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Quantum Logic - Maureen St. Germain
Posted by on 13 September, 2014

Author of four books including best-sellers, Be a Genie, and Beyond the Flower of Life Maureen St Germain facilitates individuals in becoming their 5th Dimensional Self. In this article she shares some insights into new ways of solving old problems. See her at the Edmonton and Calgary Body Soul & Spirit Expos.

It is a system of predicting the future! Logic, we say is a system of principles that produce an order thought process usually based on cause and effect. We say that things proceed from known factors to predictable results which minimizes risk and improves results.

Quantum logic is a term I´ve coined to explain the concept that certainly many possibilities exist - that will address a specific issue. A new way to look at problems is to say they are opportunities to experience life.

The quantum physicist tells us, the observer is part of the same equation. Consider this, in the quantum world everything is expressed as percentages. You´ve heard it fro the weatherman describing the weather. "50% chance of rain."

There is a "new way" of solving problems that has nothing to do with the way we have solved things in the past. The new way defies old logic - ergo - Quantum logic.

Look around you, see if you don´t agree? There is no more "forcing" something to happen the way you want it to. No more desiring change and then following following expected procedure to achieve it. All the business books tell us of paradigm shifts for bosses being managers i.e. dictating solutions to leaders.

Leaders inspire creative thinking, openness to untried solutions and shared responsibility. Managers dictate this is how we do it. Being open to possible surprises solutions will actually help you discover creative solutions that you had not considered before. this is the new thinking in management circles everywhere and it bosses well for individuals too.

The old logic is giving way to a new "quantum logic." Quantum logic invites you to recognize that there are multiple pleasing solutions to every situation. It is up to you to discover.

How do you get there when your are upset here? You let the solution reveal itself to you! How do you let the solution show itself to you? You leap frog over your presumed disaster - and see that is all worked out - and that it is completely behind you.

Using this tool to process your feelings by leap frogging softens the expression of those feelings. It creates a feeling a joy, and happiness not only because of the desired result, but that the problem that apparently would have affected your desired outcome didn´t materialize!

I have a beautiful boarder print in my bathroom that is scalloped, meaning it has uneven edges at the bottom. The contractor who put it in - didn´t secure it very well, and then didn´t seal it with silicone above the tile like some do when paper is hung in a bathroom. Within a short time - the paper had stared to fall down.

The contractor had to re-do the job and told me to purchase a new border print - because as he said, once it starts to come off, there is not fixing it. The second time it lasted several years, but again, was staring to curl up. I knew I would have to talk it all down and replace it. Just like the first time.

I kept putting off the job, thinking that it was a really big job, and that I needed help to complete it. Then one day while in the hardware store, i decided to ask about what kind of silicone sealant to purchase, so the I would have the necessary items to finish the job.

The clerk misunderstood my question, and took me to the glue section that is crated for wallpaper that has started to peel back. Here was a solution I hadn´t considered that the clear was showing me. It took a certain persistence, but the special glue worked! I´ve observed that other situations around me are just like that. Have you found yourself in situations that appear to be overwhelming where outside help is required and yet were solved in unexpected ways far easier than originally anticipated?

I invite you to "leap frog" over the next disaster. Don´t worry about how, just seeing that the situation resolved easily, in plenty of time, or money, and that you were pleasantly surprised.

Develop the habit, that when you feel your emotions starting to build about something that you had counted on, and now appear to be stalled, remind yourself that you can leap frog over the problem,. see yourself satisfied with the solution, and the energy of multiple possibilities (Quantum logic) has just increased the odds that you will have a pleasing outcome.

Crazy? yes, from our past paradigms, but the subatomic world of quantum tells us that the observer is part of the equation. it tells us that when the scientist attempts to measure anything in the subatomic world of quantum, their intention of the outcome affects the outcome - 100% of the time! Right now, quantum technology accounts for 40% of the gross national product and is the most accurate predicative system of the sciences in the history of science!

Begin by inviting all the possibilities that would make you feel satisfied to present themselves to you. The most likely solution will come to the frog first. It will open you to ideas and solutions you didn´t event know existed!

Use this metaphor to help you to sort though the thoughts of discouragement and disaster. Leap frog over negative thoughts and then discover what it feels like to have the satisfactory result.

About Maureen St. Germain.

Author of four books including best-sellers, Be a Genie, and Beyond the Flower of Life Maureen St Germain facilitates individuals in becoming their 5th Dimensional Self. Teaching world-wide since 1994, she quickly became the most prolific FOL facilitator, due to her expanded teachings on the dimensions, Higher Self training and a fast and easy protocol to attain the ability achieve an on demand accurate Higher Self Connection. A recovering A type personality she developed these tools to help busy professionals and the overactive mind to meditate successfully, find their Inner Guru as well as open to the Akashic Records. See Maureen at both the Edmonton and Calgary Fall 2014 Body Soul & Spirit Expos, where she will be offering workshops and exhibiting.

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Uncover The Veil
Posted by on 19 March, 2006

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something else needed in your life, that you don´t feel complete? A sense that you are missing a step somewhere....

Have you ever had the feeling that there is something else needed in your life, that you don´t feel complete? A sense that you are missing a step somewhere. We have all had this craving to connect with our Spirit Guide, entities that have been with us since the beginning of our journey. Our Spirit Guides are with us to help us along our life´s lessons, not to tell us what to do but to guide us through it.

We all have one main guide that stays with us, almost like a mentor. This main guide is the one we sat with before reincarnating to discuss the lessons we are wanting to experience during this life. We may, however, have more than one ´helper guide´ that may remain with us for a lifetime, or may come and go depending on our needs and where they are needed. Spirit Guides have had numerous incarnations on the physical plane as well as other realms.

Spirit Guides speak to us in many ways. Sometimes they are the little voice we hear in our head, your ´thoughts´. Often times they speak to you in your dream state, meditation, art, writing/journaling, etc. If they want to make a point they will create and manifest whatever it may take for you to sit up and take notice. Most times we brush these off. I´ve had many who have asked me how to connect with their Spirit Guide. I always answer it the same way - meditate. Meditation is the best way to ´speak´ with your guide. If there is a question then ask it and meditate and you shall receive the answer. Don´t make communication with your guide harder than it is. Most people expect a very distinct answer, a voice or vision.

It doesn´t always happen that way. Instead the answer may come in a picture, dream, thought or experience and sometimes not right away. It may even come through another person like a f riend or family member who may just say something that triggers a thought. It could even be a stranger! Do not over analyze your ´answers´ such as asking if it were your thoughts or your guide speaking. In time you will understand and recognize when your guide is trying to make a point.

In my line of work as a psychic medium I have demonstrated the ability to communicate with my guide and the guide of the person that I am reading for, those that have passed over, pets, comatose individuals and also those who are living that are unable to speak. Sometimes I have to ´listen´ to what is being said to me and then repeat their wisdom to my client. I always ask for some sort of validation from the guide so that my client understands that this is truly their guide or loved one speaking through me. I consider it my job and life purpose to connect people with their guide and loved ones who have passed over. It is my duty to show that people are not alone or forgotten. I grow spiritually every time I do a reading session with my clients. There is so much for us to learn and our guides are there to show us and help us along. I use my sense of seeing, feeling, hearing, smell and taste during consultations. Like a baby lear ns to eat, walk and talk, my skills have grown over time. They were not unleashed all at once, but have slowly been unveiled to me.

If you remember anything from this article, remember this. Your guide will never leave you, let you down or disappoint you. They will guide you to your true authentic self and lift the clouded veil and help you see clearly again. You are not alone and you are always loved!

Barb Powell

Sacred Connections
+1 (306) 290 - 9074

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