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Reasons To Belive: ... Booth: 102

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Contact: David Buhr
Company: Reasons To Belive
Phone: 604-817-6965

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Tim's Medicinals: Cannabis CBD Booth: 103
Cannabis CBD

It is my passion to help people become pain free. If you can eliminate the inflammation you can eliminate the pain. Cannabis (CBD) is the best anti inflammatory known to man. Tim's medicinals produces Grandma Mir Mir's Muscle and Joint Skin Cream. I have a loyal clientele who have arthritis, lupus, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s, migraine headaches, toothaches . We also offer CBD and THC tinctures.

Contact: Tim Killen
Company: Tim's Medicinals
Phone: 604-715-2695

The New Agora: ... Booth: 104

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Contact: Lorenzo Malownae
Company: The New Agora
Phone: 1-800-518-0961

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Psychic Boutique, Armanna: Tarot, Palm, Crystal Ball, Aura, Life Coach Booth: 105
Tarot, Palm, Crystal Ball, Aura, Life Coach

Psychic reader and spiritual advisor specializing in Tarot, palm, Crystal, Aura Readings, Dream Interpretations photo analysis.

I’m straight to the point and honest and I don’t sugarcoat anything !! So if you want to hear the truth book a session today !! Also speaks Italian.. i’m naturally gifted so if you’re going through some difficult times I will lead you and guide you in the right direction all readings are private and confidential!!

I’ve been helping people for many years and I am not Judge mental looking forward to meeting you !! Seek your limitations and go beyond !! Your destiny awaits forecast readings for 2018

Contact: Armanna
Company: Psychic Boutique, Armanna
Phone: 604-725-6867

Carol Bray Pippard, Psychic Medium : ... Booth: 106

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Contact: Carol Bray Pippard
Company: Carol Bray Pippard, Psychic Medium
Phone: 250-589-7367

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EMF X Solutions : Harmonize Everything Booth: 108
Harmonize Everything

Happy, healthy people, thriving on a happy, healthy planet - that’s our mission.

Our aim is to facilitate living in a better world - where potentially toxic frequencies don’t lurk in our social media exchanges. Where we don't have to be afraid for our bees, our trees, or our children being harmed by electromagnetic radiation. Where we are happy in answering our cellular phones, and where our communications are harmonized - bringing greater harmony to our entire circle of influence - friends, family; whomever we call, or receive a call from. A world where the food we eat, and the water we drink is filled with love. Where good wine becomes great wine.

So, we invented a few things...

TELE PHI is a harmonizer for your mobile phone, laptop, tablet...

ELECTRA PHI harmonizes smart meters, electrical systems, cars...

AQUA PHI restructures & harmonizes water, anything with water in it

Contact: Kerry Smith
Company: EMF X Solutions
Phone: 604-809-9141

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Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre : Retreats, Courses in Natural Spiritual Healing, Progressive Counselling Booth: 109
Retreats, Courses in Natural Spiritual Healing, Progressive Counselling

The Self Realization Meditation Healing Centres were founded by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma and her husband Peter Sevananda to serve the needs of people of all races, backgrounds, beliefs, and for all levels of need.

The focus is on providing teaching, nurturing, the clearing of emotions and balancing of mind, body and spirit for all who are seeking peace, harmony, health and progress. All of the Centres are run by qualified teachers, Healers and Counsellors, living and working together as a spiritual family with the guidance of Mata Yogananda’s experience, love and wisdom.

Contact: Kathseva Fentiman
Company: Self Realization Meditation Healing Centre
Phone: 604 740-0898

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Young Living: Essential Oils Booth: 110
Essential Oils

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Contact: Kerrie Melanson
Company: Young Living
Phone: 780-898-2209

The Knowledge Book : ... Booth: 111

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the World Brotherhood Union Foundation and the Program of The Knowledge Book. This is not a Religion nor is it a book to be worshipped.

This is a Program following the completion of the Program of Religions, put into action by the Creators, to be an assistant and a guide to the Genuine Human Being who desires to Serve Humanity at this Awakening Age. This Program is to Unite Human Consciousnesses separated by Religion and to assist in Awakening those Essences who have incarnated at this time for the purpose of helping our brothers and sisters to Ascension.

The Knowledge Book has been dictated by a technology called the Light-Photon-Cyclone technique, not yet known to our Planet. This technique has the ability to connect the reader to the System of the Divine Plan and their personal Destiny Plan by opening their Channels to their own level of Consciousness.

Through this technique the reader’s knowledge of the Cosmos and their place in it, is revealed and the Frequency of the Higher Dimensions are loaded onto their Mind, Body and Essence…healing, strengthening and expanding the Trinity of the Individual, equal and greater to the process of Meditation. In return, that Individual will reflect these healing Energies onto Humanity and ground this Universal Consciousness onto the Planet Earth. This is a Program of Service taken on by those who feel the Command of the Heart. Please come see us at this event for your free copy of the first chapter of this book and seminars daily.

Contact: Barb Steden
Company: The Knowledge Book
Phone: 778-386-6444

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FIRMA: energywear Booth: 112, 113

Revolutionary active-wear, engineered to boost energy, regulate body temperature and kill odors. Thermal reactive minerals embedded into the activewear’s fabric converts body heat into far-infrared energy, which promotes blood circulation, energy recovery and cell regeneration. At the same time, the FIRMA fabric wicks away moisture!

Contact: Lane Hogenes
Company: FIRMA
Phone: 604-307-0815

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Soul Full Solutions: Holistic Practitioner Booth: 114, 115
Holistic Practitioner

Donna is an Psychic Medium, Empath, Angel Channel, Auric & Chakra reader, Soul Coach, and Reiki Master.

Having travelled & studied spiritual modalities and healing practices around the world for forty plus years, she embodies the highest of spiritual practices and is particularly attuned to energy healing, via combined Reiki, chakra and auric resonance.

By combining psychic reading with scientific aura photography she takes her clients and students to their highest levels of soul awareness. Frank is an experienced Spiritual & Business Coach. This Dynamic duo is dedicated to raising the vibration of the planet one student at a time with joy & purpose.

Contact: Donna Fairhurst
Company: Soul Full Solutions
Phone: 250-535-0746

 |  Visit Website : ... Booth: 116

Psychic Kalawna, Master Hypnotherapist, and Spiritual Healer. Over 30 years of professional experience channeling and healing. YouTube - Kalawna - over 4 million views, free guided meditations.

Contact: Kalwana Biggs
Phone: 604 886 3536

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Juice Plus : Vitamins & Supplements Booth: 117
Vitamins & Supplements

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Contact: Anita Pettersen
Company: Juice Plus
Phone: 604-315-1233

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OM Botanicals : Organic Skin Care Booth: 118
Organic Skin Care

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Contact: Sudhir Shah
Company: OM Botanicals
Phone: 919-290-3989

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Leah Faye Goddess Astrology: Astrologer Booth: 119

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Contact: Leah Faye Bolton
Company: Leah Faye Goddess Astrology
Phone: 604-565-5673

Fashion On The Move: ... Booth: 120

Hi my name is Gail Terrillon and I live in Langley, BC. I have over 20 years experience in the fashion industry. I love making women feel and look their best. We are a "Pop-Up" fashion boutique that offers multiple lines of current, trendy, affordable ladies fashions in sizes S - XXL. We offer great styles, great quality and great fabrics. You can find Fashion On The Move at trade shows, markets and local events. Personal shopping and home parties are available by appointment only.

Contact: Gail Terrillon
Company: Fashion On The Move
Phone: 778-772-7420

Epiphany Life Purpose Consulting: Certified Advanced Hand Analyst & Life Purpose Consultant Booth: 122
Certified Advanced Hand Analyst & Life Purpose Consultant

Shelora Fitzgerald, gifted visionary and intuitive Soul Psychologist, brings the wisdom a lifetime dedicated to inspiring and empowering thousands of people all over the world to unleash their creativity and passion and step into the powerful, purposeful, soul-satisfying lives they were designed for.

Shelora is valued for her emotional authenticity, her invigorating ‘hands on’ presentations and her intimate, inspiring personal coaching style.

Contact: Shelora Fitzgerald
Company: Epiphany Life Purpose Consulting
Phone: 604-781-0867

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Ted Silverhand: Native Inspired Readings Booth: 124
Native Inspired Readings

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Contact: Ted Silverhand
Company: Ted Silverhand
Phone: 250-739-0357

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Pure Romance: ... Booth: 126

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Contact: Katina Dickson
Company: Pure Romance
Phone: 604-220-3352

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Time Share Exit Team : Time Share Property Exit Advice & Assitance Booth: 127
Time Share Property Exit Advice & Assitance

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Contact: Ryan Swan
Company: Time Share Exit Team
Phone: 604-518-9059

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Lonsdale Wellness Studio: Healing Arts Booth: 128
Healing Arts

We are a team that is passionate about helping people to reach their health goals. Check out our booth #128 and talk to some of our amazing practitioners!

Acupuncturist Carter Hsiao, RAc. R. TCM: Acupuncture wizard Carter will be providing 25 minute treatments by donation, make sure to reserve your spot before they fill up! Visit the Lonsdale Wellness both to find out what acupuncture can do for you!

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist Lisa Matthews, RN, BCST: Don’t miss chronic pain expert Lisa Matthew’s talk on “Healing Chronic Pain as a Path of Awareness” on Saturday at 6pm, then come meet her in our booth #128! Find your inner sources to heal with BCST.

Chiropractor Bo Gregson, D. C.: Chiropractic manipulation is your best choice for treating: neck pain, low back pain, headaches, hip injuries, and shoulder injuries. Come talk to Dr. Bo about your issue and see how chiropractic treatment can improve your life. Free brief assessment at our booth this weekend and full examinations booked next week by donation.

Counsellor Jamey McDonald: Jamey’s life is dedicated to providing compassionate service to people who feel the need for the support of a wise friend and guide. Book Jamey’s free 30 minute Initial consult in our studio.

Contact: Bo Gregson
Company: Lonsdale Wellness Studio
Phone: 604-770-4795

 |  Visit Website

Cellular Consciousness Healing: ... Booth: 129

Discover what is beneath the surface of your emotional and/or physical issues by tapping into Cellular Consciousness (information) held within your Cells.

Traumatic events, unexpressed emotions and limiting beliefs from this lifetime or others can get “frozen” in your body and unable to move through your energy meridians and get released in a healthy way.

Della works with the energy, and, is able to release it along with the physiological processes that are held tight. This allows transformation both physically and emotionally in a gentle, drug free, non-invasive way without having to re-experience the events on an intellectual level.

Physically, there is release chronic of pain and tightness. Emotionally, there is clarity gained allowing you to move forward in life.

Contact: Della Reside
Company: Cellular Consciousness Healing
Phone: 306-536-7733

 |  Visit Website

My Healing House: Pregnancy Loss Booth: 130
Pregnancy Loss

The Unforgotten Ones focuses on pregnancy loss conversations.

We will have 3 healers/coaches at the Expo to offer 20 minute healing sessions.

Visit us in the booth #130 and lets start the conversation.

Contact: Kimberlee Klein, Vera Novak and Rob Grover
Company: My Healing House
Phone: 604-376-9243

 |  Visit Website

Dr Lesley Phillips: Spiritual teacher, psychic reader and transformational healer Booth: 131
Spiritual teacher, psychic reader and transformational healer


Low Energy - Indecisive - Can't Manifest


Relationship - Career - Finances - Health


Unclear Life Purpose - Inactive Intuition - Can't Access Inner Guidance

A consultation with Dr. Lesley can provide you with clarity if you are having issues in any of the above aspects of your life.


Past Life Reading - Find out who you were in some of your past lives. Access the wisdom and abilities you developed then to use now. Learn whether past challenges are still impacting you and why.

Aura Reading  - Your aura is the book of you and contains your life experiences, memories and beliefs. An aura reading can help you better understand yourself and current life experiences.


Dr Lesley is clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant, intuitive and a trance medium. She reads from trance to connect with your soul. She works with angels, ascended masters and spirit guides to give you a transformational experience.

Dr Lesley regularly appears on radio and TV, is the Psychic Advisor on The Earth Needs Rebels Show, author of The Midas Tree and creator of the Portico Card Deck.  

Read her clients testimonials.


Dr. Lesley used to be a microbiologist searching the tropics for natural product medicines. Then she was a business negotiator in the life science industry, where she brokering multi-million dollar deals. She now focuses on using her spiritual gifts to help others.

She has extensive training in metaphysics and is a certified spiritual counsellor. She graduated from the CDM Spiritual Teaching Center’s two year Clairvoyant Training Program as a minister in 2003 and as a spiritual teacher in 2005.

Dr. Lesley also trained in meditation, healing and clairvoyance at the School of Insight and Intuition, UK; as well as in dream incubation, dream re-entry, astral travel, shamanic journeying and dream symbol interpretation at The Rainbow Bridge Dream Group.

Contact: Lesley Phillips
Company: Dr Lesley Phillips
Phone: 778 235 3039

 |  Visit Website

Salt Spring Malas and Yoga Jewelry: Mala's & Yoga Jewelry Booth: 132
Mala's & Yoga Jewelry

Salt Spring Malas & Yoga Jewelry

Graceful and elegant designer mala beads. Timeless styles. Modern luxury. High grade gemstones. Symbolic spiritual jewelry that connects to your practice. Handmade on Salt Spring Island with intention and energetic integrity.

Cleansed, energized, and blessed with mantras.

Guaranteed to last a lifetime. Quality you can count on.

Contact: Jacqueline Medalye
Company: Salt Spring Malas and Yoga Jewelry
Phone: 778-354-3541

 |  Visit Website

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