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News & Article Archives > Healing Arts Articles > Energy Work Bascis Part 4: Imagine!

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Energy Work Bascis Part 4: Imagine!
Posted by on 01 December, 2005

Your imagination is a crucial part of working with energy. What do athletes, musicians and singers all have in common? Explore how you could join them by using your imagination. And it´s fun too.

Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

Did you know that athletes use the power of their imaginations to perfect their athletic performances? Musicians and vocalists do the same thing. In their mind’s eye, they imagine the perfect performance step by step. The athlete imagines the sequence creating a perfect throw, catch, goal, jump or ride. The musician imagines playing the perfect performance note by note and bar by bar. The singer imagines hitting the high notes with perfect pitch easily and effortlessly.

Athletes, musicians and singers also spend time perfecting their skills so the imagined performance is physically possible. Each trains until the physical part of the performance is second nature and unfolds without thinking it through.

An interesting fact is that your body does not know the difference between an imagined performance and a real performance. Your body treats both experiences the same way. Perspiration or imagination – it doesn’t matter. Both work and both are needed.

You may not be an athlete, musician or singer. The key to remember here is to imagine what you do want. Take a moment now, close your eyes and left your mind drift. What comes to you? What is it you do want? Pick something to use for practice.

For some of us, it is easier to focus on what we don’t want rather than what we do want. This is okay as a place to start. Use this information to help us to figure out what we do want. It is far more powerful to imagine what you do want -- and keep imagining it. When we imagine what we do want, the vibration of our energy field lifts to match the vibration of what we do want, pulling us forward.

Now that you have picked something you want, close your eyes and imagine it. What does it look like? Where are you? What are you doing? What sights do you see? What sounds do you hear? What aromas and scents do you smell? What tastes are you experiencing? What are you touching? What or who is touching you? Imagine the experience of what you do want in as much detail as possible.

The most powerful action we can take is to raise our own consciousness and -- in "physics" terms -- raise the actual physical frequency (vibration) of our own energy field. We do this by imagining it is so.

Have fun imagining what you do want. If you find yourself slipping into what you don’t want, notice and focus your attention on what you do want.

Karen Titanich and Bonnie Hutchinson of SPIRIT Connections work with the energy of people, places and situations. Discover the secrets of working with energy. Visit

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Feng Shui in the 21st. Century
Posted by on 17 November, 2004

Applying the Ancient Wisdom of Xuan Kong (Time & Space) Feng Shui to modern life.

In today´s world of hectic life and busy life style, the current trend for a lot people is to look for "personal coaches" to change their outlook, their behavior, their relationships and hence their lives. According to the ancient Chinese teachings, that only comprises one third of the factors that govern our lives - since what we are born with, and what is around us account for the other two important factors.

What is around us can be analyzed by the study of Xuan Kong (Time & Space) Feng Shui. In the Western world, Feng Shui is relegated to a simplistic application of color and décor, ignoring the fact that Traditional Chinese Feng Shui is a life long study, which is based on 5000 years of history and application in China, knowledge that was passed down generations of Feng Shui Masters, which combines what is visible - Forms, defined by shapes and colors, and what is invisible - Qi, defined by the flow and interaction of invisible energies, whose properties are governed by Time and Space - what is three dimensional with the passage of time, and affect different areas of our everyday life - our accomplishment and success in careers and professions, harmony and love in our family life and relationships, and wellness in our physical and spiritual health.

What we are born with can be analyzed by the study of Zi Ping Ba Zi - the Four Pillars of Destiny. The Chinese believes a person´s character, path in life and destiny were all determined by the first breath at birth and Karma, so the birth data of year, month, day and hour provides vital information on a person´s life chart - what are the person´s strength and weakness, what kind of support and choice in career would benefit that person, and what kind of action the person should take in different periods in his/her life, etc.

When all these three factors work hand in hand, there is Balance and Harmony between Heaven, Earth and Human (Man) - the Trinity of Luck. In the past twenty years - in Feng Shui term, the Period of 7, we saw an emergence of interest in spiritual matters, more awareness of the relationship between our environment and our lives, especially our health and wellness. In the current twenty years (2004 - 2024) - the Period of 8, we will see how all this knowledge and its application solidify.

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