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The Two Doors
Posted by on 24 March, 2009

Prayers and Mediations are some of the most powerful tools we are given. If you can, for a moment image this metaphor.

Prayers and Mediations are some of the most powerful tools we are given. If you can, for a moment image this metaphor. Inside your heart is two doors.

One that is charcoal colored and framed with heavy rod iron. The other is golden and etched with silver. One door leads to the other but both doors have very different paths.

At this point you are probably asking yourself, “What are we talking about?” Let’s play. Say, you choose to enter the charcoal colored door. There is a grand guardian who hands you a pair of dark sunglasses which creates a 3d effect of everything you look at. As you walk down the path, you notice the decaying vegetation and many shadow creatures which if allowed could potentially harm you. As you pass the shadows a feeling of depression or loneliness slips in. You may wonder where the guardian is and who is suppose to accompany you on this journey. Dried brambles with large thorns now appear upon your path, obscuring it. Instead of being scratched by the sharp thorns, you choose to veer off the path.
As you walk around the brambles you catch yourself on one of the thorns, wounding yourself. You may choose to act out of hurt towards the brambles, out of fear or even out of anger. You may even choose to attack the brambles and tare at the dead growth.
In the distances you hear the sounds of wild animals coming your way. You begin to run, trying to follow the path parallel without incurring anymore injuring from the brambles. The shadow creatures materialize blocking you from your escape. They moan and hiss at you. You can sense they want something from you and will not let you pass until they get it. Your reaction could be fear of being harmed, intimidation or again anger. How do you choose to handle these creatures? The wild animals are closing in on you. The shadow creatures surround you. You may begin to feel anxiety or as if you should just lay down and let them beat you. You soon sink into despair. You may even choose to fight your way through the creatures, bantering them with vicious words or even physically striking them. Again it is your choice.
When all seems lost in a shadow of darkness a pin prick of light catches your eyes. You kneel down to prayer or meditate. As the creatures and beasts surround you, a miracle happens. The guardian that was at the door appears. He pulls off the dark 3d glasses and replaces them with light ones. Suddenly the frightening and threatening 3d images have been changed. This is where you realize that you are kneeling in front of the golden door which was on your original path all along.
As you stand up and look around you a sense of awe fills your heart. You realize that what you had mistaken as brambles were in fact lush vines. You are in a garden that is bursting with green trees, shrubs and flowers. The shadow creatures that were closing in around you were just ordinary people wearing the same dark 3d glasses that you had previously worn and are in truth experiencing the very same frightening images that you had seen. The wild animals were nothing more than lessons, situations and opportunities which appeared threatening because you could not make out what they really were and were too afraid, hurt or angry to face them.
In this metaphor the dark 3d glasses stands for the human ego. The light glasses stands for the higher-self. Whenever we choose to slip in through the charcoal door and put on the dark 3d glasses our perception is distorted and we experience hell. When we choose to slip through the golden door and put on the light glasses which are accessed by prayer or meditation, we experience heaven. The choice is yours. Which do you choose to create? Sometimes we slip through the charcoal door like a putting on a pair of comfortable old shoes instead of putting on the new ones. We may complain and say well the old ones just fit well because I have had them for a long time. The new ones need breaking in and they give me blisters. It takes a little work to wear the light glasses and to remain behind the golden door. Through daily prayer or meditation this can be an enlightening journey. This helps us to keep the dark glasses off and the light ones on. It also helps us to keep a clear connection to our higher-self. Since our higher-self is one with God it has all the information and wisdom of our overall life plans. It knows why we came here in the first place and what it is that we wanted to learn from this journey.
As different situations, lessons or opportunities surface in your life, take a moment and visualize the two doors in your heart. Through your feels (your emotional guidance system) sense which door you have chosen to activate at this time. If you notice that you have chosen the charcoal door and want to change it you can. Simply visualize yourself emerging from the charcoal door, tossing off the dark glasses and entering the golden door and putting on the light glasses. You may even want to say a simple pray such as, “I am willing to release all that does not serve me today in exchange for peace.”

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