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Believing V.S. Knowing
Posted by on 12 June, 2008

Believing V.S. Knowing

Do you believe that God is everywhere?

Do you call to God in moments of need? or before you meditate?

There is a difference between believing and knowing.

If you KNOW that God is everywhere, why would you need to call for it?

Believing that God is everywhere means "i hope it is true"
it means you do not KNOW it.

KNOWING that God is everywhere means that you live it.
This is what it means to be a master...

You LIVE your knowings.

You do not just believe, you KNOW.

When you know that you are one with the Divine, you move into a state of knowing that oneness is always there.

From that state of KNOWING oneness,
flows forth an expression of that truth.

The expression of Divine intelligence can look like anything from a miracle healing, to a syncronistic encounter, to a inspired insight of wisdom.

The way that expression flows out from you does not flow in accordance to your personal will.

It flows out from you in accordance with the greater Divine intelligence that you KNOW you are one with.

It comes from all that is, according to a greater picture beyond all directions of time.

It can not flow from a state of "i hope it is true" because that is not true oneness....
"i hope" is not true connection.

When you live in the state of oneness with a greater intelligence,that very intelligence will express itself through you moment to moment.

This may look like miracles, and synchronicity to an observer...

but it is really just a natural expression of that state of oneness.

Being attached to the expressions of that greater intelligence is like the dangling carrot on the donkey.

If the expression, or result, is the goal...
it never gets near, because you are shifting your focus outside of you, like the donkey following the ever elusive carrot.

In following that carrot, your little will is all that can flow forth,

not that greater intelligence that you are really one with at all times.

If your goal is instead to LIVE your KNOWING of oneness...
the intelligent expression of the Divine flows out from you,
as effortlessly as light that shines forth from the sun.

Christine Wushke 2007

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