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1.  Out with the Old, In with the New By Teresa Min Yee Hwang January 3rd, 2015
Chinese New Year Traditions
2.  Reiki as a Japanese Traditional Art Form Practice By Mari Okazaki October 6th, 2013
Mari Okazaki is a full time Reiki practitioner and Jikiden Reiki Dai Shihan teacher. Originally from Japan, she understand the connection between Japanese culture and the origin of Reiki. She shares her perspective on Reiki as a Japanese Traditional Art Form Practice.
3.  Surprise Me! By Chris Weiland August 22nd, 2013
We may be trying to make things happen our way, or only according to the possibilities we know about. In that case it’s time to order “off menu,” and say, “Surprise me.”
4.  St Brigids Spiritual centre By Richard Lanigan July 5th, 2013
Spirituality is the coin of service, from spirit through spirit to spirit

5.  Listening to Spirit By Jennifer Lyall July 17th, 2012
With the shifting energies many people are feeling urged to move forward on their path, despite their fears. Jennifer Lyall shares her experience of what´s opened up for her in her life since she´s connected with her soul and started listening more to her intuition.
6.  Develop Your Soul Healing Power By Lynne Nusyna May 1st, 2012
Would you like to become a powerful healer? You can! It doesn’t matter if you are a healthcare professional, a healer of any modality, a homemaker, a lawyer or whatever. You can become a Divine Healing HandsTM Practitioner, which is to become a divine soul healer to serve humanity.
7.  Free Memberships are Back By Brad Simpson March 18th, 2012
We started providing free access to our website in February 2012! As a result there were over 525,000 visits to our site in just the first two weeks of February, and almost a million by the time the month was over! As a result, we’ve decided to give unprecedented access to our community!
8.  You Are Invited! By Bernie Cook March 8th, 2009
CD Release Party for Dennise Two Spirit Sage Walker
9.  AN INVITATION TO SHIFT OUR COMMUNITY’S ENERGY IN OTTAWA! By Chandler Armstrong September 14th, 2016
This article is the very first of its kind I´ve ever written, and I´m a bit hesitant in posting it, but with our Expo a month away, I feel that it´s imperative that we act now if we are to create an incredible experience for all our exhibitors who have decided to join us in Ottawa this fall.
10.  Celebrating 20 Years - Where to next? By Brad Simpson January 2nd, 2015
It´s our coming up to our 20th year of producing the Body Soul & Spirit Expo and we´re celebrating! In March 1995 we started planning our first event in Vancouver Canada, and after producing more than 120 events and expos across Canada, it´s time to look at moving our events to the next level.

As we look forward to our 25th Anniversary in just a few years, we´re also looking at where we plan to be once we reach a 1/4 of a century! We thought we would share with you how it all started as well as our vision for the future! We´ll keep it brief in this update, but look for a more details video interviews and presentation coming soon!
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