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Body Soul & Spirit Expo NewsBody Soul & Spirit Expo News
From Vision to Reality the Art of Building Community!
Posted by on 22 September, 2013
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

Joining us in our vision of creating a three-faceted synergistic offering of Events, Publications and Online Community and Network Portal that will both create a better online component for our events, but support our community throughout the year.

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7 Improvements to a More Amazing Events
Posted by on 02 September, 2012
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

These are truly exciting times, where we are all being called upon to explore new ways and possibilities! While many choose to focus on the chaos and the challenges, we hope you will join us in seeing this as a time of the emergence of new potentials for our world! We heart-fully invite ALL who share our vision to join us in the co-creation of something Wonderful!

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Magazine Re-Launch This Fall!
A Completely New Publication Inside & Out!
Posted by on 19 June, 2011
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News


The Body Soul & Spirit Magazine is now being upgraded to a GLOSSY PUBLICATION and will be distributed to over 50,000 readers this fall! The new format will also feature NEW CONTENT, COLUMNS and FEATURES!

We've also expanded our Distribution Network to Include many more highly targeted locations throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan! We're thinking BIG!

Our intentions is to be Canada's First... National Publication New Thought, Natural Health and Healing, New Thought, New Consciousness Publication! THINK BIG WITH US!

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Exhibiting: Effective Marketing for Conscious Entrepreneurs and Holistic Busines
Posted by on 12 March, 2011
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

Our objective is to provide the VERY BEST in PROMOTION that reaches the RIGHT TARGET AUDIENCE as well as provide incredible Value per exhibitor!

What we have consistently achieved each year is EXCEPTIONAL providing over THREE in some cites FOUR times the promotion than the average booth cost per exhibitor.

That's Three to Four times more promotion than you would get purchasing your own newspaper, television, billboard Radio promotions!

As a result we can say with confidence that we provide that best possible promotional value for our community of conscious entrepreneurs, holistic business, and health and wellness products and services looking to promote their offerings.

Are you looking for the best possible promotional value? If so this article will provide you the how and why of what we provide and how it might be the right promotional and marketing solution for your business or organization!

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Relationships Marketing: What Makes some Expos Different than Others!
Posted by on 11 March, 2011
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

After 15 years and over 180 Events - experience has been our best teacher on what type of promotion results in a successful event.

In this article we share some of the reason our events have succeed for so many years, as well as some insight into current trends!

If you are considering building your business, practice or organization, and are looking for marketing options, this article will be of particular interest!

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What you need to know about Expo, Magazine and Network Launch in Toronto!
Posted by on 10 February, 2011
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

Everyone is talking about it! The Body Soul & Spirit; Expo, Magazine, and Social Network - A New Multi-faceted, uniquely affordable and effective; tried and true solution coming to Toronto this Spring! With experience of faciliating over 180 successful events in Western Canada of the past 15 year Body Soul & Spirit is considered by many to be the #1 Networking event for conscious entrepreneurs in Canada! Learn more about what is planned in the article below!

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The Re-Launch of our Monthly Newsletter
Posted by on 24 August, 2010
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

After much demand it's back! As part our complete renovation of the Body Soul & Spirit Website, our dynamic and interactive electronic publication - News For Body Soul & Spirit - is designed to bring our community together! Submit or read the lasts members, events, articles and news from our community and much more....

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The Renovation of the Body Soul & Spirit Website
Posted by on 22 August, 2010
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

Website is undergoing renovations, upgrades and improvements will better represent the growth of our Expos, Magazine and Online Community and Social Network . The New site will provide tools and resources that will support those who are a part of the Body Soul & Spirit, at the expos, and throughout the year!

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How the Expo offers Workshops for as little as 1/3 of the Price
Posted by on 07 September, 2008
Category: Body Soul & Spirit Expo News

The Body Soul & Spirit Expo offers Premiem Workshops by some of the Worlds most Inspiring and Life Changing Speakers, Authors and Teachers at as much as a third of the price offered at "one-night-only" events.

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