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Healing Arts Articles   Healing Arts

1.  The Key To Tomorrow’s Health By Dieter Häusler March 1st, 2012
Help and Healing Through the Teaching of
Bruno Groening Physicians report about a special way of healing on the spiritual path.
2.  All Your Issues and In Your Tissues By Carole Friesen August 8th, 2011

Have you ever asked your self “Why am I in the shape I’m in”? Aren’t we all made of the same matter; bones, flesh and blood? So why do our packages all look so different from one another?

3.  Reiki Heals Asthma By taylore vance April 10th, 2008
Could it be possible to heal Asthma is this lifetime by removing a cannon ball from one of her past lives? Want to see how it was resolved?
4.  Your Intentions Help You Heal By Brad Simpson August 30th, 2013
What is the most overlooked and underused aspect in modern medicine? Our intentions. Using our intentions to manifest our desired state of health is rarely considered to be part of our active wellness program, yet it should be.
5.  The Power to Manifest with Theta Healing By Chandler September 28th, 2008
Have you ever tried to make changes in your life and no matter what you do you still feel powerless. ThetaHealing is a process that assists people in changing the beliefs that prevent a person from feeling, creating,and attracting what they desire. Change your beliefs and you change your life.
6.  The Transformation of Humanity During the Shift By Chandler September 28th, 2008
How Homo Sapiens can become Homo Luminous? Dr Alberto Villoldo brings the Q’ero rites that were a closely guarded secret only given to the most high Shamans to North America!
7.  Seven Reasons to Learn Energy Healings By Chandler November 29th, 2007
Learn why it is important to learn energy healing. There are 7 reasons explained and a wonderful meditation exercise to help you release energy blockages and feel empowered. It is a must read!
8.  Aura Perception & Interpretation By Chandler May 28th, 2006
Where there is life there is the "aura". Simply, the aura sustains our life. It forms a protective shield around our body, a sort of energetic immune system that defends us and guards us from all negative energy (thoughts, deeds or words) and dis-ease.
9.  Lightarian Rays By Chandler February 13th, 2006
Who isn´t in need of healing. The Lightarian Ray Attunements work on specific areas where healing and acceleration is inevitable. If you are so drawn, check this out for yourself, you will be glad you did...
10.  Energy Work Basics Part 1: What is energy anyway? By News Editor December 1st, 2005
So what is energy and why does it matter to you? Everything is made of energy. Your thoughts, and emotions are made of energy. The energy of your thoughts and feelings extend beyond your physical bodies and affects the people and spaces around you. You can learn how to work with energy and that can make a big difference in your life.
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