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News & Article Archives > Natural Apothecary Articles > “Healing – Not Drugging!” The Gerson Therapy for Cancer

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“Healing – Not Drugging!” The Gerson Therapy for Cancer
Posted by on 22 December, 2006

You are in for an amazing treat: one of the keynote speakers of this year’s Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Calgary and Edmonton is Author and Owner of KOS Publishing, Helke Ferrie, who will present “The Gerson Miracle” by Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson who developed the cure for all cancers in the 1920’s.

Healing – Not Drugging!”
The Gerson Therapy for Cancer Sixty years of Proven Success

By Helke Ferrie

You are in for an amazing treat: one of the keynote speakers of this year’s Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Calgary and Edmonton is Author and Owner of KOS Publishing, Helke Ferrie, who will present “The Gerson Miracle” by Charlotte Gerson, the daughter of Dr. Max Gerson who developed the cure for all cancers in the 1920’s.

All current non-toxic cancer therapies trace their way back to him. His daughter founded the Gerson Institute in California and the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Mexico. At 82 she speaks and writes with the fire of truth. I attended a workshop she was conducting in Toronto four years ago, when my own research into cancer had just begun. She made me sit bolt upright with shock when she said, in reference to standard oncology, “Unless they can show me that they can cure pancreatic cancer, I am not interested – because the Gerson therapy can.” That is the fastest-killing cancer there is.

Helke Ferrie will present the history and therapeutic regime of this therapy by means of an internally celebrated documentary film, The Gerson Miracle 2004, a one-hour lecture followed by a full hour interactive Q & A session to which attendees are encouraged to bring their personal questions about the cancers and chronic illnesses suffered in their own families.

When I interviewed her for this article, I confided that I occasionally become very sad from my research into the criminality in modern medicine, the cancer industry probably being the worst. Knowing against what astounding political odds the Gerson therapy succeeded to offer successful and scientifically grounded therapy to cancer patients in many parts of the world today, I asked her, “What keeps you going?” She laughed heartily and said, “The patients! Seeing the patients recover! I see it happen all the time.” That joy is, of course, denied to the doctors who have been duped into the standard paradigm (the cut-burn-poison doctrine of modern oncology), which over the past 50 years has advanced little, neither improved survival rates, nor quality of life, and certainly has not stopped the steady rise in cancer incidence.

Albert Schweitzer, who was a patient of Dr. Gerson’s, said, “I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine.” Historically, geniuses arise when they are most needed, but success tends to come generally after they are dead, and they tend to pay a heavy personal price for their determination to renovate the dominant view of their time. And so it was with Dr. Gerson also.

Dr. Gerson’s tragic clash with the pharmaceutically oriented American Medical Association (AMA) and the corrupt American Cancer Society which had made toxic drugs, surgery and radiation the standard of practice, is a breathtaking story recorded – of all places – in the reports of the US Office of Technology Assessment which used to evaluate all forms of medical practice until recently. In the 1980’s they made a determined effort to destroy alternative medicine – that is: treatments alternative to drugs. The Journal of the American Medical Association had in an astonishing change of heart published an article on January 25, 1980, suggesting that the AMA had staged a “Grand Conspiracy against the Cure of Cancer”. The author, William Regelsen of the Medical College of Virginia, found that “inappropriate judgments have resulted in injury to good observations” and defended the results and the scientific basis of the Gerson therapy.

This was an alarming defection, so this government department contracted a known opponent to non-standard practices, Dr. Patriacia Spain Ward of the University of Chicago, to investigate the Gerson therapy and provide a usefully negative report. When Dr. Ward had completed her investigation, she came to the unexpected conclusion that this was one of the greatest medical innovations in the history of cancer therapy. Every effort was made to stop her report from becoming public – it failed, and you can read the whole thing in all its marvelous detail on the Gerson Institute’s website. It will make your heart sing and you will occasionally probably weep.

The suppression of the Gerson therapy almost succeeded. Dr. Gerson died in 1959, but his famous book remained, detailing the scientific evolution of this therapy and providing the case histories of patients with inoperable or too advanced forms of cancer who were cured; some are alive today. In a final attempt to stop non-toxic treatment of cancer, the FDA ordered the publisher of the book to stop marketing it. So, his daughter Charlotte wound up with several thousand copies in a warehouse. She decided to give some talks on it to small groups of interested people. On one such occasion, a doctor spoke up and suggested to start a clinic and offer this therapy to cancer patient again. After many battles with the American government this became a reality and is flourishing. Indeed, at the EXPO this November you will have the great pleasure of seeing a documentary film about Dr. Gerson. It won the 2004 Palm D’Or, the movie industry’s highest award for documentaries.

At a time when antibiotics had not yet been developed, Dr. Gerson, who was trained in Germany’s leading universities, enjoyed the support of the government and his colleagues, then the world leaders in medicine, when he began to develop highly successful nutritional treatments for that era’s biggest killer, tuberculosis, for which no treatments existed then. Considering Gerson the foremost authority on nutrition and health, the German Ministry of Health asked him to help with soil rehabilitation, which already in the 1920’s had become a serious problem causing measurable vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Dr. Gerson said: “The soil is our external metabolism.” Foods grown in nutrient-depleted soil will invariably promote ill health in all its forms, so we become as sick as our inappropriate agricultural methods have made those very plants and animals.

At the very same time, the German philosopher Rudolf Steiner initiated the organic farming movement, and his concepts are still the basis of the modern organic agriculture. Charlotte ads, in a discussion of today’s genetically engineered and pesticide-laden crops (Gerson Institute Healing Newsletter, March/April 2001) “Since people with degenerative diseases suffer nutrient deficiency and toxicity, it is obvious that they cannot be healed with deficient and toxic foods.” She stresses that the only certain way to prevent cancer is to eat 100% organic food and avoid, as well as regularly detoxify from, the ubiquitous environmental toxins we are exposed to at work, at home, in our gardens, and in our bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements – and even in human breast milk and the amniotic fluid in which our babies float.

She continues in the same article, “In order for the body to heal, no matter what the imbalances, it has to release its toxic load and rebuild its nutrient status. When this occurs, the vitality arises and healing begins. The body’s intelligence – not the brain – will determine which areas will be healed and in what order.” Dr. Gerson used to call this process the work of the “the physician within”. Indeed, the healing process even from metastasized cancer can be such that the scar tissue, too, dissolves.

It is a shock to read the following excerpt from the prestigious journal Cancer whose editor observe in 1927 (!) as follows: “We have lived so long on processed foods that we are in a state of unbalanced nutrition from birth. We have come to regard these processed foods as the hallmark of civilization, when it is a fact that these very foods set the stage for every sort of ill, including cancer.” In the light of what has happened since 1927 in terms of food degradation and its attending burden of degenerative disease, including cancer, a famous statement by Winston Churchill comes to mind which Dr. Gerson was fond of quoting: “Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened.” When the Nazis took over Germany, Dr. Gerson went to the US where he worked for cancer patients for many years, presenting his astonishing results to Congress. Political lobbying from Big Business and the new nuclear power industry caused the US government to support research into radiation therapy instead of nutritional and environmental approaches to cancer. The result of that decision for public health can today be vividly seen in the astounding documentary “Supersize Me”.

In the March/April 2002 newsletter, Charlotte reports a perfect example of cancer being the paradigmatic environmental disease, arising from a world poisoned by human activity that doesn’t take organic vulnerability into account: “We saw two couples where both husband and wife suffered from lymphoma. In each case, these four people had worked many months to their build their own homes, therefore exposure to chemicals, glues, paints, solvents, phenols, wood preservatives and an unending list of toxins seemed to be main cause of their disease.” What makes these two cases medically so significant is the fact that all four people are not related to each other, so resorting to the standard cop-out of a genetic explanation of cancer is impossible. Of course, proof positive of cancer being an environmental disease was supplied some time ago (July 13, 2000) in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine. It published the results of a huge epidemiological study involving the medical histories of 90,000 identical twins studied for 28 different types of cancer to determine whether genetics or the environment played the greater part in disease development. The conclusion was that “the environment has the principle role in causing cancer.”

These findings do not seem to agree with the agenda of the American Cancer Society which two years later published on its website a warning article on the Gerson therapy in which they state the following: “The belief that poor diet and the build-up of toxins from foods, additives, and environmental pollution are the main causes of chronic disease is without scientific basis.” No wonder then, that Samuel Epstein, the famous cancer expert who was the moving force behind the ban on DDT in the 1970’s and later on asbestos, observes that one of the most important ways to fight cancer is not to donate any money to the American Cancer Society. During the 1999 Cancer Conference in Hamilton he observed, that the same was true for its Canadian counterpart. In his book, The Breast Cancer Prevention Program, he details the corruption of this organization: lobbying to prevent the lucrative cancer drug Tamoxifen from being listed as carcinogen (it was listed as such anyway ); when the Reagan and Bush administrations cancelled legislation pertaining to protecting against known industrial carcinogens, the ACS kept silent; they refused to support the US Clean Air Act and the Toxic Substance Control Act, and opposed the FDA’s ban on the carcinogenic sweetener saccharin (they had accepted money from Coca-Cola which used it in their drinks). As Burton Goldberg observes, “Looking at the evidence, we wonder if ACS actually benefits from the promotion of cancer.”

But there is a fresh wind blowing: the University of Pittsburgh has established a Cancer Institute (call 412-647-2811 for information). And this time it’s the real thing, so to speak! Its goal is to examine how to protect individuals and the community from environmental factors that can cause cancer. The institute is run by Devra Lee Davis, one of America’s leading environmental experts and epidemiologists. Her recent book, When Smoke Ran Like Water, is highly recommended.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, the father of Western scientific medicine, Hippocrates, taught “let food be your medicine and medicine be your food”. Tradition has it, that he developed a special soup for cancer patients. In a charming historical twist, it was a patient in 1928 suffering from liver cancer, who had heard of Dr. Gerson’s success with a nutritional approach to tuberculosis, and asked him to treat her with nutrition. She gave him an old German book on folk medicine in which this legendary recipe was recorded. When considering the biochemical assumptions underlying it, Dr. Gerson realized that here was something of great value. Indeed, the Gerson therapy now incorporates those nutritional principles. As he embarked upon this uncharted territory – the nutritional treatment of the worst possible systemic diseases –following Hippocrates literally, as it were, even Dr. Gerson was scared at first. He asked the patient to sign a statement that she would not hold him responsible for the outcome – and so the Gerson therapy began. He cured her within six months.

To learn how the Gerson therapy can work for all cancers, Multiple sclerosis, diabetes, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other chronic diseases, what the scientific basis for this approach is, how to do it yourself whenever possible, and especially to talk to Helke Ferrie yourself - come to the Expo this March and April and partake in this celebration of medicine that works.

Sources & Resources:

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The following websites provide information on treatment, cost, prognosis, research basis, etc:

Gerson Institute Prof. S. Epstein’s site is the best source for information on cancer prevention (not to be confused with drug and bio-warfare manufacturer Eli Lilly’s : this is their propaganda and advertising site).
More information on “The Gerson Miracle” can be found at

Editor’s Note:

Helke has been appointed to present the Gerson Therapy by Charlotte Gerson, one the key-note speaker at the Body Soul & Spirit Expo in Edmonton and will be presenting a special 3 Hour Workshop on April 1, 2007 at the Shaw Conference Centre and Calgary September 22, 2007 at the Big Four Building.

A nominal $25.00 Fee for the 3 hour presentation helps pay for the travel, accommodation and costs of the presentation. Advanced workshop tickets can be purchased online for Edmonton at and Calgary at

A minimum of 50 per show is required to confirm the presentation, so your advanced support is appreciated! Meet Helke, as well as the other keynote presenters / workshop facilitators at the workshop reception booth where you can find more free information.

As Charlotte Gerson has contributed much of the published material to the expo at an extremely generous discount price - The Gerson books and the documentary film will be for sale at an “expo only” price!

About Helke Ferrie

Helke Ferrie is an anthropologist by training; she runs a publishing company devoted to environmental and nutritional medicine, Kos Publishing Inc. ( ). She is a medical science writer whose articles on the politics of health are published monthly in Toronto’s Vitality Magazine, frequently in the US in the Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients, the medical journal Medical Veritas, and other venues both in North America and the UK. Helke has worked for many years with various medical organizations in a consulting capacity. She is known to readers of Alive Magazine from her many articles on the case of Dr. Jozef Krop for whose disciplinary trial and subsequent court case she was the co-ordinator of the scientific evidence. His successful defense of nutritional and environmental medicine is the subject of her forthcoming book Malice in Medicine: The 14-Year Trial of Dr. Jozef Krop (estimated 2008). She is the author of Dispatches from the War Zone of Environmental Health (2004) and a new book Hippocrates in the land of Oz: A Survival Guide to Our Golden Age of Medicine and a Blueprint for Patient Insurrection.

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Posted by on 08 June, 2005


This is a method to access experiences and information that seems to come from another time. In a light trance state, like meditation, a facilitator assists the client to ‘regress’ or travel backwards or sometimes forward through time to former or future incarnations. Many people are unaware that one can access future lives in this process.


Relaxation and trust are key ingredients in a successful regression. The facilitator first talks the client through suggestion, much like a meditation, into a very relaxed state. Then the facilitator gives a visual suggestion of a hallway along which doorways offer choices for past life experiences. Sometimes it is in a garden where people come to you, and sometimes the experiences occur when you step off a stairway you have climbed through visual suggestion.


The facilitator must not lead you too much, not direct you to find or see an event or person. They must assist in allowing it all to unfold from your subconscious. I am constantly surprised by the astounding creativity in each client’s mind. One can never guess ahead what will be recalled. Recently when I asked a client to describe an experience she was having meeting a meditating man, she informed me that she felt over ten feet tall and could see her own aura clearly, and in fact began describing it.


Experiencing a regression is much the same as visualizing brushing your teeth this morning… seeing yourself picking up your toothbrush, squeezing the toothpaste out and sense the smell, taste and feel of the experience. It unfolds much the same way during the regression. You get involved with the memory. The more relaxed you are, the more connected with the subconscious recall and the more details you will have. One lady recently recalled her complete address and name in a life in the late 19th Century.


It can be very beneficial to the client to bring a friend along to the session. The friend performs several functions. Safety may be an issue with a client until they become comfortable with the therapist. The friend provides instant safety and holds the space of remaining conscious and aware throughout the session so the client doesn’t fear letting go and can fully embrace the experience. In addition, the friend will remember the experience from a different perspective, more factual and informational, an observer, so the client has someone with whom to discuss and review the details. The friend will not have the emotional attachment to the lives and can reaffirm to the client, some of the physical experiences and emotional reactions during the session.


Past life regression therapy accomplishes many goals. First of course is getting an up close and personal view of what makes us tick as regards where we came from. It is very entertaining and fascinating to learn who we have been and how it affects us in this current life.

Next, and more importantly, we can discover the roots of talents, likes and dislikes, relationships, issues and blocks in former lives that affect us now.

Most important are the emotional breakthroughs achieved during this work. Because information comes directly from the client’s subconscious and is re-experienced rather than simply talked about, it has tremendous emotional impact. This enables the client to achieve forward leaps in personal growth and through blockages. This is much faster than therapies that are conversational and involve just talking.


One client feared relationships because her first love was killed driving in her stead in a car accident where she would normally have been at the wheel. She thought she was jinxed. The regression showed her she had saved his life in a former Egyptian lifetime and he was so grateful that he was repaying a debt he felt he owed in saving hers. He had come back into her life this lifetime to accomplish that. It freed her mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She could get on with her life.


Another client was freed from intense migraines when she connected with her life as an aristocrat in France who was guillotined ‘poorly’, that is, with a dull guillotine. She was able to let go of the bad job of it and put a reason to it all. Weare truly amazing in that we carry these emotional/physical scars from lifetime to lifetime. Putting a reason and explanation to them can help sever our connections from unwanted ties. Story lines are incredibly powerful transformational tools.


I’m sure you’ve heard the term ‘old soul’. Well, frankly, there is no such thing as all souls were created at once. There are however, those souls who have had many more earth bound incarnations than others. These are the ones we seem to call old souls. We have incarnations in other places that earth! If we do our spiritual work, we may appear to be an ‘old soul’. So how many lifetimes does a person have? There are as many answers as there are people. Christ seems to have had seven lives. The master I studied with had over 600. We come back by choice, not by punishment. Earth is a very attractive amusement park, although some will disagree and refer to it as an amusement park. We choose.


One is the Steven Spielberg epic with surround sound and special EFX. Taste, touch, feel and senses all on line with vivid imagery. Sometimes you are an observer. Sometimes you are an actor. Very few actually have this type of experience, perhaps 30%. So don’t set your expectations to this height. It is not necessary to get the benefits from a regression.

The most common experience involves Emotions and Imagery. Strong emotions and a few images can be quite impressive and life changing. Sometimes clients try to explain it all away by saying they saw that on TV, or read it in a book, but that is just a form of denial. We see or read things because we have some level of connection with them. When we’re working on learning more about ourselves, we are able to intuitively watch the TV show or read the book that will assist us in our journey.

Another common experience is simply knowing, sometimes with factual data included. This has no drama, no deep emotions. It is simply knowing. You get it. You understand from a different level. Just as your dreams come from the subconscious, so too does this knowing. If you were to analyze your dreams, you would arrive at similar knowings. In fact it is extremely beneficial to journal, discuss and work with dreams after a regression. It will allow you to enhance the experience and to more deeply connect and benefit from it.


Often the client feels like they are just making up most if not all of the session. This is a normal feeling. It is however the free flowing experience from the client that can be gone over later and the truth will be distilled and sifted out. It is after the session that the client becomes aware they were truly in an altered state. They discover this when they feel ‘spacey’ and ungrounded. Then as you begin to discuss the session, oftentimes they are stunned that they don’t remember having said those things, or relating those experiences. This is why I always tape these sessions. Later, the client can review her own comments and feel back into the experience.


A typical session takes approximately two to three hours including discussions before and after.


All in all, past life regressions are fun and informative. At the very least, they are entertaining. They satisfy our curiosity about our selves. At their very best, they are dynamic Break-throughs past emotional strangleholds from our subconscious selves.

Happy Journeying!

About Dolly Mae

A leading voice in the world of contemporary spirituality, Dolly Mae reveals secrets about how to create wealth, embrace change, manage emotions and access intuitive gifts. Using her down to earth methods to find Joy on the journey will change your life. A worldwide speaker, Dolly Mae is a frequent guest on TV and talk radio. She is known for her fresh, straightforward, humorous approach. Her book “Choosing Joy in the Midst of Crisis” is a best seller. Dolly Mae lives in the Seattle area.

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