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Find and follow your JOY
Posted by on 14 October, 2009

What brings you JOY? To experience Joy and Miracles is your divine birthright. Your experience is how you think and feel. Everything is linked to your belief, your thoughts. When you put out a thought that has a vibration of joy and passion, you are at the peak of manifestation.

Find and Follow your JOY!

We were on a sailboat catamaran on another of Maui’s sunny days. Two Humpback whales and their baby graced us with their presence and swam lazily around within 30 to 50 feet of our boat for well over half an hour. As they moved closer I climbed onto one of the pontoons. My being was filled with joy and exhilaration, caressed by the gentle breeze and feeling the water beneath my feet. The whales moved so close that I could see the texture of their skin and we had a brief moment eye to eye. In what seemed like slow motion, they gently submerged, went under the boat and almost touched my feet! One of the whales then turned around, came back and did a full breach about 10 to 15 feet in front of the boat!

This cherished memory, along with many other magical moments swimming with my friends the Dolphins, is now placed into my treasure box of Joy. Joy is the highest vibration of energy. These joyful memories are part of my medicine to carry me through life’s heavier moments. We are often tested. Some of these tests are small hurdles while others contain a force that literally knocks us off our feet. We have the choice in how to perceive any given circumstance and we can implement it, find the lesson or the good and transcend what no longer serves. Our challenge is to remember the Divine Essence of whom and what we truly are; to be the Master of circumstance and to stay in balance no matter how dark things seem.

I choose to remember the Joy! This is not to say I ignore challenges for they are but opportunities to evolve and grow. I choose to see that there are no problems, only solutions. We all have Free Will. We live in a world of duality – masculine and feminine, good and bad, light and dark, hate and love, and so on. We are the Writers, Directors, Actors and Editors of this Play called Life. We live in what has become a material world and it is our journey to find the balance of the Spiritual and Material.

We are here to remember our Divine Identity. If you could but have a glimpse of how amazing you really are! We all have the ability to create and receive miracles and magic of the highest kind. It is our negative belief and thoughts that keep us from being in the flow of the universe. Everything you need or desire is within your power to create.

To experience Joy and Miracles is your divine birthright. Your experience is how you think and feel. Everything is linked to your belief, your thoughts. When you put out a thought that has a vibration of joy and passion, you are at the peak of manifestation.

First there was thought. Thought is man’s greatest power. We are the result of our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, and conscious and unconscious actions.

With thought follows desire – the more we ardently desire the more we see the result. But if we don’t believe, we then unknowingly self-sabotage and a ‘block’ is created. We must absolutely believe, for if there is doubt we have stopped the flow. The reason we cannot manifest a desire is that we do not ‘match’ the energy of the desire.

When we are in fear, have low self esteem and are joyless there is a denial and disconnection of our Divine Self – our True Self. This is a disconnection from Source and this keeps us in Poverty Consciousness.

To be prosperous we must ‘feel’ prosperous. Prosperity consciousness is a high vibration of love, joy and peace. It comes when we are in a natural state of alignment, unity and harmony with our ‘Inner Self’ and our surroundings - nature, Spirit, humanity, the earth and the Universe. When we are in this state we are in the flow of creation and the infinite resources the Universe has to offer. We are in the process of manifestation into the physical.

What is your Desire? Does your belief match the vibration of that desire? To imagine and believe it already exists creates the vibration of joy within your body which then becomes the physical manifestation of the desire. Our spirit expresses itself through the vibration of joy which is Spirit in Creation. Action is what creates the act of receiving.

When you allow yourself to receive and when you give to yourself – the Universe acknowledges your worthiness and will open its infinite doors of abundance to you. When you deny, resist or stop the flow of all that is good you are making a statement to the universe that you are not worthy. This cuts yourself off from all that you desire.

We live in a world of Reciprocity; the law of giving and receiving. You need to receive to have humility and need to give to feel worthy.

To feel worthy you must believe in yourself. Define what it is you want in your life. Are you doing what you love to do? If not, ask yourself, “Why am I doing this?” You know what you don’t want – what is the opposite? This will help you define what you do want. Do what you love to do and be the best you can be. Be in your truth – with yourself first and then others. Keep stretching your knowledge and awareness and remember that each adversity creates new possibilities.

‘Whatever you…
Vividly imagine
Ardently desire
Sincerely Believe
And enthusiastically act upon will inevitably come to pass.’ Paul J. Meyer.

What brings you joy? I encourage you to find and follow your joy!


HANNELORE is a Spiritual life coach, gifted intuitive, international speaker, author, teacher and Ordained Interfaith Minister. She teaches the ‘Ignite Your 6th Sense’ Intuition training program and facilitates the ‘Communing with Dolphins’ Retreats in Hawaii. She embodies wisdom, experience, humour and compassion.
Her websites are: and

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