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51.  Discover the Ancient Secrets of Face Reading By Carole Friesen January 25th, 2006
Give me 5 minutes with anyone and I can tell you more about their character than a 10-page resume.
52.   “All our Issues are in our Tissues” By Carole Friesen January 25th, 2006
Have you ever asked your self “Why am I in the shape I’m in”?
53.  Breathing for meditation By Robert Morgen January 10th, 2006
Breathing is the MOST important part of meditation and Kundalini Awakening. It’s the foundation of all the exercises and skills that come after, so taking the time to learn it now will make things much easier.
54.  Complete Self Acceptance By Robert Morgen January 10th, 2006
Would you like to be happy with who you are right now?
55.  How Bad Is Your Breath? 14 Simple Tips For Reducing Mouth Odor. By Dr. Rita Louise January 4th, 2006
Bad breath, morning breath, breath odor or halitosis are all terms used to describe a noticeably unpleasant odor exhaled on the breath. Halitosis is not a problem by itself, but it can cause concerns in our interpersonal relationships. Here are some tips on how to have cleaner, fresher breath naturally?
56.  Steps to Building Self-Esteem By Tina Thrussell November 17th, 2005
We play with 10 separate steps to building self-esteem in our full day workshop, Believe in Yourself – You’re Awesome. They are concrete, tangible and effective actions you can take to raise your level of self-esteem. Over the next few months, we will share these steps with you in Heart and Mind Matters.
57.  Horoscopes for November 2005 By Chrysta Lewis November 15th, 2005
The Body Soul & Spirit welcomes local Calgary astrologer, Chrysta Lewis of Stars to Dreams Astrology Inc. as our new monthly astrological columnist! Chrysta will be watching the heavens and charting the planets for our members each month... Here is her first column for November!
58.  Return to Health with Taoist Tai Chi By Patti Trautman October 28th, 2005
Learn about the Physical Science of the ancient Taoist Art of Tai Chi: Join one of the Beginner classes in Taoist Tai Chi starting soon in Calgary:
Monday evening class 7- 9 pm starts November 7th
Thursday evening class 7- 9 pm starts November 10th
59.  Are You Suffering From Hypothyroidism? By Dr. Rita Louise October 26th, 2005
When someone is experiencing hypothyroidism the thyroid gland is impaired, producing too little thyroid hormone. Hypothyroidism is due primarily to a dysfunction of the thyroid gland itself. If the thyroid gland is removed, obviously, the body is unable to produce any thyroid hormone. If the thyroid is partially removed, it may be able to produce enough hormones for a while, but over time it can become overworked and burn out. But the thyroid can also become impaired for many other reasons.
60.  Positive Affirmations By Barb Powell October 18th, 2005
Positive affirmations are sentences repeated many times in order to make an impact on your subconscious mind and set in motion your ability to focus on the situation you would like to achieve or produce.
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