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Celebrating 20 Years - Where to next?
Posted by on 02 January, 2015

It´s our coming up to our 20th year of producing the Body Soul & Spirit Expo and we´re celebrating! In March 1995 we started planning our first event in Vancouver Canada, and after producing more than 120 events and expos across Canada, it´s time to look at moving our events to the next level.

As we look forward to our 25th Anniversary in just a few years, we´re also looking at where we plan to be once we reach a 1/4 of a century! We thought we would share with you how it all started as well as our vision for the future! We´ll keep it brief in this update, but look for a more details video interviews and presentation coming soon!

Our Vision

Creating a NEW way of creating events for our Community!

How it all started - a brief history!
When we first envisioned the Body Soul & Spirit Expo in 1995, it came from our experience of both years of exhibiting in other expos. Back then, we owned "The Orion Centre" - which offer holistic therapies, services, classes, workshops and retail.

Our intention to facilitate the co-creating of our events with our community as a membership based organization (many were therapist, consultants and teachers from the Vancouver Orion Centre) and continue to exhibit along with them, from creating the Marketing and Promotion, budgeting and setting the "price per exhibitor" to coordinating volunteers for the expo.

As altruistic as our intentions were, people showed up for the first few bi-monthly meetings, but the fourth meeting it was just two people, Chandler Armstrong and Brad Simpson - myself and my partner at the Centre. At this point we spoke to our members, and they unanimously decided that as we were doing the majority of the work, that if we continued to put on the event, they would continue to support us by participating.

At this point, we continued to operate the show as founders and assumed ownership, but continued with many of the same ethics of from our original organization. As such, we´ve maintained the policy of allocating 100% of the revenue from the sale of exhibit space to our members (we still are member based) to the promotion and productions of the expo.

To this day our only pay for the expos comes from the admissions purchased by those who attend, and often when we don´t reach our projected number of exhibits, we personal fund the shortfall. This means that we only profit when our shows are a success, which continues to motivate us to do our best for those who exhibit with us.

We also continue to offer a percentage of the revenue to our member thought our affiliate program, including 10% of ticket sales and $50 per new qualified exhibitor that are successfully referred (be sure to ask us how to participate).

Expanding the Vision - Our New Direction for 2015-2020!

If you´ve been following our progress over the past few years, you know we´ve been planning a major upgrade to the online platform for the Body Soul & Spirit Expo, Magazine and Network.

Our expanded vision has been the result of exploring all the great solutions in information technology that will allow us to better work with the clients, exhibitors, speakers and workshop facilitators that wish to play a more active part in co-create our events for our community.

The Next Level: Dream Big!

Creating a Platform that Allow OTHERS
to create our expo in their Community!

So, what do we see as the next thing? Our Goal is to find and support partners in producing the Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Major Cities!

This new model will not only automate and optimize how we produce shows with our clients, but will also allow us to partner with others to help them create events in their communities. We´ve already started talking with interested parties in Halifax, Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Winnipeg.

We feel this is the best way of expanding our event to new cities - in away that creates unity and a culture of mutual support in our community over the next several years!

While we´ve spend over four years in research, and are positioned to move forward with our new community model including our new site and software, we require the support of our community to raise the funds required for it´s development and realization.

To this end, we have started to script a detailed video and presentation which is planned to launch on the crowd-funding site, later this year. Together, we believe will be able to create a new way of creating events that help make a difference in our communities.

As always, we look forward to co-creating something wonderful with YOU! YOU and your participation is, and always has been the fuel that propels this great mutual adventure.

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo!

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What is Microfiber? Information On Our Products
Posted by on 22 March, 2006

Article describes our products: what microfiber is, why they are so useful, how they are made, how they work, the proof behind the statements, and how to clean them.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are a new, safe alternative to chemical cleaning. Use the microfiber cloths on just about any surface, with ONLY WATER. The secret is in the microfibers**. The microfibers enable the cloths to clean surfaces and glass to a dirt and streak free shine. Not only are they environmentally friendly and easy to use, they also clean better and faster than traditional cleaning cloths or any known fabric. They actually eliminate the need for cleaning solutions. With their unique qualities, the highest cleaning performances are guaranteed. They:
1. Eliminate the use of toxic cleaning chemicals/solutions by 90%;
2. Have a 60-day money-back guarantee with 2-year guarantee for the cloths;
3. Are great for anyone with environmental allergies or chemical sensitivities- reduces exposure to allergens and cleaning solutions. Better indoor climate;
4. Lift and trap dirt, remove grease, grime, soap scum, microbiological contaminants and bacteria (99.9% removal better than any commercial chemical cleaner);
5. Are reusable- stands up to hundreds of machine washes, lasting several years;
6. Are more economical- replaces paper towels and sponges; and
7. Save time (reduces cleaning time by 60%) and save money (save 50% or more of the cost of cleaning).

Guaranteed the best on the market for durability, life of the cloth and effectiveness.
**NORWEX MICROFIBERS are a perfect blend of polyester and polyamide. The fiber is 1/100th the size of a strand of hair. This high quality microfiber combined with the right knitting process creates an extremely affective cleaning material. This material can hold up to 7 times its weight in dirt and water. Unlike many other types of cloths that smear dirt across the surface you are trying to clean, the microfiber cloths act like bionic sponges removing the dirt, bacteria and other microbiological contaminants, leaving you with a clean, highly polished surface.
How it works:
Traditional cloths are not microscopically designed to pick up dirt/grime particles as efficiently, due to the rounded surface of its´ threads (similar to a beach ball trying to pick up snow). Microfiber cloths have millions of extremely thin microfibre threads (they are wedge-shaped and draw contaminants "up" it´s threads to hold it, similar to a shovel), which can be static, positively charged and therefore attract negative particles such as dust and dirt.
During cleaning with a dry microfiber cloth, the wiping motion creates static, which enables the fiber edges to break down and remove dirt and grease particles, removing them without damaging the cleaning surface. Particles are trapped and absorbed in the fine strands of microfiber. They are held deep within the fibers until they are cleaned.
Using the microfiber cloth damp, the fibres break the surface tension of the water and with the help of capillary-action lift dirt and grease from the surface. The dirt remains locked deep inside the cloth, enabling you to continuously clean, without releasing dirt back on to the cleaning surface. The dirt is retained in the material until it is washed, reducing the need for frequent rinsing. The cleaning surface will become so clean that new dirt and dust will not be attracted as easily.
Do the cloths pick up bacteria?
Independent tests & studies have been conducted in Norway, Sweden and Japan hospitals and surgical clinics to prove that the fibers in Norwex products pick up bacteria & microscopic contaminants. The Norwex microfibres are so small that they can collect particles that would be impossible for any other cloth to detect & remove. The purpose of the studies was to demonstrate the efficacy of the Norwex cloths in removing microbiological contaminants on various surface types.
The cloths removed an average of 99.94% of all microorganisms from smooth surfaces throughout the test period. Only the conventional cloth with a chemical disinfectant, that had to remain wet on the surface for 30 seconds, performed better. The effectiveness of the Norwex cloths was not reduced even after 10 surfaces in succession as demonstrated by the absorption test data. The tests also demonstrated that after a contaminated (dirty) area had been cleaned with a Norwex cloth, the contamination was held inside the fibre of the cloth and was not transferred to another surface.
The mops out performed traditional mops. Traditional mops actually left more bacteria on the test surface after cleaning than before. Therefore, the repeat use of a conventional mop, even with disinfectant, actually adds bacteria to the surface being cleaned.
Lastly, lab tests showed that washing the cloths in a standard washing machine on the hottest cycle was as effective in removing bacteria from the cloth as boiling.
(The studies tested the products exclusively using the highest standards of microscopic swab testing, all samples were sent to the lab, culture plates were used to grow bacteria from any swab collected- further detailed information on the samples taken and tested are available to view if necessary- and all data was followed by Occupational Health and Safety Personnel, the Health Boards, as well as many other interested personnel/boards/associations. All studies in their entirety are available for viewing).
How to Clean the Cloths:
To obtain good quality of cleaning, all products have to be kept clean. They have excellent durability and can be washed hundreds of times. To save the environment and reduce use of detergents, we suggest that slightly dirty cloths be hand washed in warm water with any brand dish or laundry soap (do not use hand soap as it contains oil). Rinse well, and air dry. For more soiled-looking cloths, simply wash in hottest cycle with any detergent in the washing machine, & ONLY with lint-free laundry (no terry towels). Then dry in up to 90-degree dryer or simply air-dry (NO fabric softener). DO NOT USE bleach, abrasive solutions, fabric softener or dryer softener sheets, these destroy the products ability to clean. DO NOT iron. DO NOT USE with stainable paints or inks.
If fabric softener or chemicals were used with the cloths, or they are heavily soiled, boil in water on stovetop for 15 minutes or microwave wet cloth on high for 1 minute this disinfects and allows the microfibers to swell and release the substances.

Kerri Errington, (780) 460-9644 or e-mail at

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