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Posted by on 11 September, 2006

We all have the power of intuition, but we often do not trust it or think it is our imagination. Einsten was quoted as saying "Intuition is far more powerful than the logical mind".

The Power of Intuition

Contributed by Linda Kiernan

The Power of Intuition is a profound course that changes lives. It encourages people to get in touch with their inner gifts and guides them to discover, embrace and release self limiting beliefs. As each individual comes to the course with their own unique history, personal qualities and goals, each individual receives their own unique shift in consciousness from the training. Every person gets the opportunity to move forward in life with greater peace, clarity and confidence.

The Power of Intuition is a 96 hour Certified Training Program offered by Hannelore, who passionately operates a company called Windows to the Soul. She is a Spiritual Life Coach and teaches internationally. People from all walks of life come to hear her speak, teach and inspire. She is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, Certified Counselor and practitioner of many disciplines including Reiki, Qi Gong, Hypnotherapy and Psychosomatic Therapy. Her courses and workshops are filled with wisdom, experience, and gentle guidance, as well as warmth, humour and laughter.

We all have intuition, but if we are blocked in any way, we may not be able to hear our intuitive voice clearly. Rather, we may be led by the false voices of fear, doubt and indecision. This can hold us back or even paralyze us from leading the life we desire. Hannelore says, “If you believe you are anything less than divine perfection, you are holding on to a false identity.” Through a series of exercises, meditations, group work and anecdotes, Hannelore gives class participants the tools to break through their ‘false identity’ and find perfection; including the perfection of their imperfections!

For me, the course was a path to my heart. I know myself and what is true for me more than ever before. I have also gained a great deal of confidence in my intuition. Whereas I used to second guess myself, I now trust my thoughts, feelings and visions. Within my Reiki practice I can truly connect with my client’s emotions and help them to release quickly. The Power of Intuition has enhanced my business. It also does my heart good to realize how much more connected I am with my partner, children and friends. My life is so much richer.

The shifts I experienced have truly been profound. It has been life changing for me, as well as for many other classmates with whom I have studied. For example, through the identity work in class, one lady decided to manifest a new body and lost 22 pounds over the duration of the course. Another person became determined to make peace with her past and decided to reunite with a child she gave up for adoption 18 years ago. Many participants received the clarity, confidence and opening of intuitive gifts they needed to let go of unfulfilling careers and pursue new ones in the healing field. The overall consensus from those completing this program is that they experience more joy and contentment in their lives, and they are more connected with themselves.

The 96 hour Power of Intuition training is packed full of learning. Some of the material we covered includes chakra functions and colors, as well as how to do a clairvoyant chakra reading. We also studied auras and practiced seeing them. Many exercises and meditations involved discovering our personal identity, recognizing who we are and how we wish to develop. We studied Shamanism and past life journeying. We also learned to perform various types of spiritual and energetic healings and much, much more. And throughout the learning we had fun and a lot of laughs.

The group bonding resulted in many new friendships. Although personal disclosure was completely self-led, people found themselves sharing things they never felt safe to before. We became a spiritual family and many friendships remain intact today.

For anyone looking to develop their intuition personally or professionally, for anyone wanting a deeper spiritual connection, for anyone wanting more peace, happiness and confidence, I recommend this course. It very well may change your life! Check the Schedules Page for dates and locations for the next courses being offered.

For more information call Windows to the Soul at 604-926-4988 or 1-888-SOULS11
I invite you to go to Hannelore’s website:

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