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News & Article Archives > Healing Arts Articles > Energy Work Basics Part 3: The power of high intention

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Energy Work Basics Part 3: The power of high intention
Posted by on 01 December, 2005

The most powerful tool you have when working with energy is your ability to set a high intention. Find out how to set a high intention and the difference that can make in your life.

At SPIRIT Connections, we believe that the most powerful tool we have when working with energy is our ability to set a high intention. We add the word “high” to intention since we are interested in intentions with a high vibration.

When you are starting something new, it is helpful to set an intention. An intention is about what you want in generic terms. We often use the term: “the highest good of all” as our intention. We then know whatever happens is for the highest good of all whether it looks like that to us or not.

An intention is not about how you achieve what you intend. How our intention is achieved is best left to the universe (or Higher Power, spirit, source, God, Allah, Buddha…) to figure out. Our experience has shown that the universe is much more creative than we are. Our job is to be clear about what we want, and to set a high intention. Then we let the universe get to work on manifesting it for us. We help the universe by following our guidance, intuition, and gut feelings. We trust that the intention is unfolding.

Maybe you’ve had the experience of something unfolding in a way that far exceeds your expectations yet is completely in alignment with your desires. That is the power of setting a high intention and leaving the details up to the cosmos. By attempting to dictate how something occurs, we limit the creativity of the universe.

Setting an intention is not about controlling the outcome. An intention is not about a specific outcome for another person. We do not usually know what is in their highest good. Most of us have gone through so-called “tough” patches in our lives. With hindsight, these tough patches often turn out to be gifts in disguise. So, we can ask for the highest good of all. That way, what needs to take place does and we don’t need to know what it is.

To recap, the most powerful tool we have is our own high intention. If we state to ourselves and the universe that our intention is to contribute to the highest good of ourselves and the planet, it will be so.

Karen Titanich and Bonnie Hutchinson of SPIRIT Connections work with the energy of people, places and situations. Discover the secrets of working with energy. Visit

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Angelic Signs
Posted by on 18 November, 2004

When life gets difficult, it´s only human to wish for a bit of heavenly reasurance to ease those pesky doubts -- but sometimes heaven responds in unexpected ways!

Angelic Signs
by The Angel Ladies

“I wish I’d get a sign.” How many times have you heard someone sigh this or a similar wish? We have, often, from the people who take our Angel workshops or request life purpose readings. We counsel them to be alert, that the Universe and the Angels do send us signs, but sometimes we fail to recognize them.

Often our friends return to the Inner Resource Centre to recount tales of angelic interaction and the signs they’ve noticed. We’ve heard about angelic interventions and interactions from friends and clients around the world. So you’d think we’d be catch on when the angels are moving in our lives, wouldn’t you! But we are just like everyone else, and sometimes we need a sign.

For those of you reading this far from Newmarket, Ontario, our spirituality centre is located in the heart of town, in the oldest section -- right at the site of original trading post from which the city sprang, actually. The town has been pushing a revitalization of the downtown core for years now, and right after we opened the Centre, they began moving on it.

Business had no sooner begun taking off than the SARS outbreak in the Greater Toronto area (of which we are part) made the news. Suddenly, people were not venturing out as they had been, and we were watching restaurants and businesses close down with regularity. Finally the outbreak was contained.

And the roadwork began. For nearly a year, the street outside our door has been either closed or impassible, the site of large machinery and the incredible noise of their workings. For a couple of interesting weeks, not only was the road inaccessible to any vehicle (including emergency ones!), but afterward, our centre was blocked by a huge pile of cement debris from the road destruction. Needless to say, business plummeted and we have had some scary moments.

Last spring, in the midst of the road woes and with the generally-slow-anyway summer approaching, we had a very human bout of doubt. And some anger. After all, if this is the angels’ bright idea, the least they could do is help out, right?

Deb headed out to the lake, which tends to calm her when she’s battling worries. Once there, she finds it easier to be open to inspirations. This particular time, though, she wasn’t hoping to be inspired - instead, she was hoping to make a few feathers fly.

She brought her journal and she wrote and wrote to the angels, complaining about the difficulties we were experiencing. “If we are hearing you correctly, if this Centre is in fact the work we are meant to do, I WANT A SIGN,” she declared. “A big, unmistakable sign!” And then she returned to the centre, calm and peaceful once more.

That evening, the Psychic and Spiritual Development group was meeting, and I led the group in a short meditation. Afterward, one of the students spoke to Deb and me on the way out.

“Throughout the meditation, I kept thinking about this angel picture I have,” she said. “I kept getting the thought that I should give it to you.” She went on to describe a picture she loved which no longer fit her new decor. Clearly she felt uncomfortable offering it to us for fear that it would be regarded as a castoff. “ I really love it,” she said, “but I keep thinking I have to bring it to you for the parlour.”

Far from being insulted, Deb and I have gotten accustomed to receiving angels from every quarter. “When we went through my aunt’s things, we found this angel pin and didn’t know what to do with I thought I’d bring it here...” “I found this angel when I was shopping and I thought it would be perfect for the Centre!” Little angel hugs, we call them and always receive them as gifts from heaven. Some stay here, others draw the attention of someone in need, but they all find a good home.

So when our friend suggested she bring her angel picture to the Centre the following day, we thanked her with smiles. The Parlour at the Centre has several angel pictures on bookcase shelves, all gifts from friends who felt that they belonged in that room. The new one would find itself in good company, and we had the shelf already picked out.

The next day, we were in the parlour with guests when our friend returned to bring the picture. From my seat, I watched as she left her vehicle, crossed to open the back door, and slide out a large wall picture. I bit back a grin. “Here’s Susan with the picture,” I told Deb.

“Great!” she replied. “I’ll put the teakettle on.”

Susan entered the room with the picture, sliding it along the carpet, maneuvering it in...and in...and in. Deb’s eyes widened as Susan leaned the picture against the buffet along one wall. The buffet was pretty well hidden behind it.

“It’s kind of big,” Susan said apologetically. It was, too: about four feet by three feet! But more than big, it was beautiful. Two angels were featured from some old classic painting. They were so finely represented that the picture looked more like a photograph than a painting.

We had a lovely visit with our friends. Later, after they had gone and the centre was quiet once more, Deb and I had a quiet cup of tea and reflected on our day.

“I’m feeling better about everything,” Deb sighed contentedly, “since I talked to the angels yesterday.”

“Yeah, and asked for a sign,” I agreed.

It hit us both at the same time. A SIGN! We began grinning and then chuckling and then rocking with laughter. Count on the angels to take Deb’s request and answer it in a tongue-in-cheek fashion by sending a picture as big as any business sign might be.

“Be careful what you ask for,” Deb choked, and we went off into gales of laughter.

So when you come to the Centre, be sure to pop into the parlour and take a peep at the sign the angels sent, a nice big unmistakable sign that these Angel Ladies are exactly where they are supposed to be.

This article is reprinted courtesy of Successful Spirit! webzine, published by The Angel Ladies (
The Angel Ladies, Deb Vaughan and Jean Porche, are authors, speakers, and workshop facilitators offering angel and spiritual workshops throughout Southern Ontario. Their home base is the Inner Resource Centre, located in Newmarket in the heart of beautifully restored historic district. They can be reached through their website,

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