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Awakening: Food for your Soul!  Awakening: Food for your Soul! Articles

Embracing that Which Lies Within
Posted by on 29 August, 2013

Each day brings with it new experiences and adventures that may not necessarily resonate joy and love

As we continue to recognize our greatness and our true potential we can start to integrate how all that we see is merely a mirror of our own inner state of being. As we come to embrace our feelings, our moods, our beliefs and our multi-dimensional selves, we develop the understanding that with each and every feeling there is potential for new growth and new creations.

As we integrate the knowledge that how we feel is a direct link to that which we experience in our outer reality, it is possible to start to redefine how our days, weeks, months and years unfold. Understanding that we are truly remarkable creatures capable of creating anything we desire is a grand step towards harnessing our true potential and stepping into the shoes of our greatness.

We are not merely creatures of habit; we are beings of light far beyond conventional thought and understanding. Humanities evolutionary process brings about contemplation at a core level in order to truly understand and transform consciousness. As we develop a sense of conscious awareness for all of our actions and feelings, our life experiences are filled with excitement and inspiration beyond the typical day to day reality.

Once we truly align with the understanding that we create our realities through our feeling body we are able to transform every aspect of our lives to bring about greater peace, joy, happiness and inspiration.

In learning all that there is to learn about ourselves and embracing all that we are, we are able to objectively move through reality with ease and grace taking responsibility for all of our actions. In so doing we create the space for others to join us aligning with our true potential.

About Anita Hafner:

Anita is a intuitive and a channel for multidimensional alignment and transformation. She has studied several modalities, including, Matrix Energetics, The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing, Theta Healing, Reiki and Quantum Touch for greater awareness of all that is. And currently studying Time Travel and Multi-dimensional Portals of existence to gain a greater understanding of quantum realities, shifts and transformation. For more information see

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