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Wisdom Within Articles   Wisdom Within

1.  What Are We Like in 3043? By Kemila Zsange March 17th, 2014
We can experience past lives through hypnosis regression, but can we experience lives in the future? This hypnotherapy case story shows us some fascinating aspects 1000 years from now.
2.  Ego Is What You Think You Are By Roy Dopson October 24th, 2012
The thought OF is exactly what IT IS NOT. That includes all thoughts you have about yourself.
3.  Perfection of What IS By Roy Dopson October 24th, 2012
Pure witnessing without conceptualization is the way to realize the perfection of what IS.
4.  Karma By Roy Dopson October 17th, 2012
Karma, and how to stop it.
5.  True Spirituality By Roy Dopson October 9th, 2012
The thinking process creates the fundamental illusion of a separate sense of self. Not just "negative" thoughts. ALL thoughts. Even ones that make us feel good. Even "Spiritual" thoughts. Any process that distracts one from present awareness, which is the undifferentiated true self, is a reinforcement of the fundamental illusion. This includes any thought process that focuses on the past or the future, as well as any type of seeking that is "outside" the self.
6.  Pet Telepathy By Nancy Huber January 17th, 2012
I received a mail from a web friend about Pet Telepathy...most interesting
7.  The Seeker´s Equation By Allan Beveridge August 4th, 2011
The Twin Powers: The TP material is neither a philosophy nor a methodology per say. Through the material, Allan will share a way to view ourselves and the world, one that will be of benefit no matter the path you are taking.
8.  Manifestation of Inner Gifts By Vincent Pace February 26th, 2011
´Manifestation of Inner Gifts´, is a life long quest of acknowledgment, patience, perseverance, belief in oneself, and the unwavering desire to evolve towards the fulfillment of those gifts!
9.  An Interactive Panel on Manifestation, The Secret and The Law of Attractions By Chandler August 16th, 2007
As a special feature event at this year´s Body Soul & Spirit Expo we´ve put together a great panel of experts and authors who will be facilitating an interactive questions and answer sessions on Manifestions, the Secret and the Law of attraction. Show Up Early on the Friday of Each of our Events (2:45pm) to take part in this exciting event feature.
10.  Featured Tarot Card - Death XIII By News Editor January 13th, 2006
This Month, Norma Cowie focus on "The Death Card"! Although this card often evokes fear in a reading, it´s meaning really centers around transformation, or the end of old patterns! Learn more and feel free to ad your comments or insights!

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