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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > What Is the Higher Self - Part 2 - A Guided Visualization

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What Is the Higher Self - Part 2 - A Guided Visualization
Posted by on 05 February, 2007

The term, "Higher Self" is one that most people have heard of, but what is it exactly. It is the Divine part of you which exists beyond our physicality that acts as a guide for us in our day-to-day life.

In the previous article, we discusses what the Higher Self is, what her function is, and the benefits of developing a conscious communication with her. Today, in part two, we will talk about how to actually begin the process of learning to communicate with her at a conscious level.

First I´d like to review the main points of the first article:

1)The Higher Self is the part of us that is in Spirit that has the vantage point of being able to see the "big picture". Because she has this perspective, she can see where were are, and were we need to be, what lessons still need to be learned, and can also act as our guide.

2)If we were to develop a communication with this Divine Self, we can learn to follow the guidance of this aspect, and therefore learn to live life more fully and with more peace and joy.

3)Anyone can learn to have a conscious communication with her at any time.

The following is a guided meditation that I have used with many of my students that helps to get a clear visual of your Higher Self and to begin two-way communication with her. I have seen miraculous changes and tremendous healing in my students after being lead through this meditation. Read through the meditation a few times in order to familiarize yourself with the steps, so that when you actually do the meditation, it will flow easily. You can also record it onto a tape and play it back to yourself to make it easier for you to flow with the exercise.


Begin the exercise by setting a quiet and safe space for yourself in whatever way you choose. You can have relaxing music, candles, incense, etc. Make sure that you have at least a half hour of alone time, where no one will bother and distract you. Turn off the television, radio and the phone, if necessary. If you have a family, ask them to not bother you for that time. If you have to, you can go somewhere else like a park, where you can be alone. It´s a good idea to have a notebook and pen handy so you can jot down your experiences.

Once you´ve set your space where you can get relaxed, you are going to sit or lie down in a comfortable position where you will not fall asleep. Start with doing about two to five minutes of deep breathing. Breathe in through your nose to a ten-count, hold for five beats, if you are able, then breathe out on a ten count. If you are unable to slow your breathing to that extent, try breathing in on a five-count, hold for five, and out on five. Whatever works for you. The idea is to slow your breathing down. You also want to be breathing from deep in your belly, which relaxes the body far more than shallow breathing will.

Once your mind is relatively quiet and you are relaxed, you are ready to begin the meditation.


See yourself standing in a large, lush meadow. The place you see can be somewhere you have been before, or a place you have created in your mind. The sun is shining, there is a gentle breeze blowing, and you can smell the sweet fragrance of wildflowers. In the distance, you can hear a quiet stream flowing.

Make this image as real as you can, using all of your senses. Feel the ground underneath your feet, feel the breeze on your skin and feel the gentle warmth the sun is giving off. Listen to the breeze blowing through the trees that stand on the edge of this meadow, hear the birds that are chirping. Feel the flowers brush against your legs as you slowly walk around to explore this area. Smell the freshness of the air, and the hint of a sweet fragrance the floats on the breeze. Notice how this peaceful scene makes you feel.

Look around to see all of the details of this place. Are there animals like deer, rabbits or birds there to greet you? Whatever appears in your space is there for a reason. Just allow them to be there with you. Even if there are no animals, that is okay too. Are there any clouds in the sky, or is the sky completely cloudless. How warm is it? Notice the kind of detail as if you were physically there.

Just then, you get the feeling that you are not alone in this place. You can´t yet see who it is with your eyes, but you know someone is there. The feeling you get from this person is very familiar and very loving. You begin to call out to this person and search this place with your eyes, to try to find them. Then, off in the distance, you see someone, though you can´t make out any details. The figure begins to slowly walk toward you. As they get closer, you can start to make out details: what they are wearing, their posture, and if they are male or female. As this person gets closer, you realize he or she has a gentle smile on their face, and you feel as though you know them. This person is very familiar to you; as if you´ve known them for many lifetimes.

The love that emanates from this person is gentle, yet powerful. You feel as though you are being wrapped in love itself. You begin to walk toward this person. When you are about ten feet apart, they raise their hands toward you, beckoning you closer. You are now face to face. Look closely at the details of this person in front of you: the color of their hair, how they are dressed, their facial expression and their fragrance. You feel that you know this person, yet you cannot quite place how or where you know them. Not yet.

They lean in close so they can whisper something in your ear. Listen closely, as it will be a subtle message; one that you have needed to hear for a very long time. You may hear the message clearly the first time, or it may take a little while. You may not even hear the message the first time you do this exercise. Whenever you do get this message is appropriate. It may come to you that moment, later on in a dream, or days or weeks later after doing this meditation many times. The message will come to you when you are ready to hear it. Just know that it will happen and you will know the message when you get it.

After this person whispers your personal message in your ear, they also tell you the reason why you feel that you know them. The reason is because you are this person. This is your Highest Self; the being that has been with you and guided you for all of eternity. They give you a gentle hug, and slowly turn away. Before your Higher Self starts to walk back to where they came from, they turn back and tell you that you can come and visit anytime. Whenever you feel you need to communicate, just imagine this place, and they will be there. Whenever you are in need of guidance, encouragement or just a break from your day-to-day life. They will be there no matter what, and wants nothing more, than to spend time with you.

Your Higher Self smiles, turns and slowly walks back in the direction she came from and disappears in the distance. You know that you can come here anytime you choose. Knowing that, gives you a sense of peace. This place is yours and only yours.

Take one last look around, and thank this place for helping you to connect with your Higher Self, and tell it that you will be back soon.

Slowly begin to feel yourself in your room, or wherever you are doing this exercise. Feel the chair or ground underneath where you sit, become aware of what is around you; furniture, sounds, smells, etc. Once you feel you are fully back, slowly open your eyes and take a deep breath. The last step is to journal your experiences.

In Closing

This is just one of many techniques that will assist you to connect with your Higher Self, but it is a powerful one. Use it anytime you need to. It takes practice you get good at anything. You might not be able to see the details clearly or hear your Higher Self on the first try. But with consistent practice, you will get better and better at visualizing and communicating in this way. We have been taught that anything that is in your imagination is not real. Scientists are now beginning to prove that our brains do not know the difference between what we see in our minds versus what we are actually experiencing. What you visualize is just as real to our brains, as if we were physically there. The messages that you receive from your Higher Self are equally as real.

Over time, you will begin to trust this process and eventually begin to find that your everyday experiences become much easier and more peaceful. You will still have your bad days, but you will be able to find a more peaceful way of reacting to them. Life is not about things always being easy and stress free, it is about how you deal with your experiences that matter the most. In time, you will be able to harness the power of connecting with your Higher Self to live the life you´ve always imagined!

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