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doTerra: Essential Oils Booth: 206
Essential Oils

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Contact: Corissa Levair
Company: doTerra
Phone: 204-218-8477

Scentsy: Wickless Candles Booth: 207
Wickless Candles

Scentsy offers scented fragrance wax for electric wickless candles and layers body perfume products.

Contact: Kristal Brown - Gilroy
Company: Scentsy
Phone: 403-981-0519

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Healthy Energy Works : ... Booth: 208

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Contact: Karina Tomzczyk
Company: Healthy Energy Works
Phone: 403-813-3162

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Sharon Sampsel Psychic reading: ... Booth: 209

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Contact: Sharon Sampsel
Company: Sharon Sampsel Psychic reading
Phone: 916-451-4014

Clear Sky Centre: Spiritual Retreat Booth: 210
Spiritual Retreat

Clear Sky Retreat Center is a spiritual container just 4 hours from Calgary.

We welcome and support individuals, spiritual groups and teams devoted to personal and planetary awakening. Whether via an online course, a personal retreat or renting our space for your own retreat, we invite you to come and deepen your spiritual explorations with us.

We’ve seen our retreats work for people & heart centred organisations that:
- Either practice meditation or mindfulness, wish they did, or want to bring that kind of consciousness into their organizations
- Have done retreats, personal or staff development workshops
- Are one or more of the following: students, travellers, leaders, trained in a skill, a professional, or a parent
- Are prone to burnout and stress You’ll have the best chance of getting the most out of our approach if you resonate with one or more of these values:
- Eager to fast track your (spiritual) growth, seeking depth transformation or transformative experiences
- Want to have fun and be of greater service to yourself and others
- Are looking for supportive, consistent and sustainable approaches to nourish your life, business or organization

Contact: Michelle Heinz
Company: Clear Sky Centre
Phone: 250-581-1005

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Ascension Aromatics Inc. : ... Booth: 211

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Contact: Gary Belleau
Company: Ascension Aromatics Inc.
Phone: 403-277-8304

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The Edge Home Church Network : ... Booth: 212

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Contact: John Pritchard
Company: The Edge Home Church Network
Phone: 403-816-7104

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Buddha's Wingman : Yoga Bracelets Booth: 213
Yoga Bracelets

Buddha's Wingman has just launched into the first phase of its evolution!

On a mission to spread mindfulness across this planet through various tools and platforms.

Too often spirituality can be portrayed as very serious and needing one to sacrifice their joy for eventual peace. Love, joy, playfulness and laughter are at the heart of this brand.

Lighten up and enjoy the journey!

Contact: Tyler Kleppe
Company: Buddha's Wingman
Phone: 306-526-3777

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Kim Buckler: Authors Booth: 214, a

The Essence of Who We Are Essentials for Natural Healing Both books written by Kimberley Buckler

Contact: Kimberley Buckler
Company: Kim Buckler

Love's Curriculum: Message of Enlighenment Booth: 214, b
Message of Enlighenment

Love's Curriculum: Messages of Enlightenment is a #1 International Bestselling Spiritual Guidebook (from Balboa Press, a division of Hay House) scribed for the High Council--Jesus, the archangels, and other light teachers--by Jenny Hogg Ashwell, a former lawyer and now spiritual mentor and messenger. Jenny works worldwide as a conduit for the High Council and to help others step into their soul's purpose and shine with meditations, programs, and events. Jenny was recently featured on Hay House Radio's Bright New Voices, and hosts her own internet radio show, Love's Curriculum.

Contact: Jenny Hogg Ashwell
Company: Love's Curriculum

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Spark the Spirit Productions: Author Booth: 214, c

The Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Oneness Dominance Theory: A Guide to Elevating Your 5 Dimensions of Self is a book that takes you on a journey to unlock your potential in each of your 5 Dimensions. Nothing is missing in you. There are just undiscovered or withered away parts of you waiting to be seen. Perfect for building strong relationships, finances, career, and joy factor. Workshops, Retreats, and One-to One Appointments.

Contact: Dr. Margot McKinnon
Company: Spark the Spirit Productions
Phone: 403-463-2675

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Jodie Rollins -The Mojo Maverick: Psychic Medium Booth: 215
Psychic Medium

 Jodie Rollins, a renowned professional Psychic Medium, and an expert in the law of attraction. Her natural gifted ability to communicate with angels, guides, and departed loved ones, coupled with her knowledge of the Law of Attraction makes her a powerful combination of science and spirit.

Jodie has been travelling internationally and changing peoples lives for over two decades. She believes everyone is here to express their own personal power and gifts.

 Originally from Western Canada, |Jodie started with a small local client base, and has grown internationally, with clients from all parts of the world. She has been learning and refining her abilities since she was a child. Jodie continues to learn and grow knowing that Spirit is ever changing and there is always another exciting discovery of Spirit to be found. 


Contact: Jodie Rollins
Company: Jodie Rollins -The Mojo Maverick
Phone: 306-717-6575

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Destinys Journey Wellness Studio: ... Booth: 216

Destinys Journey Wellness Studio is located in the beautiful town of Black Diamond Alberta a short drive Southwest of Calgary. Dawn is a Reiki Master, Certified Crystal Therapist, Reflexologist and a well respected Psychic Medium. Dawn uses light therapy, crystal and sound therapy in all of he appointments. A certified practioner of the Alberta Holistic

Contact: Dawn Brogden
Company: Destinys Journey Wellness Studio
Phone: 403-815-9313

Stalrein Fox Psychic Intuitive: Psychic, Tarot, Palmistry and more Booth: 217, a
Psychic, Tarot, Palmistry and more

My name is Starlein Fox and I am a Psychic Intuitive. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and began developing my psychic skills in my early twenties after I experienced a traumatic event in my life that resulted in depression. During this time in my life, I knew that I had to rediscover and redefine my purpose in life and so I devoted myself to personal growth through the study of esoteric and spiritual laws. Through this journey, I learned that I have natural psychic abilities and the gift of clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Today, after 27 years of meeting with various clients, I work with the ancient art of Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Past Life Regressions, and more recently, Mediumship. While all my clients feel like I have added such insight to their lives, the real gift is connecting with people and having the ability to provide them with answers, guidance, closure, new insights, confirmation, and even a spiritual connection to ancestors, spirit guides, and angels.

Each meeting I have with my clients is sacred to me as they confirm that my gift of being a psychic intuitive is more than a profession. The feedback that I receive from my clients is that my readings are specific, detailed, accurate, and down to earth.

Contact: Stairlein Fox
Company: Stalrein Fox Psychic Intuitive
Phone: 403-702-1822

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Card Readings with Stacey: Card Reader Booth: 217, b
Card Reader

Stacey's skills as a tarot card reader have been in active development since 2001, since she first began reading for herself and others. Over the years, she has read for hundreds of people through one-on-one sessions, private groups, and corporate events. Her clients feel informed and encouraged, realistically optimistic and light-hearted.

Her approach takes into account nearly 20 years of building relationships as a freelancer, as well as professional and personal development training. She typically gives homework and her clients still come back for more! She'd love to help you see the good and find your strengths.

Contact: Stacey Perlin
Company: Card Readings with Stacey
Phone: 403-923-5654

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Karen the Mystic Healer : ... Booth: 218

Karen will be educating on energy and how it all affects us. She will be talking about vibrational transformation and how it creates lasting change, how getting to the core of the density will enable the release and allow our light and luminosity to shine through for a life of success instead of suffering.

It is Karen’s intention to bring clarity to what an Intuitive Counselor/Coach/Therapist does that is different from conventional Therapists/Psychologists/Psychiatrist and to teach how shifting our energy will shift our beliefs that no longer serve us. The techniques Karen uses to assist in transformations are some of the best mind body tools on the planet.

Karen also reads Akashic Records and she will be blocking off time during Saturday and Sunday to give onsite readings. Come to her lecture Friday night at 8:00pm, meet Karen and book your spot. She will be offering a show special. On her life journey Karen has found her true passion in working with spirit. Her training as a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming (MNLP), Master Time Line Therapist™ (MTLT), Master Hypnotherapist (MCHt) and Master Life Coach (MLC) and her connection to spirit, Karen can easily and effortlessly get to the root cause and successfully remove any blocks that are stopping a life of Success and Peace! Namaste!

Contact: Karen McBride
Company: Karen the Mystic Healer
Phone: 416-567-7867

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Creating Dharma: Buddha Statues & Art Booth: 219
Buddha Statues & Art

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Contact: Stephanie Ermel
Company: Creating Dharma
Phone: 403- 970-1294

All About Her: ... Booth: 221

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Contact: Michal Stekalin
Company: All About Her
Phone: 778-991-1504

Shanny's HempWorx: ... Booth: 222

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Contact: Shanny Morson
Company: Shanny's HempWorx
Phone: 403-350-4344

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Esoteric Realms: ... Booth: 223

Esoteric Realms is a unique company offering many skills to aid in your earth walk

We believe in humanity offering tools to help support our growth, as one team, one collective, offering aid to our global community with love. We create art and facilitate energy healing in all modalities to activate your Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual bodies. We specialize in split archetype healing offering tools aiding in your ascension process. We teach several techniques how to astral travel as well journey with in your soul. Learn how access your high heart chakra while experiencing light language upgrades and many others powerful tools.

We offer enlightened spa services to upgrade your skin while clearing your cellular energy. We specialize in non surgical face lifts and cellulite reduction.

We create activation tools through our art and fashion. Each channeled piece was created for a purpose to assist you. The beings who enters Kerrilynn (who is a trans channel) comes in offering wisdom. This information is recorded and printed on all our clothing tags including the piece of art your clothes were produced from and all prints.

Come and explore what the universe offers you..

Contact: Kerrilynn Noble
Company: Esoteric Realms
Phone: 587-216-5821

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SunRise Healing Cente: ... Booth: 224

As a Massage Therapist for over 10 years, Cynthia has used natural products to help with the healing process in her practice. Cynthia is promoting a natural, Calgary made product that a local Massage Therapist developed through her 20 years of massage called "Muscle Check". It is a deep penetrating muscle and arthritics ointment that will help release or reduce pain in muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. Cynthia will be selling at this years Expo, along with doing some demos. Hope you come out to try and get yourself some Muscle Check!

Contact: Cynthia Barnesky
Company: SunRise Healing Cente
Phone: 403-934-6416

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Empower Cosmetics : Aloe Vera Based Cosmetics Booth: 300
Aloe Vera Based Cosmetics

Empower has cracked the code to the skin of your dreams. Introducing confidence eb3 - an easy to use skin care system combining 3 of the most effective skincare products, creating 1 powerful solution

We all know that aging is an inevitable process; aging gracefully is not, until now. The foundation of our products is Aloe Vera. With its soothing, calming, moisturizing, and healing properties, Aloe is an absolute must in any effective skin-care routine. Aloe vera is so vital to healthy skin that we have formulated all of our products to feature it as the primary ingredient.

That's what sets us apart.

Check the skincare system you're using now. Chances are, the first ingredient is either water (aqua) or alcohol. This is never the case with Empower.

Contact: Deb Bateman
Company: Empower Cosmetics
Phone: 403-852-0801

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Pruvit: Weight Loss Supplements Booth: 301
Weight Loss Supplements

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Contact: Aisha Vadell
Company: Pruvit
Phone: 701-240-3780

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MonatGlobal : ... Booth: 302

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Contact: Dawn Veale
Company: MonatGlobal
Phone: 306-491-2031

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Share International: ... Booth: 303

For more than 40 years, international journalists have charted this "story of the millennium" – the immanent emergence into our everyday physical world of Maitreya, the World Teacher, and the Masters of Wisdom. Expected by the various religions as their 'Awaited One', Maitreya will inaugurate the new Aquarian Age of peace, justice and sharing. As the Avatar of the Age, He has come for all humanity to demonstrate for each of us the FACT of our divinity and to show us the way through our most challenging economic, political and environmental problems. This event is the biggest story in 2000 years and you won't want to miss hearing about the incredible “Day of Declaration” happening right around the corner!

Contact: Todd Lorentz
Company: Share International
Phone: 780-433-3342

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