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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > Venus Sun Eclipse: The Merging of Lights!

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Venus Sun Eclipse: The Merging of Lights!
Posted by on 10 June, 2012

On June 5-8, a once in a lifetime cosmic event, the Eclipse of the Sun by Venus will occur for the first time in a 130 years! This is among the rarest of astronomical events. In fact, between the years 2000 BC and 4000 AD (6000 years) there are only 81 such Venusians "transits,". They are so rare, that only five times have humans recorded the passage of Venus in front of the Sun (in 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882).

So what exactly is a Venus Sun Eclipse? In the physical world, an event where Venus will appear as a black dot that tracks a line across the sun’s face for several hours. Beyond the physical phenomena, as most of you, I’m more interested in the esoteric and astrological implications!

As an astrologer most of my understanding of various astrological events has been the result of watching their expression in the charts of the 1000’s of individuals that have consulted with throughout the past few decades!

This, however, is not possible as no one I’ve ever consulted for has EVER had a Venus / Sun Eclipse occur in their chart! The closest comparison I can use as a reference is a Solar or Lunar eclipse, which I have found to be significant life-changing life passages in many clients (and in my own life). Other than personal experience, we also have the chart history of various historical figures and events to refer to during the 1639, 1761, 1769, 1874 and 1882 Venus / Sun Eclipses!

First let’s look at the symbolism of the various astrological players in this celestial drama; namely planets and astrological points - the Sun, Venus and the Nodes all in Gemini (15 Degrees), as well as the major aspects as it Trines Saturn in Libra and Squares Mars in Virgo!

A Shift In our History, from Collective Ego and Hierarchy to Oneness and Unity

In traditional astrological interpretations, we see an almost paradoxical involvement of the "Two Lights" Sun and Venus, in aspect to the two Malefic Planets: Mars and Saturn. First we see a separating square to Mars in Virgo (something already in effect, and part of the collective karma); and an applying trine to Saturn in Libra (something about to culminate). In the most simplified interpretation, we see humanity’s light coming together with love to transcend duality and end suffering!
For me this planetary configuration brings to mind the Charles Dickens "Tale of Two Cities" quote "It was the Best of Times - It was the Worst of Times” in that it has the potential to be a rather significant life event or period for those whom it touches personal points in their nativity (Birth Chart), that could be characterized as”sweet angst" of being caught between the "no longer and not yet"! Many of us have began to awaken to the new consciousness the is budding in our spiritual world… but we are not yet seeing it reflected the mundane world… and are experiencing the rather intense period of anticipation!

The Third Point, the Nodes have always indicated “history in the making” as they show where the planetary energies intersect with earth! Also known as the Eclipse Point, this is where the Sun and Moon need to align (and obviously other planet as well) to create this phenomena!

How will this express itself or play out in the world or in your personal life?

First my experience is that these factors work “holistically” or work on many levels to bring events and people together in order to express new potentials and create new possibilities in the world! My favorite go to example is the chart of Louis Pasteur, who was responsible for proving the “germ theory” of disease.

Although not related to the Venus Eclipse of 1882, Louis Pasteur’s chart is a perfect example of how personal points (Mercury, Venus and Sun) combined with “Transpersonal” planetary configurations (the Uranus / Neptune) to advance the way we treat disease! His historical contribution includes rabies, anthrax and many other vaccines that have saved countless lives! He would have been 60 years old on the last Venus Sun Eclipse, although I have not looked to see if this was a factor in his chart, his “eureka” moment was during the period of an eclipse (Sun, Moon, North Node) touching of the stellium (close grouping) of planets mentioned above!

What Mayan Astrology Had to Say About This!

I´ve always been fascinated by other cultures and people, so over the years I´ve been very "eclectic" in my study of astrology, from Hellenistic, Arabic, Chinese, Vedic, Mayan, horary, and many others! I always get excited when I see the same information from several different sources. I am, therefore, elated to find this important event highlighted in Mayan Astrology!

The Mayan Culture placed great importance on Venus in their system, and they referred to this period! Actually Venus Eclipse come in pairs, the so this is the second and closeting part of the cycle that started in April 2004 and ends June 6, 2012) as the Return of Quetzalcoatl, the Plumed Serpent! It is described as a period of "mass awakening" of light bringers that will play a part in the bringing of a new Golden Age at the end of 2012!

Are You Going to Surf the Wave of Change, or Experience it as a Tsunami?

So the Question with this Sun / Venus eclipse is (or should be), what part am I to play in bringing about a better world of all! In the example above, the part Louis Pasteur applied his great intellect (Mercury – Mind) to uncover a Mystery (Neptune) that would transform (Uranus) the lives of virtually everyone (Sun).

As this historical passage involves some different players, it’s safe to assume that the cosmic drama about to unfold will be more about sociologically and financial matters (both Venus issues)! In Pasteur’s day, his part was to alleviate the suffering and needless death of many millions of people! He was the vessel thought which a new way (pasteurization, sanitation, vaccines, antiseptic, modern medicine) would change the world around him.

Likewise, while our world is not suffering due to “infections”, it is suffering in many other ways! I believe that this period marks the emergence of a NEW ORDER (nodes) of LOVE and ONESS (Venus) as a way of BEING (SUN). I believe it shows that we have reached a new collective level of maturity which now necessitates a new level of responsibility. While the old financial, political and social structures served us in the “old age” (Served us in during the past age it’s time to transcend them… and create a new world based on unity and oneness (Sun / Venus). The Square (Astrological Aspect) to Mars in Virgo can be seen to indicate that this energy is at odds with (Square) the existing (Separating, or already in existence) world created by the egoic (Mars) mind (in Virgo). We also see the Trine (Applying or about to come about) to Saturn shows the possibility of resolution by building new social (Libra) structures (Saturn).

Whatever happens (of course I wouldn’t count on just one astrological occurrence) I do feel this will set in motion and act as an impetus for Change in our world! While all things work together to move us forward, on an individual level, all might not (at first) seem to be love and the “warm fuzzies”! You remember the mention of the two “malefics” Saturn and Mar being involved!

I believe that while this is a major shift forward in “unity consciousness” and “oneness” on our planet that will bring about movement that will harmonize the live of people on our planet! This movements focus will be to propel us forwards towards greater social justice, and new ways of “Being”. This will be a time where we begin to through off old outmode ways of “governing” the world, and adopt a more unified period of social responsibility, where the good of all starts to truly begins to emerge in the mass consciousness!

Do you really think that majority of people are ready to let go of the old systems that they have been so heavily invested in for thousands of years? I’m sure we’ve all seen how on an individual level, fear of the unknown and fear of change can keep us in “tolerable” but inadequate jobs, careers, living situations… well we do the same thing collectively! We desire changes, but fear it at the same time. Where the energy of change is resisted, it creates a “volcanic” and for those who hold on to the old, we can expect to see dramatic social, political and economic challenges arise as a result!

Many of those that are so invested in “old ways” may choose to continue to pacify themselves by believing things are going to turn around on their own… but as the popular Einstein quote points out “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.

These people are most likely feel the less than gentle nudging of collective transformation through the collapse of various social, political and economic systems over the next few years! As with common solar ellipses, they often have an effect of 5 to 6 months and several post eclipse trigger events from other planets transiting the ellipse point (this case 15 degrees of Gemini).

The Start of Several Years of Change in Society: Don´t Expect the world to Change Overnight!

As the Sun/Venus Eclipse is a much rarer event than the common eclipse, I can’t really say in confidence how long the effects will be felts, but suspect is will be over the next few years! For those holding on to the old, this will like be a time of letting going a clearing… even crisis! However, this clearing is exactly what is needed to clear the way of a new beginning, and something BETTER!

For those who are riding the wave of change, this period will be more of a time of adventure in experience the newly emerging consciousness that will bring about new social structures and ways of being to the benefit of all!

I believe we are FINALLY READY and the fear of the unknown and doing things in a different way, or the fear of change has finally met its match – the growing necessity to finally BREAK FREE! Are you one of the Brave ones that will lead the way?

Connecting with your cosmic unfoldment!

If you one of the many that are part of this great waking, a look at how this planet shifting event might dovetail with your life purpose is a great way of getting in touch with your cosmic potential! Astrology is, in its highest expression a study of both ONENESS but also how we all have a sacred connection in its expression!

For a personal interpretation of how this might play out in your evolutionary journey, I would highly recommend you consult a qualified evolutionary or esoteric astrologer! If you have any major planetary or astrological points at 15 degrees, or aspects to Mercury (the planetary ruler of Gemini!) this might be a very crucial life passage for you!

About Chandler Armstrong

Chandler left behind a very successful practice as an astrologer of over 10 years to work full time for the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Magazine and Online Community (Which he co-founded with Brad Simpson in 1996). He still practices and offers consultations a few days a month. Chandler´s astrological consultations combine both a strong basis in astrological technique, with intuitive interpretations. His specialties include Esoteric Astrology (astrology of the soul), Relationship Analysis, Financial Astrology, and the Astrology of Past Lives. His clients come from every walk of life, from Corporate C.E.O´s that have consulted him on business matters, actors, political figures, Investigators and Detectives, and many more. His expertise in astrology has come from the thousands of charts he has done for people from almost every walk of life. For more information you can reach him at through his office number at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo at 1-877-560-6830 ext. 4

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Discover the Ancient Secrets of Face Reading
Posted by on 25 January, 2006

Give me 5 minutes with anyone and I can tell you more about their character than a 10-page resume.

I have “read” thousands of people who tell me I know more about them in a few minutes than their spouse, family or friends ever have. Am I the only one who has access to this ancient secret? No, anyone can do what I do by simply learning the Art of Face Reading. I have trained hundred’s of people in a one-day workshop, the step-by-step process of learning this wisdom.

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

Have you ever had a gut feeling about someone? Have you ever asked yourself what is this person truly like? Well, we all read people at some level. Since the beginning of time we have used our instincts to survive and we have evolved into very sensitive Human Beings.

Unconsciously, we all read faces. How would you like to read faces consciously? The Art of Reading Faces gives you the tangible tools to recognize a person’s true character.

How is it that a cartoonist can draw a few angled lines on a page and you know exactly who they are portraying? I’m sure you would know the difference between Joe Clark and Brian Mulroney just by the angle of their jaw line. Aren’t these characteristic traits of their personalities?

Why do movie directors hunt high and low for a certain look in an actor? Is it because they fit the role? Imagine if a soft baby-faced person was picked to portray a rough, rugged cowboy in one of your favourite classic movies. I´m sure you would feel that the story line was good but the actor does not fit the part. Are you starting to get the picture?

Face reading, like body language, gives you a leading edge in unspoken communication. This is one of the most powerful ways of getting to know yourself and others in all your relationships. When you see the core potential of a person, you will also see their peak potential.

“As an investigative tool, face-reading is being used by a growing number of police and investigative agencies in Europe and North America, says Trout, a former U.S. police officer.” The Vancouver Sun – Sept. 18th, 2004

Now, you are probably saying, enough questions. Give me some answers on how I could do this! The shape of a face gives you the blueprint or structure to the characteristics of their personality. What is the structure of this face? Or, let’s compare this to a vehicle? Is it solid and practical like a Mac truck or delicate and sensitive like a Ferrari?

The basic structure of a face or a vehicle will give you the clues to their true potential or the maximum performance of the vehicle. The features of the vehicle and face will give you all the important details.

The first thing I do in Face Reading is ‘cut’ the persons head off and set it on a table. Don´t take me literally!!! Does the head stand square and steadfast or does it roll around like a ball? This is so simple! Just watch a child play with building blocks or those games where they put shapes into the holes. Does a square fit into a round hole or a square hole? In other words, does their personality or characteristic trait fit the role or job description?

The first impression you get of a person is the most important. What is the overall structure and the most prominent feature that jumps out at you? For example, the face shape may be square and practical, the oval maybe sensitive and flexible, the rectangular maybe steadfast and ambitious, or the round face maybe easygoing and willing to please. A person’s most prominent feature may be their warm, large brown eyes, a prominent nose that may be a bit ‘nosey’, or thin, tight lips may find life ‘tastes some what bitter’.

I look at the person’s forehead to see how broad and open-minded this person is in their thinking. The profile shows me their preferred way of processing information. Are they very observant, do they have a long term memory or a high imagination?

At this point, start to notice the left and right sides of the face. Are they in balance? How is the left masculine analytical mind working with the right feminine creative mind? Most people have an imbalance which shows me that there is inner conflict that needs to be resolved.

Next, we notice the shape, placement and quality of the eyebrows to understand the degree of communication between their thinking and feeling. When you lift your eyebrows, you lift your thoughts about what you’re feeling. In other words… bright idea!!!

Then we experience the special privilege of looking into their eyes, ‘the windows to the Soul’. Their size, shape, angle, depth, and colour, all indicate their heartfelt point of view and how they express or suppress their inner world and, how they interaction with the outer world.

The nose ‘knows’! The nose knows it all! It shows how they have learned to project their personal identity. Are they stable and steadfast, sharp and exacting, or prominent and outgoing? The nose points to honesty, dependability, self-confidence or strength.

Wow, now the lips! Do they have full ‘Hot Lips’ like Marilyn Monroe or are they pursed and tight showing a holding back of their sensual expression. The degree of creativity, intuition and sexual appeal is shown in the top lip and the vocal expression is shown in the bottom lip.

The width and depth of the jaw and chin shows the stability, vitality, determination and the ability to carry through and support the expression of the above traits. Their tell-tale lines etched into their face show the deeper feelings and habitual characteristics of their personally. Wow, all this in the first few minutes as we come face-to-face!

You will be amazed at the accuracy of Face Reading. You might think you are pretty good at reading people already and you probably are, because we all face readers. Face Reading is our original form of communication. As babies, we do it instinctually, as adults we need to get out of our intellectual minds and learn it all over again.

You probably already can name three to four accurate traits about a person. After learning and practicing the Art of Reading Faces, I guarantee you will be able to name thirty or more accurate things about a person before they have even opened their mouths to speak.

The most IMPORTANT question of all!!!


Call Now for more information on “The Art of Reading Faces” Workshop! Toll Free 1-877-846-3948

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