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What Is the Higher Self?
Posted by on 11 December, 2006

Most people are familiar with the term, "Higher Self", but how many of you really know what it means and why it´s important to develop a relationship with our

What is the Higher Self?

When we talk about our Higher Self, it tends to conjure up all kinds of images of some kind of angelic, mystical being located in some far away place. Though there is a small amount of truth to that image, the Higher Self is a lot more physical and most importantly, local than most people tend to imagine. It is true that there is an aspect of us that does exist beyond our physicality. This is the unseen part that helps to get us to where we need to be – the part that is a manifestation God / Goddess / All That Is. She acts as a guide, counselor, best friend, parent, and many other aspects depending on what we need at any given moment.

What most people don’t realize is that there is also a very physical component to this higher part of us. Our physical self, which includes our life situation, relationships, and so on, is the outward reflection of what is going on at a higher level, that is filtered through our egos. What I mean by that is, our Higher Self will communicate with us in various ways: through intuition, hunches, sudden unexpected life changes, etc. We may or may not choose to listen or act on those communications. But in essence, it is our physical self that is the “receiver” of these messages, just like a fax machine or a telephone. If one chooses to receive and follow that guidance, the potential is that one would become the physical manifestation of his or her Divine Self. If not, then the opposite is true to the varying degree at which one chooses to accept and follow the divine guidance brought through from the Higher Self. And because our Divine or Higher Self is an infinite being, our own potential is also infinite.

So, besides someone who acts as a guide for us, who is this Higher Self? What is her function and what does that have to do with us, in our day-to-day experience.

In order to understand her function, it is important to know one very important concept. Every single one of us has a blueprint, a kind of “divine template” that holds a tremendous amount of information. This blueprint exists in every single atom of our beings, physical and energetic. The amount of information that this blueprint carries is phenomenal, covering every aspect of who we are, what we are doing here, every lifetime we’ve ever experienced, as well as all “potentialities” of what we are meant to become.

The main function of our Higher Self is to help us gain access to the information that resides within this blueprint. In essence, she is that blueprint personified. Any answer to any question we could ever have, could be answered by her. Every problem can be solved and every obstacle can be overcome. She is our inner voice, spirit guide, best friend, mother, father, tour guide, entertainment director, and so much more, all rolled into to one very magnificent Diving Angel. She is not only part of us; she is us at the core of our being. We only need to become aware of her and ask for assistance. She is waiting for us to call upon her and will never leave us.

We can all learn to have a very real and physical communication with our Higher Selves. The process is not as difficult as one would think, it just takes a little bit of practice and patience. When we develop a two-way communication with our Higher Selves, we can learn to follow this guidance so that we can live to our fullest potential.

We’ve all experience hunches, or gut feelings that seemingly come from out of the blue, telling us something that doesn’t always appear to be logical. We’ve all experienced moments when we choose to follow that guidance, even if it didn’t make any sense, only to find out, there was a reason why we were guided in that direction. This is our Higher Self talking. These knowings that we receive aren’t coming from nowhere, they are coming directly from the part of ourselves that is in Spirit who can see the full picture even when we cannot. If we could learn to tap into that knowing part, we would be able to bypass many difficult lessons and the flow of our life would be much freer and fluid than otherwise possible.

I’ll share with you a personal experience of what I’m talking about. My partner and I were looking for a new place to live. We began the process in the usual way; looking through newspapers, online listings, etc. We spent a lot of time and energy making phone calls, driving to potential new homes, talking to potential landlords, all to no real avail. Nothing that we saw would really suit our needs and wants. After several weeks of frustration, we made a conscious choice to be divinely guided.

One day, I suggested that we should just start driving around the area that we wanted to live, and if one of us got an intuitive hit to turn down a particular street then we would follow that.

Within a few hours or less we had found four apartments that would have suited what we were looking for. Finally, I had a hunch to turn right. After driving a block or two, we finally came across two duplexes that had for rent signs out in front. We wrote down the phone numbers for both, but the second one felt like it was “the one”. We were looking for a place that had a “healing vibe” to it because we are both practitioners of energy work. Even from the outside, this house had this energy, and we were excited. We knew from that moment, that this was the place.

About an hour later the landlord called us back. We went to check the place out and it was perfect! We knew from the moment we walked in, that this was the place we were looking for. We gave our new landlords a deposit, signed the lease, and went on our merry way. Three weeks later we took possession and started creating our healing space, and have been happy with our new home ever since.

When we first were looking for a new home, we just did the typical things that people do when looking for a place to live, and it didn’t work. We spent weeks of looking and getting frustrated by the process. As soon as we consciously decided to follow divine guidance, we found a place in literally a few hours. To top it off, we not only found our new home quickly, but it was a very enjoyable experience in the process as well and completely stress-free.

This is what can be accomplished when you partner with your Divine self and trust that it will guide you to where you need to be. Trust, faith and intent are also very important parts of this recipe, which we will cover in a later article.

Now that we have an understanding of what the Higher Self is, you can see just how powerful and important it is to get in touch with this divine guidance. The benefits of developing a conscious communication with your Higher Self is not only useful, but absolutely necessary if we are to even come close to becoming the glorious being that we are all meant to embody. This is the goal of every soul incarnate and nothing less.

Once we accomplish this we can begin to live as we were meant to: As spiritual beings, having a human experience. We can then live our fullest and grandest expressions of ourselves anytime we choose and learn to manifest our reality simply by choosing our experiences. We can develop our true gifts and find fulfillment beyond our imagination. The only way to achieve this is to get to know and accept ourselves for what we truly are. This takes time, patience and diligence. It is not something that is just handed to us. We must make the choice and do the work and heal the parts of ourselves that believe us to be limited and small. This is not always an easy process, but is the most rewarding one that any of us could have, and it is the reason we are all here. This is what enlightenment means.

In the next article, we will discuss a process that I have learned, adapted and taught others over my many years of my own study, which you can learn easily and quickly. This technique will give you a means of visualizing your Higher Self and creating a conscious communication with her on a regular basis.

About Candice Creelman

Candice Creelman has been on her spiritual path for nearly sixteen years and a Reiki Master for over nine years. She is Co-Owner / Operator of Thunderbird Sky which she runs with her partner and Reiki Master, Danard Willisko. Candice has also been teaching Reiki and energy work for three years. In 1999, she was published in Lee Carroll’s book, Indigo Children, and has recently authored her own book, “Energy and Healing 101: Transform Your Life,” which can be purchased at .

To book a session or a reading, or for further info on workshops, please call the office: (403) 828-7395 or email us at

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Posted by on 08 June, 2005

If you can’t apply the concept of choosing joy in the day-to-day world, what good is it? My friend laughed when she learned I’d titled my book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis”. She knew I’d be continuing such a journey. I thought I was writing about the past. We need to be aware of our focus, because we’ll get more of it. My friend is a truly fabulous healer and in turn, I laughed at her book title “Be Healed”, as she entered her 17th surgery. As for me, a couple more crises occurred, or more exactly, I created a couple more. Here is the story of choosing joy when it seemed impossible.

How does one choose joy in the middle of crisis? I can best demonstrate this through telling the tale of such an incident. However, I use the term ‘crisis’ reservedly. Crisis is determined by how it affects us emotionally. It may not even seem like a crisis to others. It is completely subjective. From all outward appearances, this event seemed to fit that definition, but in truth, it was much more.

In a remote part of the Canadian Rockies we drove our RV in minus 48-degree weather. The driver had an epileptic seizure and we took an unplanned Disneyland ride atop the guardrail. It was such a small boundary to a 40’ drop.
A slow motion drama unfolded. Lost in his seizure, the driver didn’t brake, and there was a terrible screeching noise of metal on metal as the RV grated against the guardrail.

Then the miracles began.
There had been no place to pull out or stop for 85 miles but 5 miles after the accident, when the driver had regained semi-consciousness, a large pullout appeared. We stopped.

Something was burning and I quickly jumped out. A lady in a truck appeared out of nowhere saying “I saw what happened. I just got my CPR certificate. Did someone have a heart attack? I can help. I’ll take you anywhere you want.” And so she did. She took us to the nearest town, which turned out to be only 7 miles away. She knew it well although her hometown was over 200 miles away. She drove us past the inadequate service stations to the only one who could help us. It was half a block from the perfect hotel. The station attendants contacted the only towing company who could tow this size vehicle .His shop was across the street from the only large vehicle repair company in the town and he was available.

I installed the recovering driver in the charming little hotel, and rode in the tow truck to the accident site. As we drove, he asked “How can you be so calm? You almost died.” I replied “I wrote this book called ‘Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis’, don’t you think this qualifies?” We laughed and he began asking a lot of serious questions.

He determined the worst damage to be the tire, which had caused the burning smell and some surface damage to the exterior. No axle or mechanical problem. It was drivable! In addition, he just happened to have a replacement tire, delivered that day for one of his own vehicles. He drove the RV back to town infinitely cheaper than a tow fee. He’d been so amazed at my calmness and happiness that he arranged for his wife and family to meet us that evening. We had a great conversation, lots of laughs and lots of questions about happiness in crisis. I gifted them with my book. She offered to be our chauffeur in town until we left.

The next morning when we called her for a ride to the RV, she said “Where’s the section in your book about death? My best friend died at 11:30 last night and I’ve been reading it.”
I notified my friends of the incident and they inundated me with questions. What was I going to do? Would I finish the trip? Who would drive? How would we get along? I responded by saying “I can only deal with the next 20 minutes on my plate and I’m making tea”. I simply brought my focus to the moment. It seemed to me that all that stuff that would eventually be dealt with, might as well be five years out in the future. I was so full of my own situation and feelings that I couldn’t even relate to the questions. I had no answers. I could only deal with what was going on NOW. This occurred over and over as friends and loved ones questioned me about what I was going to do. I was going to trust the situation to unfold perfectly. I was going to trust that I was in perfect hands. I was going to allow. I was going to drink my tea, with cream, thank you.

I decided to continue our trip by hiring drivers. I asked at the tow truck office and the first driver I asked said, “I’ll do it. When do you want to leave?” We left one hour later. His mom lived 10 blocks from our first destination; 350 miles away and he needed to see her. He had 12 years experience driving in winter conditions. I felt safe. I had another cup of tea. Besides things were unfolding in divine hands.

We drove to Edmonton arriving in plenty of time for the scheduled event. Fourteen blocks from the convention center, the RV died. The eventual tow truck driver turned out to be a personal friend of our hired driver. Through him we found the best diesel repairman and other drivers for the next stage. We were gifted with inside storage (remember its way below zero) and friendly chauffeur service. While parked outside the convention center, a lady walked up to our damaged RV and said her husband repaired them and did we want an estimate. It turned out she had the booth next to me at the fair and her husband was considered the best in his field. Although we waited until we returned, it was a golden gift.

There were so many more miracles on this trip, it was simply a time of sitting back and watching them unfold. By not doing guilt and blame, by allowing the process, by staying in the moment, by choosing joy, all was accomplished. We made many new friends and many lives were touched. It was a lesson in allowance and most especially staying in the now. There is an old saying…. “The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time.” Don’t bite off more than we can chew. Allow all the rest to just be, including oneself.

The definition of a master is not one whose life is perfect. A master is one who says, “Yes!” to whatever shows up on one’s plate. By saying “Yes” we unlock the raw energy of a situation. It becomes accessible to us to use in whatever way we choose.

Synchronicity occurs. It is just raw energy flowing.

By choosing judgment, anger, guilt, blame, or other aspects of fear, we say “No” to the experience and immediately encounter resistance, a block to energy. We fall out of harmony with the flow. Answers, that would have streamed forth, remain hidden, unrevealed, locked within the blocked energy.

We get to choose. Metaphysics is real and we can apply it a thousand fold daily. Joy is a choice. I think I’ll have another cup of tea.

About Dolly Mae

A leading voice in the world of contemporary spirituality, Dolly Mae reveals secrets about how to create wealth, embrace change, manage emotions and access intuitive gifts. Using her down to earth methods to find Joy on the journey will change your life. A worldwide speaker, Dolly Mae is a frequent guest on TV and talk radio. She is known for her fresh, straightforward, humorous approach. Her book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” is a best seller. Dolly Mae lives in the Seattle area.

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