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The Power to Manifest with Theta Healing
Posted by on 26 February, 2008

Have you ever tried to make changes in your life and no matter what you do you still feel powerless. ThetaHealing is a process that assists people in changing the beliefs that prevent a person from feeling, creating,and attracting what they desire. Change your beliefs and you change your life.

ThetaHealing for Empowering Your Life
by Loretta Mohl,Theta Instructor

I started on my healing journey at the age of 25, feeling so alone and helpless. I remember thinking I was going to lose my sanity. I was a college student and a single parent and had no money to pay for therapy. Mental Health was the only free resource, however when I attempted to see a counselor, I was turned down because they said there was nothing wrong with me. I was shocked, could they not see I needed help! I was in a place that was not familiar, I knew I could not go back but I could not seem to get out of the confusion and despair that encompassed me. I was mired in a sea of intense fear and helplessness. I felt so alone. However the Creator answered my prayers and guided me to a person who truly listened and understood me. After only thirty minutes of another human holding a space for me and affirming my experience I knew I was going to follow my essence and have peace in my heart.
Since that time which is about twenty years ago, I have been dancing on the edge to clear a path of grace and ease. For my own personal growth I trained with many loving teachers with many powerful healing modalities. Each teacher left me with a special gift and awakened the sunshine of my spirit that was in my soul. I found ways to heal that were simple and got to the root cause. I have made it my personal mission to create a safe place so people can journey to their full potential with comfort and integrity. I also learned that life is an external reflection of my internal belief systems that I hold in my subconscious. Once I glimpsed what was in my subconscious and looked at my life, my relationships, my day to day experiences, I could see the physical manifestation of my belief systems.
After working with a lot of different therapies over the years it wasn’t until I found ThetaHealing that I found a therapy that could help people make dramatic changes – easily! ThetaHealing is a healing technique that addresses the limiting subconscious beliefs that hold us back from reaching our fullest potential, our most optimal health and our deepest joy. Using ThetaHealing, limiting subconscious beliefs are instantly and permanently shifted into beliefs that are selfempowering and aligned with what we consciously desire. In order to create the lives of our dreams, all we have to do is uncover the belief systems that generate the apparent limitations in our lives and transform them! Perhaps this sounds too good to be true? If so, you have just uncovered a limiting subconscious belief! But having the life we desire really is that simple and the exciting news is that we now have the spiritual technology to easily, quickly and effectively change our beliefs and consequently change our lives!
In 1995, a single mother with three children was faced with the most difficult challenge of her life. She was told that she had a rare form of cancer and that she would only have a short time to live. To make a bad situation worse, this came at a time when her children were solely dependent upon her. With no medical treatment available for this cancer, she knew that she needed to take control of the situation- that something could be done to save her life. Many nights were spent doing internal cleanses and sitting in an at home sauna, waiting for results. When things seemed that they could get no worse, she was shown how to cure her own cancer instantly. In return, she was to share this technique with the world and show all how to attain instant healing through unconditional love. She was shown a process of lowering a person´s brain waves to 4-7 cycles per second by calling upon Creator for a healing. She is continuing to keep her agreement by teaching this technique to all the world. Her name is Vianna Stibal.
Theta Healing is a healing technique where the practitioner goes into the Theta brain wave meditative state and co-creates your healing with Creator/Source/Higher Power. During a session both the client and practitioner enter a state of Theta automatically where physical, emotional and mental issues can be transformed in an instant. Even physical ailments can be cleared and healed simply by changing our beliefs. One of the most powerful aspects of Theta Healing is “beliefs”. Theta Healing clears old outdated beliefs that are no longer serving you and replaces them with beneficial ones - through the Theta brain wave. This therapy is helpful for releasing fears, resolving past issues (even those from past lives), releasing physical imbalances, releasing subconscious limiting beliefs, experiencing unconditional love and reconnecting to your higher self.
During a Theta Healing session, we find the root causes of the negative experiences and unhappiness in our lives. We then use the Theta technique to change the underlying core programs and beliefs held in our subconscious, thereby transforming ourselves and bringing us health, wealth, happiness, and personal growth - and finally allowing us to live the lives we´ve always dreamed of!
Kerri shares her thetahealing experience,“Theta healing has been the best experience for me. I have spend 4 years in therapy trying to dissect, at times outrun, my past. Theta came to me through a co-worker and her attendance at the first level DNA course. The change in her was unmistakable and I booked a private session.

I had no idea of what was going to transpire & somehow it all sounded too easy. I had to address the fact that I was trying to show Loretta aspects about me that I didn´t deem as ´so bad´, and after a bit of digging, we pulled my belief that I was unlovable. She had Creator teach me what it felt like to be loved and to love myself. It sounded crazy to me, but the change I witnessed in myself over the next week was incredible. The voice in my head was not as critical as normal. I gave myself the benefit of the doubt. I even opened up and shared with the therapy group I go to - I have been unable to share really personal things as I didn´t want someone to disapprove of me.

I decided that I had to learn how to do Theta for myself. There has never been anything I have tried that had yielded those kinds of results. I have been searching for a tool so that I might move forward and live my life, not be sloughing through the past for the rest of my time here... Theta has proven to be it.”

Theta has show me a way to influence immediate change in myself and to help others do the same. My coworkers have commented on how ´balanced´ I seem, my increased confidence, and that I take difficult issues head on. My relationships have improved as I feel that I am more open, less afraid to show people who I am deep down.
Often people experience profound transformations in the areas of spiritual growth, chronic physical ailments and financial issues. ThetaHealing is also remarkably effective in the healing of emotional wounds, traumas and phobias. Once an issue is addressed at the core, it is finished and the new beliefs hold for good! ThetaHealing is inclusive of all faiths and can complement any spiritual practice. It is highly teachable. No particular experience or talent of any sort is required - only an open mind and a willingness to learn. see ad below

Loretta Mohl is a Certified Theta Instructor/Practitioner and teaches ThetaHealing at the Canadian College of Healing Arts. For more information call Loretta at(780) 910-5052

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