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New! Medicine Basket Readings
Posted by on 09 May, 2005

You´re a multidimensional being, living a multifaceted life. So why not pick up your messages from a source of diverse energies, and enjoy a delightful romp through nature and history while you´re at it? The Medicine Basket Reading offers you a unique set of perspectives that you simply can´t get anywhere else. It´s also the most affordable online psychic reading I offer.

For several years now, I´ve been offering the Medicine Basket Reading along with the Life Purpose Reading, as a complimentary gift. Because clients who like the Medicine Basket Reading´s fun and flamboyant way of delivering guidance and useful tools often return to request another one, I´ve expanded this popular reading to make it available as a reading in its own right.

The Medicine Basket Reading is an offbeat multi-cultural, multi-species, multi-era reading that reveals how you´re doing from the viewpoint of those who watch and guide you. Through the voices of famous philosophers, figures from the world of art, history, literature and mythology, and even animals, flowers and plants, it offers up on-point messages and delectable food for thought.

Whether you´re a nature lover, a Bohemian, an aficionado of all things Chinese, Greek or Native American, or just someone who likes surprises, you´ll find that the Medicine Basket Reading tells you what you need to know and shows you some new ways to express through your Higher Self. Check it out at

Rev. Sue Annabrooke Jones is a Life Purpose Psychic and is the voice behind Mental Yentl, the Meditation Matchmaker, the world’s first and only meditation matchmaking service.

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