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A 5 evening Course on Meditation & Spiritual development
Posted by on 24 September, 2008

A 5 evening Course on Meditation & Spiritual development
YMCA 20 Grosvenor Street Toronto 3rd floor – Room 2A/2B
Friday October 31st, Friday November 7th, Friday November 14th Friday November 21st, Friday November 28th
7:30pm – 9:15pm

Bart does not present a meditation technique, but rather establishes an atmosphere where meditation can take place. It is not so much a matter of method as of knowledge and understanding. When we focus our attention inward, meditation happens quite naturally. The mind is considered not as a barrier, but rather as a portion of Universal Consciousness with a tendency to congeal into thoughts or images. Bart patiently assists seekers to find the witness beyond thoughts and emotions.

We are not just our mind or our emotions. Our emotions are there to identify and give colour to what we are experiencing. Unfortunately we have become attached to them and they become our identity. We have learned to serve the wave of adrenaline (emotions) and run the game of time; not enough time, running out of time, stuck in the past or the future. We all can identify or have struggled with worry, fear, emotional addictions and stress.

We are at an exciting time of a cultural quantum leap of consciousness. More people are waking up to creating a better life and beginning to understand how their reality is created. In this course we will share and discuss how to step out of comfortable conditioning and any kind of repetitive behavioral emotional reactions (habits, attitudes, values, beliefs) to our self and others.

We are going to be discussing our lack of understanding of the soul, and our resisting of the natural movement of our soul.

The power of group discussion and sharing is transformative as we learn and share from each other’s experiences. This course is designed to move beyond the pain body or limiting self. For myself, I bathe in the silence before I articulate what I choose to share. I move beyond the ordinary spoken words where, within this space, consciousness is born. We will start off each class with spiritual development that will be followed by 40 minutes of meditation in each class.

The fee for this Course is $280.00 + $14.00 GST= $294.00
Please send a cheque or money order, (sorry no Visa) to Bart Smit,
87 Fallingbrook Road, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada M1N 2T7

To secure your registration, email me as soon as possible at Please have your full payment in no later then Friday October 17th, 2008. This course is 100% nonrefundable 100% non-negotiable.

To honour your commitment, anyone who registers for this course only, will receive a $100.00 rebate towards his or her registration for the 2009 Puerto Vallarta Meditation Retreat, March 27th till April 3rd, 2009. This is nontransferable to anyone else.

In Love & Light Bart Smit

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