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Sponsorship Opportunity
Posted by on 23 December, 2006

New Community offers a ground floor opportunity to companies, organizations and business looking a great deal for market exposure for their holistic or wellness business.

A Brief Overview of the New Proposed Online Community

Over the past six month´s we have worked on creating a new enhanced version of our site.

The new design has submitted a to a development firm that specializes in creating unique solution in creating dynamic interactive and collaborative website solutions.

Having finalizing all the details - including many new features that we feel will benefit our organization and it´s member, are now preparing to start the site´s creation.

As the project includes the development of several complex interactive features, the financial investment into the development is fairly substantial.

To raise the necessary capital, we have decided to offer sponsorships - which has proven a successful strategy for many other such online communities - as well offer a much welcomed promotional opportunity for the organizations, businesses, and organizations that have facilitated the creation process through sponsorship support.

As you will learn below, becoming an initial sponsor in an online community that attracts your targeted demographic is one of the most cost effective and beneficial opportunities to achieve Brand Recognition, and reach more potential customers and clients - not only in online, but in all the various marketing options available today.

Several of our long-time clients and exhibitor have already expressed their excitement about the new design, and features, and have offered their support.

We now invite you to look over the opportunity of becoming a life sponsor of the new site, and consider the benefits of joining the project!

For those who want a quick over-view of the site, we have a visual over-view of the site´s main interface with additional information on were the various components of the site will be located, and how they will work, which can be seen at

Why Become a Sponsor!

If looking for Exposure for your company, products, or organization, choosing to sponsor an online right online community offers an unparallel opportunity to reach and educate a very large and targeted segment of your potential customers and clients!

As a sponsor you receive the best possible value for your marketing investment! As each sponsor’s logo and caption is prominently placed as a fix link in the footer of each page (corresponding with the level of sponsorship) along with as message recognizing their support of the project – sponsors receive both the best in exposure as well as generate a great deal of good-will and support from site visitors and members.

What is the Benefit of Becoming a Sponsor?

The Internet is quickly becoming the number one place for the public to learn more about the holistic options available in creating a happier, healthier and conscious lifestyle. A recent survey* of more than 1,000 North American adults found that 74 percent of all those online have looked on the Internet for health, wellness, and personal growth information, with more indicating that they were looking "more often" and fewer indicating they look "sometimes" than indicated in surveys from the past two years. (*Conducted by Harris Interactive, April 13, 2004)

With this growing trend of the internet becoming the prominent media in which your potential clients and customers learn, and making their purchase decisions – it not only makes sense, but is vital that you have a strong, and well positioned internet presence if you want your business or organization to realize it’s best possible growth!

This being said, one may also ask how this can be achieved! Most of you competitors are already aware of the importance of internet position and presence – making for a very competitive proposition when bidding for even an adequate – let along top spot on the internet! There is, however, the option of Sponsorship!

Why is Sponsorship Effective?

As more and more companies are continuing to find the internet among the most valuable marketing tool for generating and retaining new clients and customers, sponsorship has been demonstrated to be the most effective means accomplishing their goals.

In particular, online communities, which offer content that draws traffic from a very targeted segment of the population, has been shown to offer the best possible value in reaching their market.

While search engine remain the number one way that people search the internet – the cost and effort required to effectively reach your audience online has become a very expensive proposition.

With the proliferation of pay per click programs: preferred placement: the cost of search engine optimization and submission services, and the volume of competitors attempting to obtain prominence, many online advertisers have found the return on investment has steadily decreased in recent years.

The Promotional Value of Sponsorship V.S. Online Advertising!

The current measurement and prices standard in internet promotion is cost per click and cost per impression. Currently prices average $3.00 per 1000 impression, and up to anywhere from $0.06 to as high as $1.49 per click! Although most commonly used by Pay per Click or Pay Per Impression – this rate is also used to benchmark and set rates by most other advertising opportunities online.

Sponsorship allows those looking for internet exposure a far better value! By getting in on the development of a new website or online community on the ground floor, you can often receive up to 10 – 20 times the value that you would normally pay for the same amount of exposure through other promotional means.

For your convinces, we have provided a detailed estimate based on these rates in our sponsorship agreement which outlines the estimated value of sponsorship based on projected traffic on our site, and currently costs of other online advertising opportunities.

Why Sponsor the Body Soul & Spirit Online Community?

Our online community has an 11 year track record of providing reliable traffic! With the launch of our improved version, we expect a dramatic increase in new and return traffic! With several new features that will encourage visitors to return on a regular bases (average 33 page views per visitor per month) – such as online community calendars, event notification (by email), and community news and updates. We offer both a high level of traffic, as well as the frequency of exposures that are important to any marketing effort!

How Can I Become a Sponsor?

As we are currently developing our online community, we have created a “Sponsorship Agreement” which includes an outline of sponsorship levels and costs. This agreement is offered as a “letter of intent” which will satisfy our need for your commitment before we commence the development of our new online community. This will allow us to assure that there is enough interest in the project to proceed – and cover the initial investment of development.

Once enough sponsors are confirmed, you will be contacted to finalize the agreement, and the sponsorship fees will be collected, processed! 50% will be paid to the developer upon commencement of programming, and 50% upon the satisfactory completion of the project

When will I be responsible for paying my sponsorship fee?

We have allowed three months to acquire the necessary sponsorship agreement (by April 2007). The entire project is expected to be completed in an additional 6 months (by October 2007). By this schedule, your first 50% of your sponsorship fee would be due by April 1, 2007, and the final 50% by the scheduled completion date of October 1, 2007.

How Many Sponsors Have Been Confirmed So Far?

We have been privileged to work with several supportive long term clients and exhibitors over the past 11 years of hosting the Body Soul & Spirit Expos, and our online community. As we have established a high level of trust with many of them, we have already received a great deal of support for this project, and four have already indicated their support of our new project. Once these supports have been confirmed, we will require 6 more Life Time Sponsors to initiate the project.

Our Commitment!

As a sponsor, we consider you an important partner in our organizations development! Throughout the project will keep you updated with progress reports, new developments, as well as give you access to previews of the site as it is being developed.

In addition, once the project is completed, we will also keep you informed of future developments, provided you with access to traffic reports and click-through stats from your sponsorship logo, and work with you to assure you continue to receive benefit from your support.

Thanks for your consideration of this opportunity! We now have the Sponsorship Agreement available, and invite you to call if you want to get involved. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Chandler Armstrong

The Body Soul & Spirit
Expo & Online Community

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Posted by on 08 June, 2005

People think a psychic is just a fortuneteller, but the gift goes far beyond something so simple. ‘Simple?’ you ask. We each have the ability should we choose to develop it. That means we need to trust and allow it. But our own fears stand in the way. So what is an easy way to get past them?

People think a psychic is just a fortuneteller, but the gift goes far beyond something so simple. ‘Simple?’ you ask. We each have the ability should we choose to develop it. That means we need to trust and allow it. But our own fears stand in the way. So what is an easy way to get past them? Love yourself. Most of all our problems, fears and personal judgments come from not loving ourselves. Our sacred institutions teach love of other is best. Deny self. Sacrifice. The source of all true guidance is a Being of such unconditional love for whom no fault is judgable. No action is outside or beyond the realm of constant love. Your awareness of such a Being results in knowing you are already lovable.


There can never be another you. YOU are the pinnacle of your life’s existence. You are the culmination of millions of years of evolution of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual you. No one else can do you. You are IT. So, BE you. You are your perfect gift to the universe. Your worth lies in your beingness, not in your accomplishments. So go ahead, achieve success, and still align with a conscious awareness of where your true value lies: in your existence, not in your bank account, not in your perfect marriage, not in your well exercised body, but in the fact, no, the miracle of your existence.


When you were born and came fresh from the womb, there was wonder in the miracle of you. That is still there, but if you are looking for its acclaim outside of yourself, you have lost the point. It is within you, always ready to shine forth as you bring conscious focus to it in your daily life.


Each time you choose to align with the vibration of love in a tough situation instead of anger, resentment, fear or frustration, you choose for self and in doing so, become a light for others. You don’t have to go anywhere, do anything or win in any manner. You already have by your very existence. No one else can ever be you. You ARE BEING it perfectly.


Many people ask “How did you become psychic?” You expect an answer that will awe you so you can remain asleep, reinforced in your fearful belief that you are less than. But I tell you we are no different in our potential. I would rather regale you with my great disasters and failures so you can believe yourself better if that will encourage you to own your own power and awaken your potential



Some of you are awakening and feel a deep gut level urge that there is more to this reality, but have yet to take the next step on the seekers path. Begin to read. Take a class. Meditate. No step is wrong. Just choose again and again until you find passion. Feed that hunger food won’t satisfy. You, your fears, your hopes, your intimate moments, your aliveness, your reason for existence, your relationship to God and to the Universe are the most interesting topics imaginable to you. Don’t deny it. We are fascinated by ourselves, and rightly so.

We are the conscious, communicating expressions of Divinity. We cannot do it wrong. We can only make choices that hurt the physical us, never the spiritual. That is the part of us that we don’t talk about because it is too intimate, too personal, too private, especially those of us who think we have to be in control in our business life.


The most precious part of ourselves is the real us. It is the reason we go into relationships, to find out who we are in relationship to something else. When we find out we are not being ourselves, not being who we really want to be in a relationship, we disconnect from it, and rightfully so. We begin the next relationship to learn who we really are, to choose a new way, a new us. But most of the time we don’t take the opportunity for the growth and change. It’s safer to fall in to old patterns, remain stuck, deal with the knowable pain. And so we get hurt again until we wake up to our own inner strength by being ourselves. It all starts by loving yourself first.


We are grand beings of magnificence and beauty. Our individual capacity to love is only equaled by the love Creator has for us. We each wait for that one special person to come into our lives and love us. Don’t wait. Practice loving with your whole being, from your heart, in each moment.


My first teacher said “Joy is always a choice.” I finally understood it when I decided to DO it, not TRY. DO. So too can you, in each now moment choose joy or choose fear. Joy aligns with the true unconditional love of God. Fear aligns with your own insecurities and the choice not to align with love. Yet, it is always your choice. Simply choose again, over and over. Choose consciously that which speaks to the highest part of you and you will always choose well.

About Dolly Mae

A leading voice in the world of contemporary spirituality, Dolly Mae reveals secrets about how to create wealth, embrace change, manage emotions and access intuitive gifts. Using her down to earth methods to find Joy on the journey will change your life. A worldwide speaker, Dolly Mae is a frequent guest on TV and talk radio. She is known for her fresh, straightforward, humorous approach. Her book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” is a best seller. Dolly Mae lives in the Seattle area.

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