life being what it is as a result of his thoughts. What a man thinks, he becomes, what he thinks attracts to him his environment; what he thinks determines what type of people he will surround himself with; a man decides whether he shall be happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful, healthy or unhealthy, prosperous or poor, hated or loved. What a man thinks can overcome fate. There is no limit to the power of thought, because it is a spiritual power of strong influence. By thought man either blesses or curses himself. By it, he brings into his life either success or failure, health or disease, happiness or unhappiness, poverty or prosperity. It is all in our mind and thoughts. We live in a set Universe, but we do not always act accordingly. The universe should not be altered; we should be changed. Within ourselves is the cause of the disorder in our own individual world--for we each live in the world of our own creation. Therefore, only we can change it. We can change our lives by the power of positive thinking.

There are two kinds of thought, positive and negative. It depends upon which thoughts we insist on thinking and pass to our subconscious mind, what our actions in life will be. If we allow our mind to dwell on destructive, negative thoughts, which unfortunately happens many times since it requires little or no effort, then destructive and negative action will result. On the other hand, if we think positive or constructive thoughts, of which effort is required, positive action takes place as a natural result.

Therefore a man who thinks destructive thoughts will do destructive things, but if the same man will keep his mind on the positive aspects of life then his life will become happy and peaceful, and in its highest form, a success.

A man who has fearful thoughts, will probably fail, because all his actions will be weak and without the strength and decision making abilities which are necessary for the achievement of success. A man who believes in himself, however, will succeed due to his positive thinking.

Life is not a matter of chance or luck; it is not something out of our control; it is largely the result or effect of our thoughts. Therefore, by controlling our thoughts, and we can do this, we can regulate our life to almost unbelievable successes or we can think non-positive thoughts and doom ourselves to a life of unhappiness, poor health, and no successes. Most people mean well and want to do good and be good. But, nevertheless, most of us are negative thinkers and this is due, mainly to ignorance or to the way we were taught. Because it is not generally known that negative thoughts are highly destructive, we ignorantly indulge in them, thinking that they do no harm. Actually, thoughts of impurity, anger, revenge, fear, failure, weakness, sickness, and death, are all highly destructive. They are destructive of health, of happiness, and of life in general, yet we perpetuate the idea.

The world seems to be divided into two classes of people; those who overcome life, and those who are overcome by life. Those who overcome life´s difficulties are those who do so by their own thoughts. Those who are overcome by life´s difficulties, are those who can’t seem to overcome life’s difficulties by thought.

Now let‘s talk about worrying. Worry is a destructive force. By worrying over our troubles, we not only cause fear, but it also cause grooves in the brain of which our thoughts go around endlessly. This causes worrying to become a habit. That is to say, as soon as a thought of some impending trouble comes to us, or something goes wrong in our life or work, or we think that something has gone wrong or will go wrong, or we fear that it may go wrong, we immediately go to the worrying mode. Some people are of a worrying nature. They inherit it from their parents. We must not worry about imaginary fears, we must meet them boldly in thought and will with positive thinking. We must never run away from them. There probably is nothing more negative and destructive than doing this. Avoiding the issue in thought increases the trouble, therefore there is really more to worry about.

The fact of the matter is that we live in an orderly universe, but we are not orderly ourselves. Our true environment is an orderly and perfect universe. Life is essentially good, although it may contain many disappointments and many blows. Many of these, however, are of our own creation. Life is good. If we harmonize with life and self, we avoid much misery and trouble.

Thought affects our health far more than is generally realized. While it is true that hereditary traits and unhealthy ways of living play an important part, thought is believed to be a huge factor. Maybe we should not think so much of sickness, ill-health and disease, and think instead of health, wholeness, well-being. Thinking about disease and ill-health creates a condition favorable of disease. It is a good thing to think of oneself as whole, healthy, radiant and filled with life, joy and energy. Such a mental picture can do nothing but good. It does help to say "I am in wonderful health" and try to feel like it, and picture yourself, mentally, as the image of perfect health and vitality. By doing so you takes the first step towards better health. However, this is in no way a substitute for a doctors opinion.

By using the power of positive thinking, we become so strong that we can meet and overcome the powers of evil. What that means is that we have come into alignment with the harmony of the Universe, the Divine Order which nothing can destroy, and over which the forces of disorder have no power whatsoever. Positive thinking wins out over the negative. Human-kind wins out over evil.

DivineDove -- please visit us at

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