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Awakening: Food for your Soul!  Awakening: Food for your Soul! Articles

Ascension 101
Posted by on 01 December, 2005

A Sharp perspective on the New Age and the Ascension.

The Real Meaning of the New Age
and The Ascension

by Michael Sharp (

If you are like most people, you´ve heard the term "new age" bantered about for a long time. You hear about the new age in song (The Age of Aquarius), read about it in books, and purchase the latest new age records and incense holder from the local New Age metaphysical store. You have a general sense that the New Age means a new spirituality (generally opposed to systems of spiritual authority) but beyond that don´t really give it much thought.

That´s not a problem really and it is perfectly ok to approach the new age from this perspective. However, there is a deeper meaning to the New Age and it is becoming important to be aware of this. This deeper meaning is more collective and Divinely inspired than what you might traditionally think. This perspective that I am talking about here moves beyond the New Age impact on our personal lives and begins to uncover the real purpose for our existence.

You see, we are all on a mission from God. We are all here to accomplish a divinely significant task.

Just what is this task? I´m glad you asked.
There is actually quite a lot to tell you about this Divine mission (and I explain this all in great detail in
The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order)
but to make a long story short, we are here on this earth to ascend
this planet and (importantly) our physical bodies.

We are here to change the physical rules of this physical universe.

We are here to modify the conditions of creation.

"Why would we want to do this?" you ask.

Good question!

Basically so it is not so darn hard to incarnate in a physical body.

As anybody knows who has lived on this earth, life can be very difficult. Getting the things we want can be very hard. Moving forward can take a lot of effort. In this physical universe, creation of any kind is difficult and time consuming and because of this a lot of the fun is taken out of physical existence. After all, the physical world you see around you is a very solid, very chunky sort of thing to move around and it takes a lot of effort and lots of will to get things done. From our perspective as Immortal Spirit, it takes altogether too much work to get things done and so it is our job, as specially selected volunteers, to come to this earth and fix things so our creation does not take as much effort and work.

I suppose the immediate question is, why would we want to go to all this trouble and change this.

Is not life just like that?

Isn´t this the way it has always been?

Isn´t this something we just have to accept as a basic fact of creation?

The answer to these questions is no. We categorically do not have to accept the way things are and we can change them. In fact, we have been working on changing this, as part of God´s plan, for a very long time.

So I guess the next question is, how are we going to change things? The answer is easy. Simply by changing the amount of energy that the molecules of this physical universe can hold. If we can do that, if we can alter the conditions so that physical matter has more base energy, then creation will become much easier. We call this process of raising the energy (a.k.a. vibration in the New Age movement) of the physical universe, The Ascension.

Now I know this might sound all mystical and new agey but it is not really. What I am talking about here is a very practical, physical sort of process. You´ll see what I mean if I provide an example.

Think of the physical universe right now as a big glass of cold molasses. Imagine holding that glass of molasses in your hand. Stick a spoon in it and stir. When the molasses is cold, it is very thick and difficult to move. It is viscous, solid, and inert. That is the physical universe right now. Thick and cold and from a spiritual perspective, this is not a good thing. This thickness makes it difficulty to move around in and we (and by we I mean Immortal Spirit) get tired pretty quick moving in conditions like this.

Now put that glass of molasses next to a heat source of some kind. Maybe you put it in a pot of boiling water or inside a microwave. Leave the molasses to warm up and then when it is warm, stick a spoon in it and stir. As you can imagine, when you add energy to the molasses, the consistency of it changes. It becomes less viscous and easier to stir. It pours out easily, wiggles and jiggles when you move it around, and is generally more bouncy when the molecules are moving faster (i.e., vibrating higher) because of the added heat.

Not too difficult to understand right?

This is basically what we are here to do - to heat up the molasses. This is our Divine mission.

It is why we were chosen to come here to this earth.

We (and by we I mean you and me) are here to add energy to the physical universe to make it less thick. You and I are, if the Truth be told, little cosmic heating sources and we are now turning on the heat in order to raise the vibration of this planet in pretty much exactly the same way as we raise the vibration of molasses. We are doing this in order to make the creative soup we work in easier to move around in. Of course, the process isn´t exactly like my example of molasses. When we add energy we are doing it in a multidimensional sort of way. But that´s only important if you are a scientist and want to clue into to the deeper physical process that is occurring around us right now.

Sounds kind of exciting right?

It is, and let me tell you, we have been waiting to get to this point for a long, long time. Why so long? Well, to make another long story short, basically because we have had to train ourselves so that we could accomplish this difficult task. We have had to build up our bodies, strengthen our minds, and practice, practice, practice (tap on center of your forehead here) so that when the time came for us to really do this, we would be ready for the explosion of light, energy, and creation that would inevitably result when we altered the creative conditions of this physical universe in such a powerful way.

So where are we in all this now? Well, we are about half way through the process already. There are already quite a few people out there who have turned on their little portable heaters and are now in the process of raising the vibration of this planet. As expected, we are already seeing quite a bit of success. This is why, incidentally, that things are getting so chaotic in your personal life and on this earth. There are a lot of chaotic minds out there and as the vibration of this planet rises, the chaos in their minds is beginning to manifest in this world faster than it has in the past. You might want to visualize your friends and family in a warming bowl of molasses here. The warmer it grows, the faster they are going to move around and the quicker things will happen to them.

Don´t worry about this though or the growing chaos you see around you. Everything is under control. The chaos will get a little worse and then it will simply start to dissipate as lighter minds (your minds) begin to wake up. For now what is important for you to know is that, if you are reading these words, now is your time to wake up and turn your energy system on. It is not that difficult really. It is a simple process of visualization that you can accomplish by meditating with The Great Invocation (

Beyond that, there are a few things that you are going to need to know if you are going to get the most personal benefit from the process. But we will talk about these things in the months ahead.

So for now, just enjoy the Christmas season and remember the true meaning. As Christ came here to show us, it is all about the birth and eventual ascension of the physical body.

We´ve waited almost two thousand years.

Aren´t you excited?

The time is now!


Michael Sharp

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Help For Persistent Or Recurring Swelling
Posted by on 02 December, 2004

Like the arteries, veins and capillaries that transport blood through our bodies, our bodies also contains an extensive drainage system that returns water and proteins from our tissues back to the bloodstream. Called the lymphatic system, it is part of our immune system and works to defend the body from diseases caused by viruses, bacteria, or fungi.

The lymphatic system has two major functions. First, it works to regulate the amount of fluids within our bodies. Secondly, it is responsible for “taking out the trash”, that is collecting waste products, such as dead blood cells and pathogens from the interstitial fluid (the fluid that fills the spaces around cells) and filters it before returning it to the bloodstream.

The lymphatic system is made up of lymph vessels that carry lymph, a protein-rich fluid that is transported through the lymph vessels, and lymph nodes which filter out germs and toxins. There are over 100 lymph nodes throughout the body, with the majority of them being located in the neck, groin and armpits. Lymphatic vessels contain valves that prevent the lymph from flowing backwards within the system. Within the lymphatic vessels, lymph is transported through the vessels and moves via the squeezing action of their neighboring skeletal muscles.

When the movement of lymph through the body becomes impaired, it will leak out of the lymphatic capillaries and cause the surrounding tissues to swell. This condition is called lymphedema. Lymphedema occurs when the amount of lymph fluid in the body exceeds the body’s ability to transport it. This causes the lymph fluid to accumulate in the tissues, where it causes swelling, particularly of the arms and legs.

There are two types of lymphedema. Doctors don’t know what causes Primary Lymphedema, but it can be present at birth, or can develop later on in life. Fortunately, this condition is rare. Secondary Lymphedema is a condition that is not often talked about, but often affects individuals who have undergone surgery, such as cancer surgery where lymph nodes are commonly removed. It can also affect individuals who have undergone radiation therapy, which can damage lymph nodes and cause scar tissue to form ultimately interfering with the flow of lymph. It can also be experienced by individuals who have experienced a severe trauma or infection.

In the initial stages of this chronic condition, Lymphedema often begins with swelling in a hand or foot, particularly the one closest to where the surgery has occurred or radiation therapy has taken place. If left unchecked, the protein-rich lymph can continue to accumulate, leading to increased swelling and a hardening of the tissues. This increases your risk of developing an infection or may interfere or impair the function of the limb.

Lymphedema can develop in any part of the body. If you experience persistent or recurring swelling anywhere in your body, it is important to seek medical advice. Early intervention with this disorder greatly improves the long term outcome of the disease’s progression.

Recommendations For Wellness

• Avoid rigorous, repetitive movements or heavy lifting.

• Women, if your arm is affected, get rid of extra 50 lbs that you carry over your shoulder and trade it in for a purse that has hand straps.

• If your arm or leg starts to ache, lie down and elevate it.

• Wear loose fitting clothes, jewelry, socks and undergarments that may restrict lymphatic flow.

• Wear a compression sleeve or stocking on the affected limb.

• Keep your “at risk” limb clean and avoid activities that may irritate or damage the skin. Careful skin care may reduce the risk of lymphedema by helping you to avoid infection.

• Massage, particularly lymphatic massage has been shown to help increase lymph drainage. You can do this yourself or work with a qualified massage therapist who has been specially trained in how to perform manual lymph drainage techniques.

• Begin a gentle exercise program. Exercise and muscle movement can help drain lymph fluid. (Consult with your doctor prior to beginning any exercise program).

• Drink plenty of water. Water is critical for proper lymph drainage.

• Echinacea has a long history of improving lymph filtration and drainage.

• Garlic is known for being able to stimulate the lymph system to throw off waste materials.

• Oregon grape can be used to help reduce the inflammation of the lymphatic system and works to help cleanse the lymph.

• Poke Root has been known to help stimulate the body and aid its ability to remove waste materials that may be trapped in the tissues. It can also help improve the elasticity of tissues that may have experienced hardening due to congestion.

• Burdock, red clover and mullein are known to thin lymph fluid and enhance lymphatic drainage.

• Herbal combinations such as Nature’s Sunshine’s Lymphatic Drainage, Lymphomax or Lymphostim are designed to stimulate the immune system, fight infections and support the lymphatic system.


© Copyright Body, Mind & SoulHealer 2004. All rights reserved.
Dr. Rita Louise, PhD is a Naturopathic Physician and a 20-year veteran in the Human Potential Field, and it is her unique gift as a medical intuitive that enlivens her work. Author of the books “Avoiding the Cosmic 2x4” and “The Power Within: A Psychic Healing Primer”, Dr. Rita Louise, Ph.D. a can help you identify what is really going on and provide you with straightforward guidance and advice. She can be reached by calling 972-475-3393 or visiting her website at

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