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Spiritual Work & Specialization is KEY
Posted by on 27 October, 2006

Instead of elbowing each other for spiritual space, or sabotaging others like-minded spiritual businesses, everyone grab a key. There are enough spiritual doors of opportunity for all of us to open-even again & again!


Before recommending that fun, adventurous rapids water ride, in a raft, to your own clients, spiritually speaking, you have to get into the raft and glide down the exciting, adrenaline pumping water rapids and try the journey you are spiritually “booking others into,” yourself- whether it is for a product your are selling or a service. Take your spiritual specialized product or service and review it. ASK yourself when selling it, do you feel you need a complimentary product or service with it? Do you feel better if you take this service over another service you offer, why or why not? Do you feel strongly about the full length of time service over the lesser time offered spiritual service or product you offer? Why or why not? When asking and answering these and other questions about your spiritual business, you will have a spiritual platform or base in your own spiritual product or service knowledge that you can then use to help your potential client make their spiritual product or service choices, and have the reasons that you came up with (not just the manufacturers insight or the franchises intel on your service or others same tired old reasoning) as the selling points to your service or product target markets.

Also, happy spiritual people selling happy products or services, promotes joy. Joy is also a key element in promoting spiritual enlightenment products and services; although specialization is a very crucial key in spiritual work as specialization can help with an over-saturated psychic, holistic or mind, body & spirit market. People want to feel loved, accepted and happy when purchasing, not rushed or feel as if they are putting you out, as you are taking their cash or crimping their credit. Thus, after determining what to sell joyfully, the main element of sales focus in regard to spirituality should be specialization. Thus, working spiritual work, and keeping or offering a specialization to your clients, is key to potentially unlock sales in today’s holistically over drenched or watered down markets.

Again, if you are selling a spiritual product or service, make sure it makes you and your client(s) experience overall positive feelings (not every word or phrase has to be positive-life is sometimes not like that!) such as happy, calm, feel good, feel intuitively enlightened or informed, or can at least at times. Even in regard to spiritual work, working your extra sensory talent or Divine Being given natural ability into a specialization that you love and enjoy, makes sense.

Thus, specialization and spiritual work is usually key to achieving optimum levels of balance and harmony, not only within yourself but also is key in stirring up that demonstrated sense of well being within the client, by your example, when in session. Also, if you know you “got in the boat, went down the rapids trying all of your own spiritual products or services, and ended up ok,” while taking your own spiritual raft ride of all you are selling, or promoting, you know that chances are, they will end up at least ok, or even more enlightened then when they walked into your shop, or dialed your spiritual number-which is the goal of continued business on both parts-the client & you!

You can reach me via phone for a business owner psychic reading at 850-291-2701 MC/VI. Pricing is on my site. I am a psychic’s psychic reader. I am a Father God and Jesus Christ woman in session and out, yet welcome ALL clients & businesses over 18, except porn. (Too many caviats to decipher to read for porn clients!) In session, I am non-judgemental. Discreet. Confidential in a paid session. Call me. Email me for more details-not for free questions. Christian psychic Mrs. Sue

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