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News & Article Archives > Grab Bag Articles > How the Drug Industry Plans to Take Away Your Vitamins & Suppliments!!

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How the Drug Industry Plans to Take Away Your Vitamins & Suppliments!!
Posted by on 01 December, 2005

Are we about to loss our ability to choose and use the suppliements? CODEX a sub-committee of the United Nations is currently attempting to limit our access to, and the availability of vitamins and other essential nutrients.


Codex is a sub-committee of the United Nations mandated to establish guidelines on food trade issues. Such guidelines are not legally binding for any nation, but nations which are part of the World Trade Organization can be severely sanctioned anyway. In the early 1990’s, Codex began to look at establishing internationally “harmonized” standards for food supplements. In 2002 a European Union Directive produced such guidelines for Codex. It turns out, their effect will with certainty be to stop the availability of all vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and most other essential nutrients as food supplements; they are slated to be treated as pharmaceutical drugs, eventually available on prescription only and manufactured by pharmaceutical companies from synthetic materials, including from genetically engineered substances.

Due to interlocking international treaties, specifically the WTO established in 1995, and the still to be ratified Free Trade Agreement of the Americas (FTAA), Canada and the US would be faced with serious sanctions if they do not adopt these guidelines. Codex authority is already part of these treaty texts. Australia , Norway , Denmark and Germany have already adopted these “foods as drugs” guidelines.

Health Canada ’s website already lists the European Parliament Commission’s “upper safe limits” on supplements as desirable for Canadians to follow. Without parliamentary debate, Health Canada snuck up on us and moved all supplements under the “drug”category effective January 2004, in order to get us ready to be “harmonized”. This treachery prompted Bill C-420 (discussed below).

Consumer groups and various medical associations throughout the world have joined forces with the “ Alliance for Natural Health”, Europe ’s voice for the supplement industries to challenge this Directive in the International Court in Luxemburg as a violation of the EU Constitution. The 25 EU member states differ widely in medical norms. Article 152 of the EU Constitution expressly forbids any harmonization regarding availability of medicinal and food substances related to health. This provides a solid legal argument for the case to be heard on January 25th. The decision will be published in March. Because the biotech and pharmaceutical industries dominate Codex and the EU food regulatory authority, which wrote this Directive, the International Court ’s decision will be decisive for either consumer freedom of choice or the multi-national corporations.


In the mid-1990’s my mother, then in her 80’s, had a stroke. She lived in Germany . When she left hospital, I was ready with a nutritional plan that included high-dose vitamins: C, E, and B - especially Inositol, as well as Co-enzyme Q 10. I went to the pharmacy, whose owner was a family friend for some 25 years, and handed him my list.

Hew gave me a small packet with a price sticker of DM 200 (then about $ 200) containing vitamin E capsules manufactured by one of Germany’s largest pharmaceutical companies. The source was synthetic, not the “mixed” version from living plant sources I wanted which contains the whole E spectrum. The package contained a total of 10,000 international units of E, the equivalent of a mere 25 capsules of 400 IU each that we are used to buying (I take that many in 3 days). Our bottles contain 90 capsules and cost about $ 20. If Codex rules in Canada , we will likely pay $ 800 for a bottle of 90 capsules of low-quality vitamin E – if Health Canada lets us buy that many at once, and if you can find a doctor willing to prescribe it.

He then handed me a tube-shaped metal container with vitamin C effervescent tablets. Each tablet , when dissolved in water would release 10 mg of vitamin C in a refined sugar solution. Thus, this ridiculously low amount, was to be taken in a toxic medium that would neutralize the vitamin without it doing anything at all. The cost: about $ 10 for 12 tablets.

Then he asked me, “What’s Co-enzyme Q 10? Are you allowed to buy all this in Canada in such dangerous dosages?” When I told him what I take daily, his eyes popped. Then I asked, “Why can’t I buy these supplements here?” He replied, “Well, Germany is a Codex country.” Oddly, Germany has several government-run hospitals where environmental illness is treated with nutrients only, intravenous vitamin C etc. Life is full of paradoxes and few more follow below.


Dr. Carolyn Dean, a medical doctor and naturopath well known to Toronto readers, is currently the president of “Friends of Freedom International” in which capacity she attended the Codex meeting in Bonn last November. She describes Codex as “the ultimate Big Brother marching backwards into the future.”

Effective August 1, all vitamin and mineral supplements on the so-called “positive list”, including everything from Beta Carotene to Zinc, will only be available in the 25 EU countries if they comply with specific rules set out in the June 10, 2002 , EU Directive Relating to Food Supplements. All products must show maximum safe levels “as established by science”. Those nutrients found in the mythic “balanced diet” are to be subtracted from the final values, and Article 6 (2) decrees that labels shall “not attribute to food supplements the property of preventing, treating or curing a human disease, or refer to such properties.” So, the Directive’s “science” knows nothing of Vitamin C preventing and curing scurvy, Vitamin D preventing and curing rickets and osteoporosis, or vitamin B curing and preventing anemia. It also ignores the mountain of evidence showing our diets are chronically deficient in essential nutrients because of factory-style farming practices. To “ensure a high level of protection for consumers and facilitate their choice”, they even included baking soda and table salt. We must assume they will be unavailable as of August 1 anywhere in Europe - with interesting consequences for the tourist industry in the baked goods paradises Austria , Switzerland and France .

Now, there is also a “negative list” covering essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, all the enzymes and more. Those cannot be marketed at all, until the EU scientific committee in charge has made a final decision. So, forget omega-3 and omega-6 fats, cod liver oil, and much more. The effect of this directive will be that thousands of products and businesses will be gone this year. In the UK alone some 21 million people will suddenly have no access to any supplement vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids and more. Since the onus is on businesses to produce the scientific information on safety, they can’t produce or sell anything – not even to physicians who have the power to prescribe any toxic drug as well as any essential nutrient. Obviously, there will be ludicrous enforcement issues: Picture basement-concocted vitamins sold in dark alleys alongside crack and Ecstasy.

Nutrients are essential to life and cannot be subjected to safety analyses like environmental toxins or synthetic drugs. Virtually all research published in mainstream journals is focused on how essential nutrients heal organisms on the cellular level, which nutrients act together to bring about organ repair, and how they cause systemic healing when given in very high doses. Science has known for at least a century that deficiencies cause standard diseases. In the presence of certain viruses and environmental toxins, such deficiencies are major contributing factor to AIDS and all cancers. Indeed, the South Africans recently renamed AIDS to NAIDS which stands for “Nutritionally Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome” because recent research showed that for the HIV virus to cause illness, a person must also be deficient in the immune-system-controlling mineral Selenium (Foster 2004).

Toxicity studies basically don’t exist for essential nutrients (one of a few is vitamin A under certain circumstances). To establish the “lethal dose 50”, half of a hundred lab rats or mice dies at a substance’s concentration which is then designated as the toxic level. Well, you can’t do that with Vitamin C or essential fatty acids, for example. They can’t kill. The body metabolizes these substances and excretes excesses. The occasional individual allergy to a specific type of vitamin does not invalidate general biocompatibility. Meeting the August 1 deadline is impossible in principle and in practice. It is a trap.

By contrast, all synthetic drugs without exception are systemically toxic, meaning they are toxic to more than one body system as well as on a cellular level . Hence the constant need to weigh the benefits of their use with the known risks of their toxicity, specific doses of just so many mg, timing of ingestion, duration of treatment - and the prescription requirement. All this doesn’t apply to apples, magnesium or probiotics. If you eat too many apples, you get the runs - same mess for too much vitamin C. Furthermore, all drugs, from Aspirin to Zocor, also deplete essential nutrients. Most accumulate in body tissues because they cannot be metabolized by our enzymes which freak out when encountering this phony chemistry and simply move on. Used for a long time, drugs frequently shut down the body’s natural detoxification center, the liver, and in extreme cases destroy it – necessitating a liver transplant. Of course, essential nutrients are readily metabolized and distributed in accordance with the laws of nature, while simultaneously nourishing the liver.


About 800,000 people die every year in North America from properly prescribed and ingested drugs. No toxicity levels are ever published on drugs. They are assumed and were protected by a conspiracy of silence until Johns Hopkins Medical School published the data on this carnage in 2003 (see Dean below). Codex’s effort to save us all from supposedly dangerous food supplements, by requiring their (non-existent) toxicity levels, is a determined backlash against the turn medical science took starting with Linus Pauling, Abram Hoffer, Carl Pfeiffer and Roger Williams in the 1950’s. They established the concepts of bio-individuality in absorption and detoxification, high-dose essential nutrients as disease curing, and environmental toxins acting as nutrient depleting. Today, we have a flood of evidence showing that drugs have a very limited usefulness and that high-dose nutrients can do anything better than drugs can.

The pharmaceutical industry is anything but slow-witted, and good business practice dictates outfoxing the competition – one way or another - to secure the market. If this Directive is not stopped, there will be only one medical world: the pharmaceutical world. When this Codex project began in 2001, some 180 million protest letters reached their office, but Codex doesn’t give up on protecting us. Now the fight is on in each country, because Codex is now our problem as well.

South Africa announced on January 17th that it will not follow the foods-as-drugs Directive. Minister of Health Manto Tshabalala-Msimang stated her country disagrees with the “false dichotomy between natural and allopathic medicine, a division fostered by the need to make money from patented drugs through discrediting the use of natural products.” At the November Codex meeting the South African delegate, Dr. Antoinette Booyzen MD stood firm on rejecting the Directive’s notion that supplements don’t treat , prevent or cure, but the Codex chairman, who is routinely supported by the EU delegate commanding 25 votes, simply stonewalled all opposition, even the World Health Organization’s report entitled Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention of Chronic Disease. Since chronic disease is the source of Big Pharma’s wealth (see my book), the last thing Codex wants is prevention.

Dr. Dean described how India’s delegate, who represents one third of the human race with one vote, objected to the Codex and EU-promoted baby formulas containing chemicals that cause brain-destroying inflammation in susceptible babies. He was ignored. When he insisted on debate, he was removed from the room. Naturally, India is mounting its resistance to Codex, the EU Directive, the WTO and all the rest of the regulatory alphabet soup.

Despite Bush the Bizarre in the White House, the US has bill H.R. 4004 before Congress, sponsored by Republican Congressman Ron Paul from Texas . Known as the Health Freedom Bill, it is an anti-Codex, anti-harmonization bill that would ensure supplements to remain foods available according to individual choice. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons expressed their opposition to Codex by formally adopting on December 10th last year a resolution “supporting freedom for patients and physicians to choose natural remedies”. The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance presented recently before Congress an extensive analysis of the effect of supplements taken on the basis of individual choice. Their data showed that supporting such health freedom would save the government a minimum of US 15 billion annually. Doctors’ associations also prepared a superb rebuttal to the reports Codex relies on. One of the most important tools is available for free to the health activist on where you can download the entire available mainstream scientific information on all vitamins and minerals up to 2003. This material was assembled with Dr. Carolyn Dean’s assistance specifically to counteract Codex’s tobacco science.

In the UK , physicians practicing natural medicine have been equally active. They are supported by many members of the House of Lords and the Royal Family who subscribe to homeopathy. Tony Blair’s pro-Codex policy was attacked publicly by his wife’s personal trainer, who supervises the Blairs’ supplement regime; she accused the Blairs of hypocrisy and urged Britons not to vote for him.

In Canada we have an utterly unique opportunity to save freedom of choice by supporting Bill C-420 which is going into second reading in Parliament in early March. By that time MPs Dr. James Lunney and Dr. Colin Carrie need to show the government that their bill is supported by Canadians – just as we did a few years ago with more than a million letters. At that time, Health Canada was poised to place all 60,000 natural products into the drug category. This immense protest resulted in a promise to establish a “third category”. Without debate or public knowledge , all natural products were simply moved into the drug category January 1, 2004 . Outraged by this treachery, MP Dr.J. Lunney launched bill C-420 which would change the definition of food and drugs such as to achieve what that publicly supported “third category” would have done. Now we have a minority government and a chance to win. The simple fact is that if our supplements are defined, in law, as foods, Codex has no jurisdiction.


First: chick here for a letter for our Minister of Health and detailed instructions are provided, with the addresses and e-mails of the relevant MPs. (Please note this document is in Microsoft Word Format. An Adobe Acrobat version is avialable for download here.) You may write your own letter, of course. For a hard copy 519-927-1049.
It demands (summary below):

Support Bill C –420, which is coming up for second reading in March. Take the necessary steps to implement the CAUT recommendations by Canada ’s university teachers.

(i.e. stop Health Canada from doing Big Pharma’s bidding).

Initiate a “Truth Commission” composed of medical, toxicology, and research experts with no ties to the pharmaceutical industry, charged to investigate the validity and reliability of the research of every drug in the current Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties (CPS)

Amend the regulatory requirements of Health Canada such that, beginning with the 2005 edition of the CPS, every drug therein must show its toxicity level in addition to potential adverse effects.

Support the Minister’s call for compulsory adverse event reports on drugs.

Second: Become a member for $ 25 annually of Friends of Freedom International. Download membership form and information on Bill C-420 from my website, or call me for a hard copy. They handle the most important current legal actions against Health Canada .

If everyone of the 50,000 readers of this article were to act now, Canadians would ensure their right to freedom of choice in medicine. In a minority-government, Bill C-420 is certain to pass with public support, and the pending law suits against Health Canada ’s high-handed attack on vitamin and supplements could be won. Instead of having your (tax) money support the pharmaceutical industry, this would be certain support for Life and Health.

Sources and Resources:

On Codex and the EU Directive : and For international treaties affecting supplements

M. Angell, The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive us And What To Do About It, Random House, 2004

J. Bakan, The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profit and Power, Viking, 2004

H. Ferrie, Dispatches from the War Zone of Environmental Health, Kos 2004

H. Foster, What Really Causes AIDS, Trafford 2002

S. & H. Hickey, MDs, The Ridiculous Dietary Allowance (type LULU into GOOGLE and download free edition of this book)

S. Rampton & J. Stauber, Trust Us, We’re Experts: How Industry Manipulates Science and Gambles With Your Future, Tarcher-Putnam, 2001

About Helke Feries

Helke Ferrie, sole owner and director of KOS Publishing, and is a dedicated educator in enviromental medicine, and an inspiring and much sought after speaker and expert in the field. She is an author and publisher and several eye-opening books including Renovating Medicine . Malice and Medicine: The 14 year trail of Enviromental Medicine Physician Jozel Krop and Healing the Planet: One Patient at a time! as well as many more. For more information

.... Visit her professinal page ......

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Feng Shui and Your Destiny
Posted by on 30 November, 2004

Learn how Chinese metaphysical studies can look at the whole picture of your life - Heaven, Eary & Man - by their effects on our Path of Life. We can study the Heaven effect with the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Earth effect with Feng Shui, and the Man effect with Yijing (I Ching).

In Chinese metaphysical studies, the concept of Heaven, Earth and Man are intricately entwined together. We can look at the whole picture by their effects on our Path of Life. We can study the Heaven effect with the Four Pillars of Destiny, the Earth effect with Feng Shui, and the Man effect with Yijing (I Ching).

The moment a person is born determines his Path of Life. This is because the prevailing Qi - energies at that precise moment enters his life. His potential in terms of ability, strength and weakness of character, fortunate and unfortunate encounters in different areas of his life, are all determined by the type of Qi the spirit/soul is exposed to at the moment of birth.

Four Pillars of Destiny is to study the energy pattern of a person - his character, and to explore his probable Path of Life. The Four Pillars Chart is comprised of the Natal Chart of year, month, day and hour pillars. Each pillar consists of a Heavenly Stem, which is one of the Five Elements, on top of an Earthly Branch, which can contain up to three different Elements. These give us the Character part of the chart. And then there are the Luck Pillars, which are part of the Time aspect of the chart. All these give us the Destiny part of the person.

The Path of Life is not a straight line, but a wide wave band with variable widths and ups and downs. The upper portion of this band indicates the maximum achievement the person can attain, and the lower portion the bare minimum of subsistence. The person has the freedom to choose wherever he wants to walk on this path. At every crossroad he is also free to choose whichever road he wants to take. The study of Yijing will also help the person in terms of his choice in making his decisions.

The study of Feng Shui will help the person with a good environment to thrive in. If he is going through a bad luck period, good Feng Shui will ensure his ability to tap into the most auspicious energies - good Wealth Qi to maximize on his earning capacity, and good Health Qi to provide him with a good character, good health and support from his family and friends in all his endeavors.

If the person is going through a good luck period, good Feng Shui will help him to accumulate wealth and assets, and build up a good support network, so he is well prepared for any future bad luck periods. But bad Feng Shui in both instances will be detrimental in terms of the outcome in the different luck periods.
After years of studying Feng Shui with various schools, for the past number of years, Teresa has been learning different principles of Traditional Chinese metaphysics with Master Joseph Yu, who is one of the top five most renowned Traditional Chinese Feng Shui Masters in the world. Master Yu is also the founder of the Feng Shui Research Center in Toronto (, which is fast becoming an international organization, with like-minded practitioners and lecturers in countries all over the world. Teresa is one of Master Yu’s Senior Practitioners and Lecturers. Teresa has also been studying Chinese Physiognomy with Master Issac Chung (

Teresa has done commercial and residential consultations, on new construction and renovation projects; and being a Certified Interior Designer, she works well with other designers, builders and architects. She planned and built her own unique home and garden with Traditional Chinese Feng Shui principles. Teresa also enjoys teaching professional courses, workshops and seminars to Feng Shui enthusiasts, and had organized fund-raising events for different charitable organizations over the years. For questions and help regarding any of the above issues, please visit, or e-mail Teresa at

For more information and articles on the Feng Shui Research Center, please visit, also regarding Master Joseph Yu’s courses at the Feng Shui Research Centre in Toronto, and courses given by various appointed lecturers all over the world.

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