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AstroVolution: The Astrology of Awakening!  AstroVolution: The Astrology of Awakening! Articles

James Gandolfini Transits
Posted by on 21 June, 2013

Hassan analyzes the untimely loss of a great actor in James Gandolfini.

The Moon was in Scorpio when James Gandolfini, who played the role of Tony in the popular Soprano TV series, as if reflecting the mafia theme he so accurately portrayed. He was a Virgo with Venus in Leo...but it may be easier for you to just listen to my analysis of his horoscope and what caused the heart attack.
There are two different themes happening around the world these days. Saturn in Scorpio showing the medical breakthroughs but also the misuse of power the the government spy agencies and the evil fources vs the Pisces theme (Neptune in Pisces once in 165 years) which is truly inspirational and with strong humanitarian connotations.
With Jupiter moving in Cancer now, the good old family values and home made food will become more popular again. Luckily, Jupiter and Saturn trining each other in the sky will help stabilize and make longterm achievements possible in every endeavor. In fact, in July and Aug 2013, there is a grand trine in the sky in water signs as Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune form this wonderful patterns and inspire all the musicians to play their best melodies, the volunteer groups to have more empathy and the public to focus on working for the benefit of everyone rather than just themselves.
Some of the best inspired works are being written right now but you need to use your free choice as planets in Water signs do not impel you to do anything and just the realization of truth is not enough to make productive use of this very spiritual configuration.
Hassan Jaffer

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