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How the Expo offers Workshops for as little as 1/3 of the Price
Posted by on 07 September, 2008

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo offers Premiem Workshops by some of the Worlds most Inspiring and Life Changing Speakers, Authors and Teachers at as much as a third of the price offered at "one-night-only" events.

In the Spring of 2008 we shared with you our vision of bringing MORE amazing featured workshops as part of the Body Soul & Spirit Expo! It´s been an incredible journey! As we have been sharing with you through our newsletter, our intention has been to bring some of the most Inspiring, Life-Changing and Motivational Speakers, Teachers and Authors to our events - at a fraction of the price that you would pay at a "one-night-only" event.

It seems that everyone - those who attend, as well as the many presenters - love the concept! As a result, we are already in the process of confirming several new presentations for the Spring Shows.


Firstly, the Body Soul & Spirit Expo already pays for the promotion, the venue that hosts our event, and most of the "set up" costs needed to host such events! The only costs we have to cover is our speakers travel, accommodation and honorariums.

Secondly, we´ve added these featured workshops and seminars as an "added bonus" to those who attend our events, and there is no need to "profit" form ticket sales, we are more than happy to cover the costs. This allows us to pass on the savings to you!

We based the ticket prices on the estimated number of registrations (based on past events). Any ticket sales BEYOND 50 (Most of our Venue Workshop Rooms hold 50 to 80) will be applied to future presentations, which will lower the cost even more! This means that you are getting the VERY BEST PRICE POSSIBLE!


We get to offer an amazing opportunity for YOU to see some AMAZING people at our events, and hope that you will show your appreciation by spreading the word and inviting your friends, acquaintances, colleagues to come out to the Body Soul & Spirit Expo...


Since we already are bringing these incredible speakers to our events, we have negotiated special FREE keynote presentation at our events. This means you also get the opportunity to see many of these speakers (space permitting) in the main lecture hall as a free bonus (included with admission).


Eventually we will be introducing several ways in which YOU can work with us, including affiliate positions, online eticket sales opportunities and more. Untile then your support by registering in advance is paramount to the success of this part of our events. Please consider ordering your tickets by going to our secure online registration at and selection the event you wish to attend.

Gratitefully Yours,
Chandler Stephon Armstrong
The Body Soul & Spirit Expo

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The Power of Thought
Posted by on 11 September, 2005

The power of thought is the greatest power that man has to use. The world today is in the state it is in as a result of mankind´s thinking; each nation is in it´s present state of either peace and prosperity or poverty, murder and anarchy as a result of its thinking as a group or nation; and each person is what he is, with his life being what it is as a result of his thoughts.

The Power of Thought
by: DivineDove of Sacred Connections

The power of thought is the greatest power that man has to use. The world today is in the state it is in as a result of mankind´s thinking; each nation is in it´s present state of either peace and prosperity or poverty, murder and anarchy as a result of its thinking as a group or nation; and each person is what he is, with his life being what it is as a result of his thoughts. What a man thinks, he becomes, what he thinks attracts to him his environment; what he thinks determines what type of people he will surround himself with; a man decides whether he shall be happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful, healthy or unhealthy, prosperous or poor, hated or loved. What a man thinks can overcome fate. There is no limit to the power of thought, because it is a spiritual power of strong influence. By thought man either blesses or curses himself. By it, he brings into his life either success or failure, health or disease, happiness or unhappiness, poverty or prosperity. It is all in our mind and thoughts. We live in a set Universe, but we do not always act accordingly. The universe should not be altered; we should be changed. Within ourselves is the cause of the disorder in our own individual world--for we each live in the world of our own creation. Therefore, only we can change it. We can change our lives by the power of positive thinking.
There are two kinds of thought, positive and negative. It depends upon which thoughts we insist on thinking and pass to our subconscious mind, what our actions in life will be. If we allow our mind to dwell on destructive, negative thoughts, which unfortunately happens many times since it requires little or no effort, then destructive and negative action will result. On the other hand, if we think positive or constructive thoughts, of which effort is required, positive action takes place as a natural result.
Therefore a man who thinks destructive thoughts will do destructive things, but if the same man will keep his mind on the positive aspects of life then his life will become happy and peaceful, and in its highest form, a success.

A man who has fearful thoughts, will probably fail, because all his actions will be weak and without the strength and decision making abilities which are necessary for the achievement of success. A man who believes in himself, however, will succeed due to his positive thinking.

Life is not a matter of chance or luck; it is not something out of our control; it is largely the result or effect of our thoughts. Therefore, by controlling our thoughts, and we can do this, we can regulate our life to almost unbelievable successes or we can think non-positive thoughts and doom ourselves to a life of unhappiness, poor health, and no successes. Most people mean well and want to do good and be good. But, nevertheless, most of us are negative thinkers and this is due, mainly to ignorance or to the way we were taught. Because it is not generally known that negative thoughts are highly destructive, we ignorantly indulge in them, thinking that they do no harm. Actually, thoughts of impurity, anger, revenge, fear, failure, weakness, sickness, and death, are all highly destructive. They are destructive of health, of happiness, and of life in general, yet we perpetuate the idea.
The world seems to be divided into two classes of people; those who overcome life, and those who are overcome by life. Those who overcome life´s difficulties are those who do so by their own thoughts. Those who are overcome by life´s difficulties, are those who can’t seem to overcome life’s difficulties by thought.
Now let‘s talk about worrying. Worry is a destructive force. By worrying over our troubles, we not only cause fear, but it also cause grooves in the brain of which our thoughts go around endlessly. This causes worrying to become a habit. That is to say, as soon as a thought of some impending trouble comes to us, or something goes wrong in our life or work, or we think that something has gone wrong or will go wrong, or we fear that it may go wrong, we immediately go to the worrying mode. Some people are of a worrying nature. They inherit it from their parents. We must not worry about imaginary fears, we must meet them boldly in thought and will with positive thinking. We must never run away from them. There probably is nothing more negative and destructive than doing this. Avoiding the issue in thought increases the trouble, therefore there is really more to worry about.
The fact of the matter is that we live in an orderly universe, but we are not orderly ourselves. Our true environment is an orderly and perfect universe. Life is essentially good, although it may contain many disappointments and many blows. Many of these, however, are of our own creation. Life is good. If we harmonize with life and self, we avoid much misery and trouble.
Thought affects our health far more than is generally realized. While it is true that hereditary traits and unhealthy ways of living play an important part, thought is believed to be a huge factor. Maybe we should not think so much of sickness, ill-health and disease, and think instead of health, wholeness, well-being. Thinking about disease and ill-health creates a condition favorable of disease. It is a good thing to think of oneself as whole, healthy, radiant and filled with life, joy and energy. Such a mental picture can do nothing but good. It does help to say "I am in wonderful health" and try to feel like it, and picture yourself, mentally, as the image of perfect health and vitality. By doing so you takes the first step towards better health. However, this is in no way a substitute for a doctors opinion.
By using the power of positive thinking, we become so strong that we can meet and overcome the powers of evil. What that means is that we have come into alignment with the harmony of the Universe, the Divine Order which nothing can destroy, and over which the forces of disorder have no power whatsoever. Positive thinking wins out over the negative. Human-kind wins out over evil.

DivineDove -- please visit us at

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