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Awakening: Food for your Soul! Articles   Awakening: Food for your Soul!

11.  Are You Guilty of Sin? By Chandler September 28th, 2008
Rebecca Halstead from sheds new light on some of our deepest held subconscious beliefs about sin, false guilt and how to find the freedom to be you in a world that often uses these concepts to manipulate you!
12.  Is your Life in Order?
By Dhyan Vimal
By Chandler August 17th, 2008
Order is when the way you are; is the way you want to be.
13.  Thoughts about Thoughts By Chandler February 13th, 2008
About 20 years ago, I became a student of my thoughts. I was the mother of two young children, my own mother was suffering through a terminal illness and my husband had been laid off from his job. But, somehow, deep inside, I knew that there was more to life.
14.  MID-LIFE CRISIS By Chandler November 30th, 2007
At age 54, life hadnít turned out like it was supposed to. He was a handsome, successful, Hispanic male. His pretty wife had given him both a son and a daughter. They lived in a lovely home. He was a pillar of his community. Why had he been going into a depression for the last three years? What was missing? What was wrong?
15.  Effortless Prosperity Author Bijan Presents Workshop in Calgary By Chandler January 24th, 2007
Author of the Effortless Prosperity Book, Bijan presents Clearing To Create Seminar.. A Tranformational Weekend in Calgary!
16.  What Is the Higher Self? By Chandler December 11th, 2006
Most people are familiar with the term, "Higher Self", but how many of you really know what it means and why it´s important to develop a relationship with our
17.  Breathing for Meditation By Chandler February 13th, 2006
Breathing is the MOST important part of meditation and Kundalini Awakening. It?s the foundation of all the exercises and skills that come after, so taking the time to learn it now will make things much easier.
18.  Ascension 101 By News Editor December 1st, 2005
A Sharp perspective on the New Age and the Ascension.
19.  What is Object Meditation? By News Editor December 1st, 2005

Object meditation is meditation on a thing, concrete or abstract. Read about its goals and benefits, and discover why the experience of object meditation is both humbling and inspiring at the same time. Also, learn how you can discover which meditation methods have YOUR name on them.

20.  PRACTICING STAYING PRESENT TO THE NOW By News Editor December 1st, 2005
A specific technique that is very powerful for practicing staying present to the Now is meditation. It is in meditation that one creates the space to experience a very deep state of relaxation, a state that is very healing to both the mind and body. As we know, in meditation ones metabolism slows down, including heart rate and blood pressure. The consistent practice of meditation will reduce anxiety and stress.
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