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Body Soul & Spirit Expo


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Silver Energies Rocks & Gifts: ... Booth: 100, 101

Silver Energies Rock and Gift Shop carries a large selection of stones, rocks and crystals from around the world. Over 200 different kinds of tumbled stones, and larger pieces.

We also offer hand crafted gemstone jewelry in sterling silver or silver plated

Contact: Donald & Darlene Nixon
Company: Silver Energies Rocks & Gifts
Phone: 306-728-3944

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Infinite Potential Center : ... Booth: 102

Infinite Potential Center of Health, Wellness and Results is a community and nucleus for enhanced health and wellness for Regina, SK and surrounding communities opening in July 2018. Regarded as the One Stop for Wellness, we will offer the products, services, education and premier health conscious nutrition for individuals and families to live their best quality of life in one location.

The Center’s purpose is to provide alternatives, options, and a holistic approach to health care in the highest quality always. The center is complete with 9 practitioner rooms, 2 classrooms, a retail department and cafe/eatery focused on health care, education, support and a holistic medicine and services.

We serve individuals of all ages and lifestyles to reach their full potential physically, mentally and emotionally. We meet our clients and customers where they are at and journey with them to better health, wellness and results.

We stand out in the industry because we are the largest health and wellness center in Regina and area offering every approach to health - nutrition, food, beverages through the cafe and eatery, holistic and homeopathic treatments and modalities, education and empowerment through our workshops and classes and the largest, diverse retail department and resources offered through the Center.

Contact: Crystal McRae
Company: Infinite Potential Center
Phone: 306-209-9287

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Jodie Rollins - The Mojo Maverick: Psychic Medium Booth: 103
Psychic Medium

 Jodie Rollins, a renowned professional Psychic Medium, and an expert in the law of attraction. Her natural gifted ability to communicate with angels, guides, and departed loved ones, coupled with her knowledge of the Law of Attraction makes her a powerful combination of science and spirit.

Jodie has been travelling internationally and changing peoples lives for over two decades. She believes everyone is here to express their own personal power and gifts.

Originally from Western Canada, |Jodie started with a small local client base, and has grown internationally, with clients from all parts of the world. She has been learning and refining her abilities since she was a child. Jodie continues to learn and grow knowing that Spirit is ever changing and there is always another exciting discovery of Spirit to be found. 



Join me, International Psychic Medium Jodie Rollins for a super fun 2-hour workshop! Learn to develop and strengthen your intuitive abilities as well as how to better communicate with your guides and angels. Everyone is welcome!



Contact: Jodie Rollins
Company: Jodie Rollins - The Mojo Maverick
Phone: 306-717-6575

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LME Originals : Empowerment Gems Booth: 104
 Empowerment Gems

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Contact: Lana Eckel
Company: LME Originals
Phone: 306-537-6247

Gathering of Natural Ways: Co-Create with Spirit as a Way of Life Booth: 106, 107
Co-Create with Spirit as a Way of Life



Development of your relationship with The All – The Source.

Enhance your abilities to make choices for the greater good of yourself and all concerned. Realize the Power of Choice and the Power of Intention.

You are guided to clear and balance energetic patterns and beliefs

To integrate universal truths

Increase your awareness, your intuition, your extrasensory perception (clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, clairsentience) and increase connection to your spirit guides/messengers – all those of the light; and only those that work with the Creator. Within all ancient cultural ways is the knowledge of the wheel of life, seven directions, and the elements of nature. Learn these ways to actualize qualities of wholeness.

Contact: Jo Lynn Spenceley
Company: Gathering of Natural Ways
Phone: 403-307-4226

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Voxxlife: ... Booth: 108

Voxxlife proprietary socks and insoles with technology called HTP. (HUMAN PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGY). These socks and insoles make a huge difference when running, walking, or exercising of any kind. If you have sciatica nerve issues, diabetes, planter fasciitis, knee pain or back pain, to mention a few, these will help.

There is research and proven science behind these products. Voxx HPT is proven to increase stability, balance and range of motion. Thereby giving the user improved mobility and quality of life. Whether navigating hiking trails or everyday tasks, users have optimal stability and mobility. This may reduce fall risk to seniors. The potential impact on overall health and wellness and pain management is almost immeasurable with Voxx HTP. 30 day money back guarantee.

Co-exhibitors: Cathy Farney, Trish Mills, Debbie Dovichak

Contact: Jenny Dovichak
Company: Voxxlife
Phone: 403-200-4996

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Oneness Meditation: Healing Arts & Products Booth: 113
Healing Arts & Products


Blessed Yoga clothing & Mala beads
1. Mini Reiki healing sessions
2. Mini Raindrop sessions
3. Deeksha Blessings originating from the Oneness University in India.

We are wanting to expand our Oneness Regina community of like minded individuals who want to meditate on a weekly basis and receive Deeksha from initiated Blessing givers.

The Oneness Blessing (also known as Deeksha) is a non-denominational benediction or transfer of an awakened energy or intelligence which, over time, is designed to bring about the state of Oneness in the recipient.

Contact: Krista Woodley
Company: Oneness Meditation
Phone: 306-530-2269

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Numerology Insights: Numerologist Booth: 116

I am very pleased and excited to bring Numerology Insights to the Expo and look forward to providing guidance through the power of Numerology.

I have been a certified practicing Numerologist for over 10 years and have developed a deep understanding of this unique metaphysical science. Numerology is a language of its own where every number has a special power and significance. I’m always amazed at the accuracy that personal numerology charts reveal and it's very rewarding to witness the benefits it brings to the lives of others

Numerology can help you change your life’s direction, explain past and future events, become emotionally and financially secure, maintain good health, and above all, live a loving and fulfilling life.

Contact: Nancy Hopkins
Company: Numerology Insights
Phone: 306-535-4441

Awakening Your Destiny: ... Booth: 117

I am Tracy Roy, owner of Awakening Your Destiny. My services include intuitive energy healing, BodyTalk, Holy Fire Reiki, Access Consciousness, Spiritual Consulting, Readings and Workshops. It is my mission to support people and communities to heal and grow to their full potential.

I am honored to share in each person’s personal experience, whether it may be a reading, personalized healing approach or personal transformation coaching plan. At the EXPO I will be offering:

• Tea Leaf and Oracle Card Readings
• BodyTalk, Reiki and Intuitive Energy Healing
• Access Bars & Energetic Facelift • Spiritual Consulting

Credentials: BodyTalk Practitioner, Reiki Master, Access Bars & Energetic Facelift, B.Sc. Microbiology, Environmental Professional, Industrial Relations Organizational Development Certificate

Contact: Tracy Roy
Company: Awakening Your Destiny
Phone: 306-550-2024

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Young Living : ... Booth: 118

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Contact: Danica Auger
Company: Young Living
Phone: 306-650-7150

European Card Reader Olha Hnatyshyn: Fourth Generation Card Reader & Psychic Booth: 120
Fourth Generation Card Reader & Psychic

Olha is a fourth generation card reader and psychic, with over three decades of experience to help those that seek her.

Olha’s psychic readings have helped people understand the meaning of past events, the relevance of the presence and give them guidance to shape their future.

Over thirty years later, happily married with two daughters, Olha is passing the skills and acquired wisdom on to her own children.

Olha has developed an awareness of people’s similarities and a tolerance for their differences. As a result, she emits compassion, maturity and sensitivity in dealing with all people.

Contact: Olha Hnatyshyn
Company: European Card Reader Olha Hnatyshyn
Phone: 204-632-7696

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Green Falls Landing by Revera: ... Booth: 121

Opening this summer, Green Falls Landing is a luxurious, environmentally friendly, campus-style retirement residence with a full continuum of care from seniors’ apartments to independent supportive living, assisted living and memory care. Set on seven acres, Green Falls Landing features unique dining experiences, convenient on-site retail stores and a state-of-the-art fitness centre. Here residents can age-in-place as their needs change and live their lives to the fullest.

Contact: Stacey Matos
Company: Green Falls Landing by Revera
Phone: 306-807-4517

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SeneGence: .... Booth: 201

Hello! My name is Lee Lindstrom. I share SeneGense Products. I am so excited to be involved in the Body, Soul and Spirit expo! I receive so much joy in creating a safe place for people to reach their full potential.

I share Lipsense. It is a lip product that will stay on your lips for 4 to 18 hours. I depends on your PH level. It is water resistant, smudge proof and kiss proof!. We have 50 colors in stock! Products are MGO FREE and we do not use animals for testing ... otherwise I would not be sharing this product.

I work as an Addiction Counsellor during the day. I do my best to create safety with my clients so they can create safety to find their gifts and heal themselves. I transfer my skills from my day job to meet the wants of men and women who come into contact with me with concerns about looking after themselves.

I am thrilled and blessed when I can go to where my clients or customers are at.

To see the LIGHT in people’s eyes when they have found the perfect color for their lips ... and what sells more than the Lipsense is our skin care. It is so nourishing for your skin and it is anti-aging as well. I one hundred percent believe in our product!

We also offer foundation, eye shadow, blush and eye liner that is water resistant, crease proof and smudge proof as well.

You can do your workout, go swimming and go through TROPICAL MOMENTS (like me!) and our products will not come off! And you need to use so little of our product! There is an abundance of information that I could share with you right now and I prefer to do that in person so you can use all your five senses to experience our amazing product! I can not wait to meet the vendors and the participants!

I have a Facebook page called Lookout Lips. Please feel free to add yourself to my page or you can become friends with me on Facebook and I can add you to my page as well if you want to have a look and see on what we have to offer.

Contact: Lee Lindstrom
Company: SeneGence
Phone: 306-530-6705

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Cellular Consciousness Healing: ... Booth: 203

Discover what is beneath the surface of your emotional and/or physical issues by tapping into Cellular Consciousness (information) held within your Cells.

Traumatic events, unexpressed emotions and limiting beliefs from this lifetime or others can get “frozen” in your body and unable to move through your energy meridians and get released in a healthy way.

Della works with the energy, and, is able to release it along with the physiological processes that are held tight. This allows transformation both physically and emotionally in a gentle, drug free, non-invasive way without having to re-experience the events on an intellectual level.

Physically, there is release chronic of pain and tightness. Emotionally, there is clarity gained allowing you to move forward in life.

Contact: Della Reside
Company: Cellular Consciousness Healing
Phone: 306-536-7733

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Meehl Foundation : Spiritual Retreat Centre Booth: 204
Spiritual Retreat Centre

The Meehl Foundation is a spiritual retreat center offering personal coaching, enlightening literature, and luxury weekend retreats to help you realize the next level of your spiritual evolution. Our retreats are intricately designed to be deeply transformative, healing, and educational experiences with top teachers and practitioners providing hands-on instruction to expand your spiritual potential, develop deeper spiritual wisdom, and profound personal experiences that help you heal yourself and others.

Debra is a nationally recognized educator, author, and spiritual coach. Her uncommonly inclusive approach to healing blends personal beliefs and experiences, evidence based methods, and ancient spiritual practices to help others surmount dogma and ego, heal trauma and cyclic suffering, and call back the missing and broken pieces of their souls.

Contact: Debra Meehl
Company: Meehl Foundation
Phone: 979-248-0840

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The Spirit Within Aura Photography and TheFae: The Spirit Within Aura Photography and TheFae Booth: 205
The Spirit Within Aura Photography and TheFae

Come meet TheFae! Author, Photographer, Evolutionary Speaker TM and Spiritual Life and Business Coach! She will be present with her Sacred Bath Teas($15 each) and Life Altering Lessons all wrapped up in 15 minutes for $60!
The Spirit Within is a physical storefront in Airdrie Alberta that combines an eclectic array of spiritual, metaphysical and scientific principles. A place to have an intuitive reading done that is confirmed and backed with the science of biofeedback with the help of Aura Photography. Add an amazing Canadian crystal, Auralite23, to that and watch your chakras/energies actually come more into balance while you watch it working! We believe in your natural ability to create your own realities. Let us show you how! We will have plenty of this amazing crystal on hand for sale retail as well as wholesale as we are the official distributor for the one and only Cave of Wonders in Canada!
15 minute intuitive aura session for show only $60. Includes Aura Photo and as much intuitive information that we can pack into that time frame. 
See you there! 

Contact: Liane Pinel
Company: The Spirit Within Aura Photography and TheFae
Phone: 1-587-892-8811

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Crystal Clear 101 : Holistic Healing & Products Booth: 206
Holistic Healing & Products

Renowned Cosmic Earth Angel & Intuitive Expert, Angele Tousignant , conducts mediumship readings live to you from Spirit.

Angel is a highly gifted, multi-talented intuitive, healer, and giver. As a Reiki master, Angel is connected to her higher self and can effectively channel information while doing a reading. An event with Angele is unpredictable. Her friendly personality will instantly win you over and what will seal the bond is the way in which she delivers the messages with pure love, compassion, and often with the uncensored humor from Spirit. After-all, Angele is just the messenger, but who says the messenger can’t be fun.


Readings ,reiki treatments,crystals and crystal jewelry, crystal clear 101 sprays, body care products, organic foods, insense, smudge products...

Contact: Angele Tousignant
Company: Crystal Clear 101
Phone: 306-261-4086

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Sommer Love Herbs : Medicinal Herbs, Herbal Teas Remedies & Herbal Beauty Products Booth: 208
Medicinal Herbs, Herbal Teas Remedies & Herbal Beauty Products

Sommer Love Herbs is a small herbal company proudly located in Moose Jaw, SK. We grow medicinal herbs right here in Saskatchewan and craft herbal tea, herbal remedies and herbal beauty products all by hand.

Contact: Sommer Amare
Company: Sommer Love Herbs
Phone: 306-313-0258

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FM's Aromatherapy: Natural Essential Oils, Booth: 209
Natural Essential Oils,

FM's Aromatherapy from India offers a range of Natural essential oils,Dr. Ratans blends for SKIN, HAIR & WELLNESS, CHAKRA ANOINTMENTS, Chakra Wands, rare healing Gems & Crystals, Exotic essential oils like-ROSE Otto, LOTUS- Blue, white, Pink, LOVE potion etc. Also available Dr. Ratan's books on Aromatherapy, Chakra Healing, CD's and Posters. Post Expo healing sessions and workshops also available by appointment.

Contact: Dr. Ravi Ratan
Company: FM's Aromatherapy
Phone: 646-546-6982

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Pleasure Zone Massagers: ... Booth: 210

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Contact: Paul Kwan
Company: Pleasure Zone Massagers
Phone: 306-741-3313

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Artistic Incidents Studio : ... Booth: 211

Artistic Incidents Art Studio allows individuals to create, learn, grow and heal through a variety of classes, healing sessions, supplies, colour therapy and original art.

Discover and feed your creative side with unique art, DIY therapeutic oil sprays, creative expression packages and more!

Contact: Jinny Nieviadomy
Company: Artistic Incidents Studio
Phone: 306-240-9311

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Silver Feather Readings: ... Booth: 212

Candais is an intuitive psychic medium and lightworker.

She does not use cards or other tools of divination but communicates directly with your Spiritual team to receive their messages to help you move further along your life path.

During a psychic reading Candais will first align herself with your energy. Then she will look at and read your aura, relaying to you it's size, shape, colors and what it says about you. During this time she receives messages from your higher self, angels, and spirit guides.

A mediumship reading is all about speaking with people or animals that have passed away. Let messages from your Spiritual team help you live your best life.

Contact: Candais Bakke
Company: Silver Feather Readings
Phone: 306-642-8730

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Angel Empowerment : & Hands on Healing Practitioner Booth: 213, 214
& Hands on Healing Practitioner

Our practitioners assist to EMPOWER YOU you to take charge of your wellness! Connect with the angels! Follow your inner guidance and listen to the information you are guided towards through angel oracle card readings. Enhance wellness at a cellular level through Angel Empowerment Hands on Healing, working with the three minds and energy of Archangel Raphael flowed through practitioners. Transform your being with unique crystal & gemstone jewelry-created with light & love by Davail's Healing. Take a step to a lighter you and release tension with Myofascial Release therapy.

Contact: Patricia Guillemin
Company: Angel Empowerment
Phone: 306-537-6093

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Life Portraits Aura & Chakra Imaging: Aura Imaging Booth: 215
Aura Imaging

An electromagnetic energy field called an aura surrounds every living organism. This energy field vibrates at different frequencies, reflecting colours that denote your state of mind, body and inner being. Your aura colours are determined by physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being. Every colour has a polarity and unique representation relating to the individual.

Contact: Gloria Bieber
Company: Life Portraits Aura & Chakra Imaging
Phone: 403-703-0656

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Metal Majesty : Handmade Jewelry and Gifts Booth: 301
Handmade Jewelry  and Gifts

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Contact: Jennifer Briere
Company: Metal Majesty
Phone: 306-201-4995

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