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Centre Street Church: ... Booth: 100, 101

Every life has great opportunity to experience love to its fullest! You can know and embrace your creator, who loves you dearly. Who has a plan and a purpose for your life! Everyone is on a healing journey in the life towards wholeness and a joy filled existence!

Come and explore what it means to hear the voice of God, and be richly blessed in your body, soul and spirit

Contact: Gail Kirwan
Company: Centre Street Church
Phone: 403-520-2684

Voxxlife: ... Booth: 102

Voxxlife proprietary socks and insoles with technology called HTP. (HUMAN PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY). These socks and insoles make a huge difference when running, walking, or exercising of any kind. If you have sciatica nerve issues, diabetes, planter fasciitis, knee pain or back pain, to mention a few, these will help.

There is research and proven science behind these products. Voxx HPT is proven to increase stability, balance and range of motion. Thereby giving the user improved mobility and quality of life. Whether navigating hiking trails or everyday tasks, users have optimal stability and mobility. This may reduce fall risk to seniors. The potential impact on overall health and wellness and pain management is almost immeasurable with Voxx HTP. 30 day money back guarantee.

Co-exhibitors: Cathy Farney, Trish Mills, Debbie Dovichak

Contact: Jenny Dovichak
Company: Voxxlife
Phone: 403-200-4996

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Cherisse Mia Fine Art: Cherisse Mia Fine Art Booth: 103
Cherisse Mia Fine Art

Cherisse Mia takes two of her great loves, art and gemstones, and gorgeously arranges large gems, crystals and minerals on perfectly synchronized paint and resin wood canvas. The huge amount of gems on each painting will take your breath away. Her use of color and movement as she harnesses the magic of the gems and the paint are truly an emotional experience to behold. This is powerful art unlike any other. The use of Alberta’s very own ammolite is the signature of Cherisse’s work. What better job than to touch and behold the very history beneath our feet in this hauntingly beautiful province?

Contact: Cherisse Mia
Company: Cherisse Mia Fine Art
Phone: 4034788540

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Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts: Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts Booth: 104
Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts

Come and visit Candice, Danard and other practitioners to get some relaxation & down time or get some guidance & healing directly from your Angelic team. We will be offering Reiki, Angel readings & healing, Ortho Bionomy (gentle body work) and more. Come say "Hi" to us at booth #112.

Contact: Candice Creelman & Danard Willisko
Company: Thunderbird Sky Reiki & Energetic Arts
Phone: 403-828-7395

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Wood You Believe And More: ... Booth: 105

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Contact: Victoria Atkins
Company: Wood You Believe And More
Phone: 587-226-6392

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Bamboo & Spine: ... Booth: 108

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Contact: Travis Cox
Company: Bamboo & Spine
Phone: 403-460-6090

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Paulita Treasures: Hand Made Children's Clothing Booth: 109
Hand Made Children's Clothing

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Contact: Jose Fieseas
Company: Paulita Treasures
Phone: 587-320-6500

Family Braces: ... Booth: 110


Orthodontics isn't a part of what we do. It's all we do.

We focus exclusively on how to straighten teeth and correct an unhealthy bite using braces and INVISALIGN.

We offer FREE consultations, Flexible pricing ranging from $3999-$5999 and NO INTEREST payment plans.

Contact: Kathy Youngblood
Company: Family Braces
Phone: 403-202-9220

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Lazy M Lodge: ... Booth: 111

Experience the Ultimate Retreat Center

Great location in a scenic and peaceful country setting!
45 minutes from Red Deer ~ easy 2 hour drive from Calgary or Edmonton.


Kickstart Your Wellness Retreats May 18-20 Lazy M Lodge, Caroline, AB

“Have you always wanted to live a lighter, healthier life? Kickstart Your Wellness Retreats are experiential weekend retreats designed to help you get into a healthy lifestyle routine so you can have more ease, joy, and freedom in your life. It is a weekend to focus on YOU! Inspired by the science of Ayurveda, everything from whole food nutrition to healthy functional movement to spiritual health is covered in the weekend so that you can take your experience and use it in everyday life. This is a launch pad to living light! -Kendra Irvine, Certified Wellness Coach and Professional Kinesiologist

The Canadian Tantra Festival June 14-17 Lazy M Lodge, Caroline, AB

A Tantric Pilgrimage in your own backyard
The Canadian Tantra Festival is unique in that it combines the play and exuberance of a festival with the supportive structure of a retreat. We know retreats can be expensive and time is limited, so we set out to create a way to both play and transform, that would cost much less than the average retreat. Experiences you will never forget await, to stoke your inner fire and have you walking through the door open, empowered and connected.

Dozens of workshops, woven together so that you can move through your own personal metamorphosis, supported by some of the most talented teachers and healers on the planet. This festival celebrates the full spectrum of Tantra to be explored. This includes meditation, relationship tools, radical self-love, conscious sexuality and above all a brave exploration of the self.

Calgary Enlightenment Intensive Oct. 25-29 Lazy M Lodge, Caroline, AB

The Enlightenment Intensive EI is on the cutting edge of seeker technology, fostering breakthrough experiences 50-100 times faster than silent sitting meditation. It is a 3-day, fully residential retreat, with the sole purpose of giving the participant the best possible opportunity at having a Direct Experience of Absolute Truth, an Enlightenment Experience.

In form, it is a container, a safe and sacred space for seekers to let their guards down and express themselves openly, safely. In essence, it is a sacred journey within oneself, an adventurous journey full of excitement and challenge, sorrow and triumph, and indescribable reward.
Inquiring into the question

“Who am I?”, aiming directly at the truth of that, we inevitably run into "obstacles to Enlightenment": anything that is between what we identify as in the moment, and the True Self. Past experiences, programming, etc. form perceptions that can be called "relative truths"

Within the safety of the EI, we communicate what comes up to a listening partner in a "dyad". We shed our light of consciousness on it. If it’s untrue, it loses it's power. If it’s Truth, it grows. On average, 25-33% of participants will have an Enlightenment Experience on an EI. If Awakening is important to you, then you owe it to yourself to try an Enlightenment Intensive

Contact: Randy McGhee / Marcel Gour
Company: Lazy M Lodge
Phone: 403-722-3053

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Your Health Journey : Shaklee Booth: 127

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Contact: Douglas Goudie
Company: Your Health Journey
Phone: 403-207-7252

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Archangel Connection: .... Booth: 128

Serena does more than "talk" to Angels, she connects YOU to them. At the show, she offers 15minute, recorded (recordings sent to you via email after the show) mini-sessions that connect you with ArchAngels Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. We remove some energetic baggage and deal with a past life that has aspects being mirrored in this life, we recognize some new opportunities, discuss your healing needs and how you are moving on your life path. Full sessions are normally 90minutes and include contact with 22 ArchAngels. Should you choose to pre-purchase a full session at the show, you get the SHOW DEAL which offers you 4 Email Angelic Connections FREE to use yourself or share with friends over the next 6 months.

Every session, and indeed everything on offer at the booth is intended to Raise Your Vibration. We wrote our book, 22 at Heart, that enhances your own connection to the ArchAngels and Serena can sign it for you at the booth. Angelic Vibrational Art, AVA for short, is made with selenite, for its high vibration, and copper which enhances the field of energy, and is available as original pieces and/or prints. Our Vibrational shirts are available at the Show Special of $55 (down from $88) and each depicts an AVA and contains selenite and copper in the paint on these hand-embelished shirts. Our BluRay discs contain our 4hour webinarof Angelic Ho'oponopono that helps you REMOVE BLOCKS form your life. We offer many stones with vibrational properties as well.

With Mother's Day coming soon, we are offering some NEW products; amazing vibrational jewellery, brand new cds with meditations to assist you in your Angelic connections and general energetic practise, and purse/desktop-sized pieces of art contained in a discreet box. Now there is no challenge to find a unique energetic gift for your Mom or your Self. See you at the show!

Contact: Serena Kolodka
Company: Archangel Connection
Phone: 403-478-7125

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The Energy Diva: ... Booth: 130

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Contact: Joan Widen
Company: The Energy Diva
Phone: 403-889-9088

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Inner Resonance Technologies: Inner Resonance Technologies Booth: 131
Inner Resonance Technologies

Experience a very practical ‘how to’ application of the universal, scientific principles of Inner Resonance Technologies that effortlessly and automatically clear the way to birth new realities, most often instantly!

Heal from incurable diseases, harmonize otherwise hopeless relationships and situations, know your gifts, be successful doing what you love and love your self!

Contribute your gifts to new solutions globally, bridging humanity into new paradigms of collaborative, so-creative ventures, for our continued wellbeing and the evolution of our species.

Empower yourself to be fully, wholly and confidently your unique self, free of limiting programs, clear and able to contribute your personal gifts and talents where inspired.

We are all needed to fully show up in these times of great challenge and opportunity. Greatest of all, each of us has the unconditional birthright to be healthy, happy and fulfilled!

Create a ‘Switch of Wholeness’, self programmed into a ‘Touch Breath’ for ongoing daily evolution for greater and greater expression of Your Magical Self!!!

Contact: Maureen Edwardson
Company: Inner Resonance Technologies
Phone: 604-366-2631

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Oceane Body Mind Soul : Personal Skin Care Anti Ageing Products Booth: 134
Personal Skin Care Anti Ageing Products

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Contact: Oshri Chai
Company: Oceane Body Mind Soul
Phone: 587-336-5444

Violet Aura Holistic Healing Centre: ... Booth: 135

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Contact: Dee Dee Rebitt
Company: Violet Aura Holistic Healing Centre
Phone: 403-248-9178

Soul Pathing: Soul Pathing Booth: 136
Soul Pathing

What Is Soulpathing?
Soulpathing is a connection between you, your Soul and your truth.
It is connecting through a person's Soul, to find out past life traits and lessons which have yet to be learnt and are affecting you in your present life.The information you are given enables you to work through any negativities and old attachments.

This helps you to move through this life with positivity, good energy, and harmony, as well as allowing you to follow your Soul's true path.
Blockages can also be cleared to help you move more fluently on your path.

Contact: Bridgett Rae-Evans
Company: Soul Pathing
Phone: 403 681-0666

 |  Visit Website

Julie Spiritual Healer: ... Booth: 137

JULIE HELENA ROBINSON is an internationally renowned Angel Intuitive, aspiring author, inspirational speaker, radio host, energy healer and teacher in the fields of self-development, spiritual and psychic growth.

MAUREEN LONGHORN is a shamanic practitioner and healer. Her life coaching sessions are very restorative and her healing products are unlike anyone else's.

Company: Julie Spiritual Healer
Phone: 403-474-3378

 |  Visit Website

Quantum Wave Scalar Laser: .. Booth: 139

The Scalar Laser is a remarkable anti-aging, pain management, and healing laser that works at the cellular level to donate photonic energy, while promoting anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects.

It gently and effectively unwinds stress, tension, and old holding patterns while clearing cellular memory to support perfect healing.

Cold Laser Therapy is the technology used in the Scalar Laser, and it is completely revolutionizing the way we approach holistic health care, pain management, rehabilitation, anti-aging, skin and wound care, and systems balancing

Contact: Cindy Robin
Company: Quantum Wave Scalar Laser
Phone: 204-694-2487

 |  Visit Website

Universal Embodiment : Intuitive Booth: 200

Universal Embodiment offers magical multidimensional readings & energy work. Always offering up to date information and on the spot mentoring Hillory shares info from your spirit helpers that are truthful and important. Clarifying gifts, life purposes, & mentoring are a few of Hillory's passions!

We are also offering a new line of "vibrational assistance for energetic challenges". A channeled line that when used internally can help with empath fatigue, depression, anxiety, worry and even money trouble! Faery Heart Elixirs are recommended for kids, sensitives & the faeryliscious!!

Contact: Hillory Hanson
Company: Universal Embodiment
Phone: 403-819-7502

 |  Visit Website

Crystalis Readers : Tarot Reiki Medium Booth: 201
Tarot Reiki Medium

Crystals, Tarot, Mediumship, Ribbon Readings, Reiki Check your

health, get a card reading or ribbon reading, or communicate with a loved one who has passed. $20 for 15 minutes

Contact: Kathy Briant
Company: Crystalis Readers
Phone: 403-239-4839

 |  Visit Website

Sherri Phibbs: The Accidental Shaman: Nature-assisted Stress Relief Booth: 202
Nature-assisted Stress Relief

Author, Artist, & Facilitator, Sherri A. Phibbs, is pleased to be hosting a book signing event for her newest book:


Note from the Author - Are you going through a challenging transition in your life? Seeking clarity and tools to help you face your next chapter? Welcome to a little story about a woman's transformative journey to live more in balance with Earth and it's creatures. This book takes you on a journey of awakening, sharing 42 of the most important life skill tips I picked up along the way, from nature, from horses, plus an elegantly simple formula for reconnecting to the natural world that balanced and grounded the trauma. I hope you enjoy the artwork, the nature reconnection practice, the honesty of the raw and heartfelt stories. It begins in the liminal places, where science and the woo-woo meet... what you make of it, is up to you.


Contact: Sherri Phibbs
Company: Sherri Phibbs: The Accidental Shaman
Phone: 403-478-4349

 |  Visit Website

Karma Rub Canada : ... Booth: 203

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Contact: Robert Brazeau
Company: Karma Rub Canada
Phone: 403-899-1600

Psychic Sisters : ... Booth: 204

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Contact: Crystal & Heather Rose
Company: Psychic Sisters
Phone: 403-520-3227

Amadaya's Studio : ... Booth: 205

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Contact: Maryann Normann
Company: Amadaya's Studio
Phone: 780-621-6785

NuSkin: Natural skin Care Booth: 206
Natural skin Care

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Contact: Margret Jorgensen
Company: NuSkin
Phone: 780-864-8260

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