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Sacred Geometry In The Garden
Posted by on 11 April, 2012

Activating all the Earth Energies to design and plant the spaces around you invites Harmony and Peace into your daily life. The food grown with the principles of Sacred Geometry and Biodynamic Energy surpass all others in nutrition, taste and healing energy

Sacred Geometry In The Garden
The beauty and form of all living things demonstrates the universal application of the basics of Sacred Geometry and the fundamental understanding that everything alive has a sacred code built in which when activated allows that being to develop to its greatest potential.  To help you use this knowledge and apply it in your life is my goal for sharing what I know with you.
Each plant has its own basic nature and growth habit.  When these are understood so that planting and harvest dates are perfectly alligned with the plants energies and the Universal Earth Energy that plant will then be at its most vital.  This peak vitality activates the highest vibration for food or medicinal needs.  However it also maximizes the plants overall energy to assist its best manifestation of healing and empowering forces.
All plant growth is a living demonstration of the Universal Growth seen in the Golden Ratio. When the physical lay-out of the garden is reflective of the Golden Ratio the resulting effect on the mind is to induce tranquility on a subliminal level.  This process allows the mind to receive the state of relaxation  in an effortless manner.
Although it may seem very complicated to combine Astrology, Numerology, and Sacred Geometry ratios one soon realizes that it is truly a dance with Nature that flows best when one listens to the music in one´s own being.  Rather than being bound by rigid rules one must earn to feel the energy at play and see where their actions can facilitate the better outcome.  The plant divas are already dancing to this rhythm and when you strive to keep pace they certainly respond with helpful enthusiasm.  Even beginners in this gardening approach find that their efforts bring quick and satisfying results.
Acquiring a Astrological Datebook to help you select the appropriate activity for each day and a sketch book to plan out the garden designs will get you started. Add a few packets of seeds and some enthusiasm for digging in the ground and you are well on the way to helping yourself tune in to Nature.
 Listen to the music inside, use the designs you see in the plants guide your eyes to beauty and open your heart to the love of the plant divas. The Sacredness of the Garden will bless you.

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