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News & Article Archives > Healing Arts Articles > Energy Work Basics Part 1: What is energy anyway?

Healing Arts  Healing Arts Articles

Energy Work Basics Part 1: What is energy anyway?
Posted by on 01 December, 2005

So what is energy and why does it matter to you? Everything is made of energy. Your thoughts, and emotions are made of energy. The energy of your thoughts and feelings extend beyond your physical bodies and affects the people and spaces around you. You can learn how to work with energy and that can make a big difference in your life.

Everything is made of energy. Atoms, molecules, light, sound and color have energy. Our bodies are made of energy. Thoughts, emotions, actions and environments have energy.

All forms of energy have a vibration or frequency. David Hawkins measured the frequency of emotions. In “Power vs. Force”, he reported shame has the lowest vibration at 20, anger vibrated at 150, acceptance vibrated at 350, love vibrated at 500 and enlightenment vibrated above 700.

Now, take a moment and test this out:

1) Think of a time when you were sad or fearful.

2) Notice how you feel.

3) Think of a time when you were really happy and joyful.

4) Notice how you feel.

5) What was different between the two experiences?

It is likely the lower vibration emotions of sadness or fear felt heavier to you. And the higher vibration emotions of love, peace and joy felt lighter to you.

The point here is that each of us has an energy field. The energy of our thoughts and feelings extends beyond our physical bodies and affects the spaces around us. So, whatever you are thinking and feeling goes beyond you and influences people around you. In turn, other people’s thoughts and feelings influence you.

Have you ever walked into a house and felt uncomfortable even though there was nothing obvious to be concerned about? That’s the energy left behind from whatever lower vibration thoughts and emotions were being experienced in that house. Even when the people who live there aren’t home, the “heavy” energy still hangs around.

The good news is you can learn to work with energy. You can consciously work with energy in a competent way. That can make a big difference in your life. And that’s what SPIRIT Connections is all about.

In Energy Work Basics Part 2, you´ll explore what lifts your spirit.

Karen Titanich and Bonnie Hutchinson of SPIRIT Connections work with the energy of people, places and situations. Discover the secrets of working with energy. Visit

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What is the Difference between Spiritual Mediumship & Channeling?
Posted by on 27 November, 2004

Note: This article is in answer to a question posted in the “Ask-an-Expert - Channeling Forum”. The response given by Serge, and the being he channels - Kris, was to long to post!

Question: I would like to ask a question that I get asked a lot! What is the difference between a "medium", and/or a "spiritual medium" and/or a "psychic medium and a channel? With shows like John Edward´s Crossing Over that it seems like there is a lot of focus of late on what a Spiritual Mediums does! Also, when would you recommend that you see a Channel, or a Medium, and what do they tell you?

Answer: Hi, and thank you for asking the first questions on this forum. And it’s a good question too! Hopefully I can attempt to give answers that does it justice and also looks at several sides of the issue. At first glance, there may not appear to be significant differences, but upon closer examination, there may be more than meets the eye.

First here are a few words from Jon Klimo, a psychologist, is the author of a highly regarded tome on the subject of channeling: "Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources".I It is a thorough investigation into the history and nature of channeling. He repeatedly points out how even though channeling has often been tucked away ´into the closet´ of unsavory experiences, it simply refuses to go away.

Klimo says that:

"In truth, channeling is not some recent faddish phenomenon. It is as old as human nature. Throughout history, channels have gone under names as various as shamans, seers, and mediums, although the process involved appears to be the same. The channeling ability has manifested itself time and again in myriad circumstances, whether it has been the aboriginal elder, the maiden turned priestess, or the modern businessperson or homemaker. The fact that channeling, under whatever name, has taken place on this planet continually, among so many kind of people and across so many cultures, leads to the speculation that channeling may be a potential ability we all possess."

Jon Klimo, Channeling: Investigations on Receiving Information from Paranormal Sources, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California, 1998, p. 102.

With that under our belt perhaps we can now look into your question. Both mediums and channelers alike appear to have the ability to gather information about people, situations, events and even entire philosophical perspectives from seemingly outside of their own spheres of events. Both for example can transmit information or knowledge that often even the medium or channeler has never encountered before and knows little or even nothing at all in his/her life, though it isn’t necessarily a prerequisite or mandatory for the information to be good or valid.

Some channelers can also at times receive information from those that are deceased and may wish to share something with their living relative or friend who happens to be present at that moment. However, more often than not, a medium may not necessarily venture into the territories a channeler will explore, but there are always exceptions!

For example, the more popular mediums like John Edwards and James van Praag who have had or still have their televisions shows have introduced the classic mediumship styles to millions of people world wide. They clearly demonstrated on many occasions certain knowledge about the ‘living’ they may not have been able to produce on their own. And even the most famous like these two may have of days as well.

All that to present a certain perspective and though this is rarely explored, there is also a high degree of telepathy and /or clairvoyance involved in the process of unconscious exchanges of impressions and details about the living and the deceased in the audiences. Whether it is an actual deceased or something deeper of a telepathic/clairaudient nature occurring or even a good mix of the two doesn’t and shouldn’t invalidate the experience. In my perspective, these mediums and countless others can provide a great healing and cathartic service when it comes to the healing of grief, as attested by those who experience it.

Mediumship as such has also not changed much in the last 100 or so years, remaining a specialty for those living seeking answers and confirmations that their departed loved ones survived somehow. Thus it seems somehow to confirm to some people that the human personality does survive the death of the physical body.

But that may be where channelers now come into the picture. Though the phenomenon is not new, it certainly acquired a new level of popularity (and maybe even notoriety with JZ Knight and Ramtha and their IRS escapades) in the mid to later 1980s when Shirley MacLaine’s movie “Out On A Limb” came out, starring Kevin Ryerson. It more or less put channeling on the map world wide, and brought it out of the closet so to speak.

Channeling is often viewed as a means by which a ‘higher’ source of knowledge, or wisdom or intelligence that is non-physical can impart those described qualities to those physical via communications with a ‘channeler’. Some view it like making a telephone call, but instead of dialing a nearby place, the call is said to be to another dimension or reality. Thus the channeler may become a sort of translator for an intelligence situated in another reality or dimension or even time/space. The analogy is not the best, but it does convey the meaning for now.

The information a channeler may deal with can include some mediumistic talents, but can also run into other areas. Some channelers (and this is a loose term or label - sometimes not much appreciated) have been able to provide information that have astounded medical experts and specialists, as in the case of many of Edgar Cayce’s readings.

There are also various types and qualities within the many categories I clumsily put here. Some channelers do not necessarily go into any great depths, preferring to demonstrate lots of pizzazz and flash than information, and there are those who can go into depths of the psychology of the human experience and still remain within the realm of the practical and simple. There are also channelers who make great claims about their sources, sometimes of god-like proportions, but with little substance or material to show that there is anything to back up the statements. Again, the proof must be in he pudding, not in the claims.

There are also different ways in which information can be communicated from the channeler. There are those who receive some sort of impression, like an intuitive nudge, which may have nothing to do with channeling. There are those who may hear something at the intuitive level and use their own voice to simply repeat what they ‘get’. Some prefer to write, as in a form of automatic writing, and in today’s computer society, you can also keyboard it. Some go to the full psychological/physiological phenomenon, such as complete character and voice transformation, which also lets you know there is definitely another ‘being’ there.

I personally have heard some people claim that there is no need to express or go to the latter, as it can all the same be delivered in one’s own normal voice. While I agree that this latter expression does seem dramatic, I have not seen anyone who is against it actually deliver the type of material in what is referred to as post and non-proprietary information without going into deeper layers of the persona, also as explained below. They usually stick to information referred to as proprietary.

Now, another, interesting example is Jane Roberts and the entity Seth, who have not only sold millions of books, but have created a body of philosophy that is revolutionizing our ideas of reality altogether, even 20 years after Jane’s death. The lists of Jane’s accomplishments are enormous, almost beyond compare. Particular to Jane Roberts was her innate abilities to understand the inner working of the human personality and of reality itself. Though Jane was a wrier in her own rights, Seth dictated more books tan Jane produced on her own, and though Jane would have to edit her own works many times over like most writers, Seth’s materials were literally copy perfect.

Seth also demonstrated knowledge of physics (including quantum and Astro physics to name a few), time, space, reality, psychology, philosophy and so on in ways that was impossible for Jane to produce on her own. But when Jane entered her “Seth” trance, her entire persona was transformed, her psychology, voice and even the use of her body was transformed to try to interpret the energy of the Seth personality. Jane later developed an extremely important body of works on the human personality she called “Aspect Psychology”, which is slowly becoming known and appreciated in academic circles and transforming our understanding of the human persona-gram or personality structure.

In fact Jane Roberts and Seth’s works have been deemed so important that Yale University have archived all of their work after Jane passed away in 1984. It is a considerable archive, as Jane started writing poetry at the early age of 5, and when Jane started to deliver information from Seth, she and her husband Roberts Butts had accumulated over 5 thousand pages of typed text between 1963 when the phenomenon started to 1971. Jane continued to speak for Seth just shortly before she passed away in 1984. So you can imagine the volumes in that archive alone!

Why am I presenting the information in this manner when I could have easily said that the answers are simple: it’s only a matter of a higher being making use of a different type of medium? Because the human personality is a complex “dimension” all its own the landscape of which we hardly understand as living beings.

There are processes involved that literally alter human psychology in terms of channeling. In fact, I would venture to say that it is quite possible that there are heretofore undiscovered dimensions to the human personality structure we are just now beginning to get peeks into. Like a lotus blossom, the human psyche is opening up and revealing itself one petal at a time.

Though some channelers make claims that their sources of information and materials may be from another star system or dimension, or are aliens or whatever, I firmly believe that we have before us a phenomenon of deep significance to our race and our understanding of “SELF”. And I am an advocate of SELF-discovery in every sense of the word.

Furthering that notion, and after being in the role of a ‘channeler’ for at least 25 years now, I am more and more leaning to the conclusion that this phenomenon is the emerging stages of a “higher developmental intelligence” in humans and that it may have well been suppressed over and over by different and differing factions of religions and society for a very long time. I believe that this development requires a type of critical mass and that quite likely it occurs in societies that come to our stage of present understandings and freedoms of expressions.

My experiences also indicate that when a channeler is not ready to allow the transformations beyond his/her present belief paradigms, then the phenomenon must stay within the individual’s personal experience boundaries and even take the guise of famous past historical or religious or even divine personas.

We also live in a world where we believe implicitly what our senses perceive, and with just reason we don’t need to go into here. From all the information many of our ghostly friends (Seth, Abraham, Bashar, Elias, Kris and others) and have given us, it appears the reality is more that we live in a very subjective, symbolic universe, a reality-universe where what we see/perceive with all physical senses is likely misleading. What we experience is really not “THE” hard core reality, but our subjective interpretation of it in a manner that makes sense to us depending on where we are at developmentally and psychologically.

My own trance-persona, who I call Kris (he refers to himself as Brahm) earlier this summer during a channeling course, indicated there were three stages of ‘channeling’: the proprietary, non-proprietary and post-proprietary. Kris has called me Joseph for nearly the entire 25 years. Here is what Kris said back on June 10, 2004:

KRIS: "Now as far as giving voice to another we wish you to understand that there are at least three different levels of speaking. There is the ‘Proprietary’ Level which says that we will give to others information that makes you look good, that flatters others, that does not truly give anything overly challenging and repeats pretty idioms and philosophies found here and there in ‘Chicken Soup for the Soul’ kind of philosophies. That is pretty much the parrot type of channeling. We refer to it as ‘Proprietary’. It does not truly expand beyond the boundaries of the personality’s ego structure. This is suitable for those who have the requirements that come with it as we have described them.

The second stage we will refer to as ‘Non-Proprietary’. This type of channeling, this Non-Proprietary stage of channeling does allow for a higher level type of information exchange. It may contain things that are contained within your own mind, things that you have read, understood and so on that are necessary components of the entire self but along with that type of information you will receive material that is unknown to you or at least has a semblance of unknown and it may be mixed, peppered with the contents of your own mind and some which is not. It may have a decidedly more spiritual flavor. It may contain bits and pieces of various philosophies that are not extra-ordinarily developed and evolved but that still can bring good insight into the perceptions of others that may seek information from you or from the one being the mouth piece. There are also many of those types of individuals.

The other stage we will simply call, , give us a moment. We will use one of Paul’s (Helfrich); we will call it ‘POST Proprietary’. This stage usually involves deeper levels of unconscious information that comes from a different source. It may even come from your own source self or higher self but has a distinct, unique ‘otherness’ attached to it and may allow the flowing of information and material beyond the person’s own boundaries and may be rich in materials and details and information that truly takes the individual and others into new realms of exploration, of psychological, psychic and spiritual realms, may involve as well the types of energy exchanges that exists such as what is occurring between ourselves and Joseph at this time, such that existed Ruburt and Seth and with Michael and Elias. Those are few and far between for the time being. Each one is the product of evolution and most certainly not in the Darwinian sense, the evolution of the individual in psychological terms”.

I hope that this has not only answered your question, but also taken you and others into realms of understanding about the human individual as well as the phenomenon of channeling and the personality structure. Too often there is the impression that the individual has little, if anything at all to do with the process and the whole concept itself. It is misleading in the least.

Thus, even the channeling phenomenon can be a symbol for something else, some deep experience within the human psyche and this is the only way we can experience it at this point in our space-time reality. I personally believe it is important to understand the ‘messages’ that are shared instead of focusing on the dress and the pomp and circumstances of the being doing the delivery if such be the case.

Difficulties and dogmas become established when the two are separated and it is too easy then to establish cults to the personality and completely avoid or even deny the message and focus on the ego perceptions instead, because in such cases, one don’t have to change anything, least of all the harmful belief patterns which are often at the source of the dilemmas of the human condition.

By focusing on the “alien” or “other-worldly” aspects of the being in the channeling process, the true import of the human experience and dimension can easily be swept aside and lost. This is often how dogmatic, literalist and orthodox religions are born, and though they do serve a purpose, they can also open up a can of worms.

In my humble opinion then, the focus should not be on the “being” in the process, but on the developments the message can bring, or not. The proof has to be in the pudding, and not of a ‘Do as I say” nature.

Hope this helps.



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