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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > What you need to know about Expo, Magazine and Network Launch in Toronto!

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What you need to know about Expo, Magazine and Network Launch in Toronto!
Posted by on 10 February, 2011

Everyone is talking about it! The Body Soul & Spirit; Expo, Magazine, and Social Network - A New Multi-faceted, uniquely affordable and effective; tried and true solution coming to Toronto this Spring! With experience of faciliating over 180 successful events in Western Canada of the past 15 year Body Soul & Spirit is considered by many to be the #1 Networking event for conscious entrepreneurs in Canada! Learn more about what is planned in the article below!


The Launch of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Magazine
& Network in Toronto on March 25-27, 2011


Our intention for 2011 is to move the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Magazine and Online Community to a new level of service to our entire community!

Our passion is our service to our community, which includes those who attend as well as exhibit and present at our event; those who advertise, list their services in our online directory, or publish their classes workshops and happenings in our event calendar as well as our readers and subscribers; and all who are part of the Body Soul & Spirit Online Community, Social and Professional Network!

We see our mission as on of supporting and bringing our community together - not only at our event, but though out the year - through our events, publications and online interactive community!

Although these intentions are extended to all of our events, we are particularly focused on co-creating an amazing event with our community of "difference makers" in Toronto and area. As it is our first event in your city in six years, we feel it is important to make a great impression in order to create a firm foundation to create an event, magazine and community that will benefit our community!


Participation is the fuel that creates our events! The venue has been booked and paid for, We´ve also put together what I believe is an outstanding marketing plan including some of the best promotional offers our event has ever received from with many of the Television Networks, Radio Stations, Newspapers, Magazines and other media more than matching our investment. Everything is in place for an amazing event!

Now all that is left is to bring together a remarkable group of individuals, clinics, practitioners, holistic businesses, stores, and conscious entrepreneurship, workshop providers and speakers that will offer the public that attend a truly memorable experience, and an extraordinary weekend of growth and sharing.

Something truly wonderful happens when we all come together to create a fully packed room of wonderful options for the public to explore! In the case of events like ours, the more involved, the better the event is for everyone!

I´m confident with your support we can collectively create something remarkable!


If you have something to offer, considering booking yourself, or if you already have booked - or if you can´t join us this year - PASS THIS INFORMATION ON - even if just you pass it on to a couple of people, I’m confident that we WILL fill every space! Discover why many consider the Body Soul & Spirit Expo the #1 Network and Outreach Marketing Opportunity in Canada!

For information such as demographics, marketing plans, who exhibits, and who attends see or for exhibiting prices, floor plans and information onhow to register see


We created the Body Soul and Spirit Magazine not only to be a complement to our events and online community, but as an affordable and effective solution for gaining exposure for your business, practices or classes workshops and events!

Our GREAT PRICES and HUGE DISTRIBUTION COVERAGE resulting in our Magazine becoming an instant success in WESTERN CANADA and we anticipate the same results as we a launch our EASTERN EDITION this spring in Toronto! With DIRECTORY and EVENT CALENDAR LISTINGS starting at $25.00/, and FULL COLOR DISPLAY ADS for just $95.00 we’ve received an incredible response.

With as shelf life of 6 months your cost for a full year can be as little as $50.00/ - a price we feel allows everyone the opportunity to share what they offer to our community!



Our passion is co-creation, and working with you to create a place in our events, magazine and online community that works with your goals and meets your needs! To us, nothing is more satisfying than your success, as it is also ours!

If you have any questions, need more information, or would like to discuss how we can work with you, don’t hesitate to call us. You’ll find our contact information below!


If you are planning to attend, we will be release our First day 2 for 1 admission coupons in over 1200 locations in Toronto, as well as sending them out to the following group (join one to get yours).

• Those who RSVP’s to our Facebook Event

• Those who are a member of the Body Soul & Spirit Network (Free to Join)

• Sign up on our expo notification list at


As always, we are grateful for your participation and support, it is the very fuel that propels this wonderful adventure we share forward, and we look forward to co-creating something wonderful with you soon. Let´s talk soon about create a special place for you in our Expo, Magazine, Online Promotion... or how you can discover how using all three of these together provide an effective and diversified marketing and promotional solution!

Sincerely Yours,
Chandler Stephon Armstrong
The Body Soul & Spirit
Expo, Magazine, Community
1-877-560-6830 ext. 0
Mon. – Fri. 9AM – 5PM MST

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Steps to Building Self-Esteem
Posted by on 17 November, 2005

We play with 10 separate steps to building self-esteem in our full day workshop, Believe in Yourself – You’re Awesome. They are concrete, tangible and effective actions you can take to raise your level of self-esteem. Over the next few months, we will share these steps with you in Heart and Mind Matters.

Step One: Focus on Your Strengths

I bet you heard phrases like “don’t be a braggart!” or “don’t blow your own horn!” when you were growing up. These types of statements issued by ‘adults who know better’ created a subconscious message in your mind that it’s a bad idea to focus on how great you are. Consequently, you were taught to play down or ignore your strengths and admirable qualities.

In their effort to keep you from becoming ‘conceited’, these well-meaning adults actually undermined your self-esteem. Esteem is defined as “to regard with respect; to prize, to appreciate/ to recognize the quality, significance, or magnitude of, to admire greatly/ to value”.

It’s a challenge to value or respect something or someone when you can’t see it’s worth. Self-esteem is “one’s good opinion of one’s dignity or worth”. How do you have a good opinion of your worth when you refuse to look at all the strengths and qualities that you hold? How do you recognize the significance or magnitude of who you are when you downplay all the talents, skills and characteristics that make you the wonderful person that you are?

When you admire others, you see their talents, skills, characteristics and capabilities, and you respect them for what you see. A simple way to learn to respect and admire yourself is to make a list of your talents, skills, characteristics...

Do it right now. Grab a sheet of paper and starting listing all your qualities, regardless of whether you see them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Start your list with I am: and start writing the words that apply to you (even the slightest bit!), like: honest, a good friend, impatient, loving, caring, a procrastinator, compassionate, a great cook, intelligent, determined, intuitive, reliable, trustworthy… You get the idea. Make this list as long as you can.

Now, take a long hard look at that list and start circling the qualities that you see as your strengths. Which qualities do you hold strongly? Which characteristics do you shine with? Now make a new list of all the circled items on your first list.

These are the qualities you want to focus on. Make time to review the list daily and endeavor to add one quality each day. Take a few moments at the end of every day to give yourself credit for the strengths that you displayed that day. Consciously think about how you displayed that honesty or caring or trustworthiness… or whatever the quality was that you displayed. Honour yourself with this acknowledgement.

Focusing on your strengths is a simple (not necessarily easy - at least at first!) way to build your self-esteem.

About Tina Thrussel & Best U Can B Inc.

Tina Thrussell is the president and co-founder of Best U Can B Inc. As the key facilitator for the company, Tina loves to experience the magic that occurs amongst a group of people brought together for an event under her guidance. The theme of this article is an underlying principle in her programs, as well as the basis of her self-published book, Believe in Yourself - You Are Awesome (Journaling with Intention). This book provides a guided process for making choices (or planting seeds) that will positively affect your attitude and your life. For more information about this book or Tina’s seminars, retreats and workshops, visit or email her at

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