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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > Book Review: The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse

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Book Review: The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse
Posted by on 30 March, 2014

Reveals New Scientific Evidence of the ‘Multiverse’ Concept
Written by Yale graduate Alfred Lambremont Webre, this startling book examines the idea that humanity lives on a planet in one universe that exists in a multiverse.

In 2000, author Alfred Lambremont Webre released his book, ‘Exopolitics: A Decade of Contact’, which founded Exopolitics, the science of relations among intelligent civilizations in the multiverse. Immediately, Webre became a leading extraterrestrial and time-travel whistleblower and as a result, attracted a lot of attention from both the scientific and political communities.

With ‘The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse’, Webre cements his role as the developer of the Exopolitics and Dimensional Ecology models of the Omniverse.

As Webre points out, the details of his book are vital to help readers understand the connection between science and spirituality.

“The book reveals new scientific evidence on matters like the afterlife, the human soul, reincarnation and God,” says Webre. “God used to be a matter of personal belief, but Science is confirming spirituality. As the book also shows, Scientists now know that humanity lives on one planet in one solar system in one universe in a multiverse that has, as one Scientist wrote: “a humungous” number of universes in it. I also detail the evidence that souls and God in the spiritual dimensions are co-creating the universes of the multiverse. Each of our souls is a holographic fragment of God, the Source. These revelations have the potential to change the world.”

Alfred Lambremont Webre’s new book, The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse, integrates replicable empirical evidence from intelligent civilizations in the multiverse and from the intelligent civilizations of souls and God in the Afterlife. The book demonstrates a new functioning ecology of intelligence in the dimensions in the Omniverse.

Early reviews of the book have been undeniably positive. “Alfred Lambremont Webre’s The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse is of extreme importance because multidimensional intelligence opened to all humans when the Mayan Calendar ended in 2011/2012. We are receiving contact from the fully inhabited omniverse that connects with us by telepathy and teleportation in the quantum dimension of our world.

Webre’s hypothesis—dimensionality is the key design criteria of the Omniverse as discrete bands of conscious energy by which intelligence organizes itself—is synchronous with my nine-dimensional model that describes how other dimensions contact humans. Webre’s compact and easy-to-read book is a brilliant compilation of solid scientific evidence for the existence of human souls that reincarnate and exist in parallel lives in many dimensions, frequently as extraterrestrials!

This is a must-read for anyone who wants to fully engage with many dimensions to end absolutely any fear of abandonment, death, or the future,” wrote Barbara Hand Clow—co-author with Gerry Clow of Alchemy of ‘Nine Dimensions: The 2011/2012 Prophecies and Nine Dimensions of Consciousness’.

Alfred is a graduate of Yale University and Yale Law School in international law and was a Fulbright Scholar in international economic integration in Uruguay. He has taught economics at Yale University and constitutional law at the University of Texas.

Alfred was general counsel to the New York City Environmental Protection Administration, a futurist at Stanford Research Institute (where he directed the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study), and was a NGO delegate to the United Nations and the UNISPACE conference.

He will be presenting a lecture at this year´s Vancouver Body Soul & Spirit Expo by the same title. See for the complete lecture schedule.

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Wellness and weight loss
Posted by on 20 February, 2006

The following has been developed to assist in achieving and maintaining optimal physical health...

When we think of loss, it brings to mind bereavement or something that we will need to find again. I believe that rather than thinking of ´weight loss´ it is much more exhilarating to think of liberating a vibrant healthy you. You certainly do not need to find yourself saddened or in a frantic state of needing to find something that you have lost.

Many people who are overweight are hard on themselves in one way or another and they totally forget what it feels like to be happy in their own body. Some people who overeat are doing it to fulfill a sense of loneliness, boredom, self hatred, self denial, low self esteem, lack of confidence, etc... As creatures of habit, we gravitate to an easy fix, and yet if it does not serve our well being, we berate ourselves and feel as though we have failed.

It is my passion to facilitate your desire to achieve your ideal weight... no compromises... you are fabulous the way you are! Sometimes we just need a new focus to discover what our real image is, and to replace the blame, shame and regret that our unhealthy habits have generated in the past.
With this in mind -- I am excited to offer the following month long program which has been specifically designed to help you on your path of feeling good emotionally and physically about yourself...

• Four Hypnosis Sessions
• Two Self Hypnosis CDs
• Two Thai Massages
• Twelve Infrared Sauna Sessions (½-hr each).

The program is designed to suit your own schedule -- a typical month would look like...

• Four weekly hypnosis sessions (includes free sound & light therapy).
• Listen to your personalized custom self-hypnosis CD daily.
• Three scheduled infrared sauna sessions per week (½-hr each) for four weeks.
• Two Thai Massages scheduled to suit you - at least one week apart.
• The second self-hypnosis CD is provided at the end of the program for your ongoing support.

I look forward to being a part of your journey to healthfulness!

Moira Hutchison
Hutchison Healing Touch
(403) 815-5388

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